Every new Silent Hill game coming to PS5, PS4 in 2024 and beyond

Come view every Silent Hill new game that you can expect to see on PS5. Konami has shared lots of spooky details about the future of Silent Hill.

Every new Silent Hill game coming to PS5, PS4 in 2024 and beyond
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: Silent Hill The Short Message was unveiled at Sony's State of Play as a free PS5 game that you can download, right now. So, get to it my horror fanatics! You can read more about it below.
With so many new Silent Hill games in the works, there is a lot for horror fans to be excited about. The release dates for a lot of the titles are still unknown, but we will keep an out for when those Silent Hill release dates drop. Which Silent Hill new game are you most excited about?

All upcoming Silent Hill games on PS5

Currently, there are four Silent Hill entities in the works, four of which were officially confirmed by Konami in the Silent Hill Transmission event. Silent Hill the Short Message has been a bit of an odd one, with rumors circulating it for years. However, it was finally unveiled at a recent Sony State of Play event! Whenever there are new updates concerning any of the games listed below (or new game announcements) we will update this guide accordingly.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The Silent Hill 2 trophies are coming to PS5! Sony has secured a 12-month timed-exclusivity deal for the game before it ships out to other consoles (like Xbox). The remake is being worked on by Konami (obviously) and Bloober Team, which are best known for developing horror hits The Medium and Layers of Fear.

It's been a long time since fans entered the foggy town of Silent Hill and were confronted by an ensemble of terrifying creatures ready to take a bite out of them. Silent Hill 2 is frequently listed among horror fanatics as one of the top dogs in the genre, so we can't wait to see how the remake revitalizes this classic title for a new generation of gamers.

Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill the Short Message is similar to PT in its premise. You'll explore a dilapidated building, searching for answers while all kinds of horrors hunt you down. It was announced at the recent State of Play that Silent Hill the Short Message is a free-to-play PS5 game, available to download right now!

However, Silent Hill the Short Message has no trophies, so just be aware of that if you were planning on going on a trophy hunt.

Silent Hill Townfall

Silent Hill Townfall is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment. What we do know is that Annapurna Interactive (Stray, Outer Wilds) is publishing with developer No Code (Stories Untold) are involved in curating this mysterious Silent Hill title. The trailer was certainly captivating and keeps your interest high, yet nothing is really shown within the short teaser. No release date and no platforms leaves us scratching our heads wondering what on earth could be in store for us when this title lands.

Silent Hill Ascension

Silent Hill Ascension introduces a new interactive video streaming experience for the series. You can participate in the series as of now, which first aired on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Currently, the series is receiving a lot of criticism for having battle passes and other microtransactions that you need to purchase in order to make your votes have an impact on the outcome of the narrative.

With the game coming from J. J. Abrams's Bad Robot Games and Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive, it's a shame to see that the ball has been dropped with this one as the potential was there. However, if you want to get involved and see where the story goes, you can do so through the Sony PlayStation Core app, the official Ascension website, the App Store on your iPhone, or through Google Play Store on Android.

Silent Hill F

The Silent Hill F trailer was visually breathtaking, but not much was given away about the possible story for this new Silent Hill title. No release year or platforms have been given yet, but the Silent Hill F story was created by Ryūkishi07, famed for Japanese visual novels that deal with murder mysteries, psychological torment, and supernatural horror — all things we like to see in our Silent Hill games.

That talent suggests we should expect a fantastic story, at the very least. The game will be set in 1960s Japan featuring a beautiful, yet sinister world. Higurashi When They Cry and Umineko When They Cry are two of Ryūkishi07 most famous works and certainly give us a good indication of what we can expect to see with this game — a lot of messed up horrifying antics.

That's all of the currently known upcoming Silent Hill games that should be landing PS5 and PS4 consoles in the future. When any new information is cast into the void, we will make sure to update this guide so you are up to date with all things Silent Hill. Excited about all the Silent Hill games in the works? Any you are looking forward to over others? Would you like any of them to join the best PS5 games list? Let us know all your opinions in the comment section below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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