God of War Ragnarok NG+ could come with new trophies

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The God of War Ragnarok trophies should receive a few extra bronzes after PlayStation Studio Santa Monica revealed that its new PS5 and PS4 game would be getting a new game plus. Journey with Kratos all over again!

The God of War Ragnok trophies were surprisingly easy, but the announcement of a new game plus (NG+) might net the PS5 and PS4 game a small DLC trophy list. The PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure featuring Kratos and Atreus received a stellar review from us at TT, so we wouldn't mind hopping back into the action one bit!

Freya will be playing God of War Ragnarok's new game plus for the trophiesFreya will be playing God of War Ragnarok's NG+ for the trophies

Will God of War Ragnarok's NG+ bring new trophies?

Based on the president of Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima, yes God of War Ragnmarok will get additional trophies for an NG+ mode through a DLC pack. Santa Monia Studio made the announcement about one of the best PS5 games on Twitter. "We know many of you have been asking, so we’re happy to confirm that New Game Plus will be coming to God of War Ragnarok in Spring 2023! We’ll share more details once we get closer to the release!"

Most Sony exclusives have added NG+ as post-launch content, like Ghost of Tsushima, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West. Of the three, only Ratchet and Clank didn't have an extra bundle of trophies for New Game Plus; though, a short run was required to get two NG+-only weapons. However, God of War 2018 also received NG+, but with no trophies attached. Times have changed, but it's worth considering this Santa Monica might follow its own path.

God of War Ragnarok reviewGod of War Ragnarok reviewed at a 9/10 on TT

Extra trophies have generally included a complete run on the NG+ and sometimes a completion in a new difficulty mode. If the game BEVs are feeling harsh, you will have to do some special NG+ upgrade paths for your equipment or weapons. This extends your game time, but often requires full mastery of whatever you are playing. Plus, as a DLC option, you don't need to do any of it for platinum so it only affects those bothered by the 100% bar. Who am I kidding? We are all bothered by that on this site.

Let us know what you think of NG+ in the comments! If you want more of God of War Ragnarok, please check out our article on the next God of War location. See you down there!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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