Tekken 8 characters: every fighter confirmed ready for the new game

By Sean Lawson,

The roster of Tekken 8 characters keeps growing with every new trailer and preview that drops — that's why, we've compiled the entire Tekken 8 character list for you.

Update: A fan favourite character has made a spectacular return to the official Tekken 8 roster and will help us earn all of those Tekken 8 trophies. We theorised that when Asuka Kazama made a flashy return to the series, Lili wouldn't be far behind her, lo and behold, here she is. Lili even comes accompanied by her aptly named cat, Salt, who will also reveal in Lili's fabulous and over-the-top victories. Lili comes loaded with her usual moveset, but, like everyone else, appears to have a few new abilities for us all to witness when the game finally launches.
Asuka and Leroy are making their return to the Tekken franchise!Asuka and Leroy are returning to the Tekken franchise!

Asuka Kazama and Leroy Smith join the Tekken 8 roster

We saw both characters highlighted in their respective Tekken 8 gameplay trailers (which can be viewed down below) as they unleashed a bevvy of fierce and brutal attacks on their opponents — Leroy even brought a cane to pummel his foes with. In regards to Leroy, it's quite nice seeing a newer character who was introduced through DLC in Tekken 7 getting such an early character reveal, it just shows how much of an impact his character has had on the fanbase.

What do you think of the newest character reveals for Tekken 8? Happy to see these two characters returning? Let us know in the comments down below!

Original Story: As we wait for the Tekken 8 trophies to be confirmed, Bandai Namco has recently spoilt us by dropping an in-depth look into the new heat system, as well as unveiling the return of an iconic character. For those trying to keep track of who will be returning to the next instalment of one of the best fighting game series' out there, we have compiled a list of all the confirmed characters for the Tekken 8 roster.

Check out all the announced Tekken 8 characters so far!Check out all the announced Tekken 8 characters so far!

All characters confirmed for the Tekken 8 roster

Currently, there are only nine confirmed Tekken 8 characters; however, we can assume this number will continue to grow in size as the release date draws ever closer. Nina Williams — mine and many other fighting enthusiasts' main — is officially joining the Tekken 8 Roster. She comes with a new stylish outfit and rocks a pair of pistols that she can utilise in battle. We are looking forward to seeing who else gets an epic reveal trailer like Nina.

In terms of radical new styles, Paul Phoenix has had the most drastic change to his appearance, with his iconic and recognisable hairdo completely pulverised into a look that screams "I want to speak to the manager." Honestly, it's hard to even recognise Paul now that he looks like your generic buff fighter — it'll be interesting to see if Bandai Namco has a genuine reason (story or otherwise) for doing this.

If you want to see what each of the announced Tekken 8 characters look like — including Paul's abysmal new style — you can check out the key art down below as well as the full roster of currently known Tekken 8 characters. We will continue to expand on this article whenever new characters and unveiled.

Confirmed Tekken 8 roster

  • Emilie “Lili” De Rochefort
  • Asuka Kazama
  • Leroy Smith
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Nina Williams
  • Jun Kazama
  • Jin Kazama/Devil Jin
  • Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Marshall Law
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • King
  • Jack-8

Tekken 8 gameplay trailers

Here, you can check out all of the different Tekken 8 gameplay trailers that Namco Bandai has released so far.

What do you make of the Tekken 8 roster so far? Any characters you are hoping will make the cut this time around? What do you think of Paul's hairdo? We think if Tekken 8 doesn't make it onto the best PS5 games list, it will be down to Paul's hair. Anyway, let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
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