Best PlayStation games to play this Christmas

By Sean Lawson,

The festive season is upon us and we have decided to compile a list of Christmas games that you can play this festive period. So, get those controllers out and get ready to game it out on your PS4 and PS5.

It's Christmas time and we are all gearing up for a lush dinner, presents, and fun times with family and friends. While you enjoy all of that, make sure you don't forget to get your healthy amount of gaming in and play some of the best PS5 games. To help you out and to put you in that festive spirit if you are feeling a bit like a Grinch, we at TT have compiled a list of PlayStation games that give you those much-needed Christmas vibes for this time of year.

Best PlayStation games to play this ChristmasBest PlayStation games to play this Christmas

PS5, PS4, and PS3 games to play at Christmas

Just a quick note to point out that these games won't all be set at Christmas. However, this selection of games certainly helps to bring in those festive feelings we are all searching for. There are some titles that are set on or around Christmas as well — this would be a pretty weak Christmas list if we didn't have at least one title that takes place in December.

God of War Ragnarok reviewGod of War Ragnarok brings the snow, action, and blood

God of War Ragnarok

While God of War Ragnarok might not be exactly the Christmas-themed game you would anticipate to crop up on this list, it has snow — lots and lots of snow — and even a bit of ice for good measure. Midgard's snowy landscape certainly sets the vibe you want at Christmas, along with the action-packed fun of throwing your magical axe at enemies and watching them burst into 1000 pieces of bloody gory gunk. Perfect for the whole family, then! Jokes aside, God of War Ragnarok has become the second highest-rated PS5 game to date and is well worth your time — the snow-filled world helps to bring that Christmasy feeling we all want this time of year.

The God of War Ragnarok trophies are a fun trip across this Norse landscape as well, providing you with a lot to see and do while giving you a simple enough platinum to earn. 'The Bear and the Wolf' (the platinum trophy) sits with an impressive 10.1% completion rate on PSN with one in three people seeing God of War Ragnarok's secret epilogue.

The Long DarkThe Long Dark is the perfect way to survive Christmas

The Long Dark

We promise games set at Christmas are coming, however; how can we discuss an ample amount of snow with GoW Ragnarok and then completely bypass this incredible survival game set in a chilling and harsh snowy landscape? The desolate world of The Long Dark is perfect for those looking for a game with a bit more grit and bleakness during this festive period.

The Long Dark trophies will also provide you with an exceptionally gruelling platinum trophy with 'Survive the Quiet Apocalypse.' It is worth noting that 'Faithful Cartographer' is marked as discontinued on TT, yet a quick Google indicates this to not be the case — maybe just watch out for this one and put the feelers out to see if anyone is having issues with it. The platinum trophy sits with a completion rate of 0.1% on PSN. Gruelling, this festivity stuff, isn't it?

Into the Spider-Verse suitWhy not websling around this Christmas time?

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Finally, a game set at Christmas time and what a Christmas time it is. Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales is the perfect action epic to play this Christmas period. Feel like a true hero as you swing around the snowy streets of New York City and save the world from a plethora of beastly baddies hellbent on destroying this most festive time of the year.

Another fun thing for all you platinum hunters out there is that the Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales trophies are pretty easy to web up, with the platinum trophy 'Be Yourself' amassing an overall completion rate of 6.3%. The only really annoying trophy to nab is 'Plus Plus' which asks you to beat the entire game for a second time — while not hard, it just adds an extra amount of grind to a game you just beat.

Dead Rising 4Dead Rising 4 is some zombie carnage that is weirdly perfect for Christmas

Dead Rising 4 Frank's Big Package

Do you know what screams Christmas? That's right, it's obviously zombies. Blood-soaked snow, brains splattered on the walls, and lots of decomposed corpses chomping down on anything that dares to move can bring you that festive cheer you are looking for. Diving back into the shoes of journalist Frank West (Dead Rising's original protagonist), you will return to where the incident originally started, Willamette. This time, however; we have the luxury of exploring outside of the Willamette Shopping Mall and seeing what the town has to offer up. Spoiler alert: it's just zombies.

The Dead Rising 4 trophies are a tricky selection of challenging bronze, silver, and gold trophies standing in the way of your divine platinum. The platinum trophy 'The Hero of Willamette' has an overall completion rate of 0.1% on PSN — devastatingly low. There are many trophies that could be the cause, from ridiculously grindy trophies, multiplayer trophies, difficulty trophies, and collectable trophies — it's torturous just to look at. However, who can pass up a fun time of smashing in zombies with a shopping cart?

CarouselBatman faces a tough fight on Christmas Eve!

Batman Arkham Origins

What could be more festive and wholesome than beating up the many thugs littered throughout the streets of Gotham City? Okay, so a lot of things could be more festive and wholesome, but would any of them be as fun? We don't think so. Batman Arkham Origins is the black sheep of the Arkham series, being the sole game not developed by RockSteady and instead developed by WB Games Montreal. Origins is set on Christmas Eve, as Batman fights against eight of the world's deadliest assassins after a bounty is placed upon his head. Just what you want to deal with at Christmas time.

The Batman Arkham Origins trophies are going to be a pain to work through, so don't expect to get the platinum trophy 'Platinum' easily. Despite the game saying that the online servers have shut down, they still appear to be open all these years later — they of course are extremely dead, making having to earn all the multiplayer trophies a real nightmare. This is all stuff to be aware of if you plan on diving into this title at Christmas. Oh, the platinum sits with a completion rate of 0.3% on PSN, so yeah, pretty low. But, the game is still a hoot to play through if you can look past the awful trophies.

Genshin Impact cheat creators finally receive a sentence.Genshin Impact is a wonderful live service game to invest your Christmas break into.

Genshin Impact

Back to games that aren't inherently Christmas-themed, yet will be able to provide you with a fun experience for this festive time of the year. Genshin Impact is one of the most popular live service games out there and while HoYoVerse has stated that they won't include real-life celebrations (Christmas and Halloween) as it would mess with the lore of Genshin Impact, that doesn't mean something festive can't appear within the game world, just under a different guise. This is exactly what you will be getting with the current event 'Shadows Amidst Snowstorms' that gives you all the snow and ice you could want, very reminiscent of this time of year.

The Genshin Impact trophies are also a fun grind to work through, a long grind, but a fun one nonetheless. There isn't anything too difficult to achieve, so the platinum trophy 'The Path of Discovery' should come naturally as it did for the 3.6% of PSN players who have earned it. Be aware that you may need to make some microtransactions to speed up the process, but that is entirely optional, you'll just be spending even longer working towards the platinum if you choose to remain F2P — which is a smart choice indeed.

Dreamlight ValleyDreamlight Valley will let you build and explore all your favourite Disney places this Christmas.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers you an addictive life-sim where you live alongside your favourite Disney and Pixar characters, building them homes, doing some interior decoration, and building up the Valley how you see fit. Dreamlight Valley recently received its 'Winter Update' and is now brimming with fun festivities for you to take advantage of.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley trophies may cause an issue or two for unsuspecting players who are unaware of some trophy issues currently present within the game. The issue comes from the gold trophy 'Renovator' that wants you to build 30 houses for your Disney friends — the issue being there are only 11 characters you can build houses for. This makes the platinum trophy 'Dreamlight Master' completely unobtainable — all we can hope for is an update that increases the number of characters we can build houses for by an insane amount.

BullyWhy not get up to some mischief this holiday season?


What could be more fun than attending classes during the Christmas period? Okay, many, many, many things are more fun than school. But are they as fun as being a mischievous little devil and causing mayhem for all the adults and students around you? We think not. Bully comes from Rockstar — best known for the GTA series — and is a strangely addictive game about making it through boarding school while attending classes, defending the weak from bullies, and being a bit of a menace on the side. The third chapter of the game is set at Christmas time, so get your baseball bat and wreak havoc on the snowmen around town.

The Bully trophies are a fun little romp that are pretty easy to snap up, the biggest issue in stopping you from unlocking the platinum trophy 'Valedictorian' is the grind that is needed. Trophies like 'Problem Child' and 'Kleptomania' are the ones that will require a bit more effort and dedication if you want to hear that sound of some platinum goodness unlocking.

screen5Deliver a beatdown in the streets and sing your heart out at karaoke this Christmas!

Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 may be a bit of a surprise entry, but it may also surprise you to know that Yakuza 0 is actually set in December 1988. It may be hard to see as there isn't much in the way of Christmas decorations or anything to really give away what time of year it is. There are some very slight hints with a couple of side missions as to what festivities are underway, but all in all, you would be forgiven for not noticing this little factoid.

While beating down thugs and other rival Yakuza clans is a hoot and a half thanks to all of those flash moves you have access to, the Yakuza 0 trophies are a trial in human torture — or so it feels. Prepare for pain and punishment as you try and fight your way to the platinum trophy 'Where It All Began,' which sits with a completion rate of 0.7% on PSN. There are many reasons why this platinum is so devious and you can find out all about them in this Yakuza series trophy breakdown.

Final Mix IIIt's magical, it's Disney, it's Final Fantasy... it's perfect

Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 is a magical adventure in one of the most beloved franchises out there and it just so happens to have an entire level dedicated to this most festive time of the year — Christmas Town. This level features everyone's favourite bag of bones, Jack Skellington, from the legendary film The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you ask us, what could be more perfect than hanging out here on Christmas day?

The Kingdom Hearts 2 trophies will require a little bit of patience to earn, but those dedicated enough will soon find themselves with a new shiny platinum trophy called 'Kingdom Hearts II Master.' Staff Writer Lee has recently played through the entire Kingdom Hearts series and can certainly attest to the dedication needed whilst attempting to play through the entire series and earn each game's associated platinum trophy. Good job Lee!

That brings us to the end of this list of games that you should be playing this Christmas! Are there any here that have taken your fancy or are you sticking to whatever you find under the tree? Let us know in the comments down below!
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