Tekken 8 trailer reveals plethora of characters including Jun Kazama

By Sean Lawson,

Tekken 8's newest trailer from The Game Awards 2022, showed off the gameplay and story we can expect to see unfold when we get our hands on this incredible fighter. Among the character reveals, one badass stood out more than most.

While we may not have received any Tekken 8 trophies, we certainly can't say that Katsuhiro Harada disappointed with the new Tekken 8 trailer that unveiled an array of fan-favourite characters — including the legendary Jun Kazama. Jun's appearance is one that is quite shocking due to her not appearing in a mainline game since Tekken 2, all the way back in the PS1 era.

Tekken 8Jun Kazama makes a graceful return to Tekken 8

Newest Tekken 8 trailer reveals Paul, Law, King, Jack, Lars, and Jun

It wasn't just Jun Kazama that appeared in the new trailer, classic characters and staples to the series also had moments to shine with the likes of Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, pro-wrestler King, robot brute Jack, and Lars Alexander all cropping up in the breathtaking trailer. While it may be too early to add Tekken 8 to our best fighting games list, we at TT have no doubt that the newest entry in the franchise will make it on with flying colours.

Visually the trailer was absolutely stunning and it's quite apparent how far Tekken 8 has come in comparison to Tekken 7 — which is by no means an ugly game to look at, in fact, it's also incredibly impressive visually. Yet, Tekken 8 looks to be on an entirely new scale, with every little detail looking as though it has been fine-tuned and worked over until it is perfected. With Tekken 7 landing on our best PS4 games list, it won't be a shock to see Tekken 8 on our best PS5 games list.
It is unclear if Jun will be a playable fighter or if she will only be there to help support Jin and bolster his motivations to facedown Kazuya. Either way, her return to the franchise is long overdue and seeing her within the trailer will have fired up the fanbase and got us all hyped for the game's release — which was sadly not announced at The Game Awards.

How do you guys feel about the newest Tekken 8 trailer? Are there any characters you are holding out hope for? Happy to see Jun return, even if it is just in memory? Sound off in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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