The best PS VR games of all time

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The best games on PS VR might, ultimately, be the first drafts for the future of Sony's virtual reality plans. However, the system succeeded in offering at least ten incredible experiences you should really consider playing.

The best games on PS VR are wildly different from anything on PS3, PS Vita, PS4, or PS5 — offering not only unique experiences but a totally new perspective on what gaming is and can be. We have looked through the list of all the PlayStation VR games released since launch in 2016 and picked out the ten best for you.

Best PS VR GamesBest PS VR Games

For this PS VR list, we have had to alter our methods a little from the rest of the best PlayStation games. This time, we have taken the highest TT and critics' scores as well as the best-regarded games from the PS VR era and narrowed it to ten definite games. We've tried to provide variety and offer other suggestions where necessary, but we feel that these ten games really distil the essence of PS VR into a neat list to try out. Many of the below should become available on PS VR2 and we will alter our list when that time comes.

The best PS VR Games
Astro BotAstro-Bot Rescue Mission is a standout PS VR title

Astro-Bot Rescue Mission

Go and get those Astro-Bot Rescue Mission trophies because this platformer is superb. It's a VR game that oozes innovation and class, from PlayStation Studio's own Team Asobi. These little robots have made themselves into a new PlayStation mascot, but not just for the sake of being cute — how you play and interact with their world also helps them leave a distinct impression on the player.

The levels you will guide Captain Astro through are gorgeously designed and full of details that will make you pause at just how creative they are. Its graphical fidelity might be low, but the art direction is strong enough to make most others blush. If you are going to own one of these games on this list — go no further than Asto-Bot Rescue Mission. It is accessible and innovative: the perfect way to begin your VR journey.

Beat SaberBeat Saber is a winner or PS VR

Beat Saber

We suspect you all know about Beat Saber. This rhythm game sees you swinging swords to match the beat of the music, like playing Guitar Hero — but with swords. What might surprise you is not only does it have tunes and gameplay full of arcadey energy, but also a physicality that will leave you in a broken heap on the floor. Hit red or blue blocks with the correct sabre and avoid obstacles — it's the same simple game design building blocks that gave life to the likes of Tetris. Beat Sabre requires energy in real life, but we think that gives it something brutally rewarding that not many games can offer, making Beat Saber a unique festival of absorbing fun.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Your mission for the Resident Evil Biohazard trophies will be made more gruelling and terrifying by experiencing the horror that awaits you on the plantation in VR. You will adopt protagonist Ethan Winders' eyes, ears, and hands hand all the more literally in VR, fully immersing yourself in the terrifying Baker House with all of its unsettling ambience becoming claustrophobic. The search for his wife just becomes the perfect illustration of what VR can really do — place you in a new world and make you really feel it. When that world is as pristinely built as that of RE7, it's no wonder players think VR support is a must for this horror classic.

WD Saints & SinnersThe Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is a must play PS VR title

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is an FPS VR title that surprises in that it isn't a terrible franchise tie in, but a PS VR defining game. The leading feature here is the gutsy combat. Killing zombies has never been so immersive, whether it is by stabbing through the brain, using a gun, bow and arrow, or a bit of throwable equipment. The sound design and the feeling that you were there, man, really hits home in a way that the 2D medium simply can't. With parkour elements and zombie hordes to boot, it's not lacking in traditional gameplay-driven thrills. However, it's the grounded and compelling gameplay system, replete with crafting systems and RPG-lite mechanics, that will keep you plugged in for hours.

Song in the Smoke

Like some of the other more experimental games on this list, PS VR has to struggle with having proof-of-concept games to bust the dam open for VR game design innovation. With Song in the Smoke, you can feel the proof that survival games can not only work in VR, but superbly so. You start naked, alone, and inept at surviving the terrors of the forest. Let's be clear, your skills aren't too low or anything — it's you, the fleshy human being wearing the headset, that is inept. With VR's ability to transport you into the world and leave you there, it is also able to engage you more effectively in your progression. So, when you learn how to build a fire or use a bow properly it's not just a minor step — it's functionally and bodily a meaningful experience.

The open world is glorious and adds to the sense of progression as you run from camp and scavenge, hunt, and craft. Speaking of crafting, the level of immersion here is stunning as you hone your ability to beat tools into shape or carve them into something usable. Immaculate audio rounds out the fantastic art design, cultivating a sense of glorious world-building that more VR games need to learn from. It's a long ride with 20 hours or so probably required for all seven areas, only tainted by a few errors in player guidance. That said, the remarkably high degree of survival immersion on display throughout Song in the Smoke has been accomplished by very few survival games, and even fewer in VR, so it's an instant recommendation.

CarouselBlood and Truth ain't no PS VR joke, mate

Blood and Truth

The hard reality is that Blood and Truth is the final massive push Sony made for the PS VR with London Studio taking up the helm. What a push forward it was, though! A traditional crime caper with more than a little of The Getaway in its bones, this on-rails action game is full of shooting and action set pieces that will make you giggle manically at the chaos of it all. The story is solid, perhaps lacking the sharpness of a Guy Ritchie film, but nailing the tone nonetheless.

Blood and Truth is also well-acted, particularly once it gets going, and is full of great VR shooting that requires you to look down, fiddle with magazines, jam them into your weapon, and then look up again if you plan to continue belting your rivals. With customisation options for you to mess with and a manageable 5-hour run-time, you won't even have the moment's rest necessary to get bored or feel that weird tired head feeling after long VR play sessions. This is a must, so go and nab it!

E3 2018 ScreenshotsFirewall Zero Hour bring bullet time to PS VR

Firewall Zero Hour

Does a competitive FPS work in VR? Firewall Zero Hour says yes, then backs it up with a detailed essay in the form of perfect 5v5 gameplay and a loyal following. Rainbow Six Siege is the perfect non-VR analogue with its stomach-churningly tense firefights, solid map variety, and an absolute necessity for a microphone. Firewall manages to get that working just fine, then layers in some great movement systems, something VR games can struggle with, and really solid motion tracking for aiming. Plus, it's got good music and sound design to boot. This is the ideal multiplayer FPS game for VR, so hop in and get shooting.

no man's sky frontiersNo Man's Sky makes you feel small in that PS VR headset

No Man’s Sky

While not explicitly built for VR, few titles exhibit such exceptional VR support as No Man's Sky. With an immeasurably large universe to explore in a modifiable spaceship and freighter, unique planets to lose yourself in, base-building tools to make a home with, and so much more besides — it's clear that No Man's Sky is not what it was at launch. Any old soul could have told you that the game has been vastly improved since launch, even if at its core it is a resource-farming game. Exploring this vastness in VR, however — there's something in how you feel scale in VR that brings a whole new element to No Man's Sky. It is an extraordinary use of the system and one that we think should be your first port of call if you are showing the device off to someone new. It's just incomparably massive, just be warned that it runs at a low resolution.

Tetris Effect Announcement ScreensTetris Effect Connected is really, really trippy

Tetris Effect Connected

Tetris Effect originally launched exclusively to PS4 and PS VR in 2018, and for good reason — it's utterly spectacular. While at its heart, for better or worse, this is still just the Tetris you know and love, you know that the creative mind behind Lumines was hardly going to let a simple block game remain a simple block game. Trippy backgrounds and a dirty-good soundtrack whizz you out of your own skull and into the conceptual stratosphere — your only tether to reality being, of course, Tetris. It's an experience not soon forgotten and it will always have found its first home here on the PS VR.

MossMoss is one of the best PS VR games


Moss, like Astrobot, is another platformer in which you interact with the world and help guide a cute but resourceful little critter (this time a mouse named Quill) through a fantasy world. This is another marked achievement in interactivity, offering unique gameplay features delivered with poise and restraint, all while you engage with the title's charming storybook-like tale. The combat is solid, the platforming is fun, and the puzzle-solving satisfying — yet it's the art and level design that really helps cement it as one of our favourite VR games. It's been slept on for a while, but we think it is one of the most accessible and wholesome PS VR games out there, and you can even give its sequel Moss Book II a try on PS VR as well!

Are you a fan of this list? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you there!
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