Broken trophy list sync issue fixed on PSN after three years

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation Network users on PS5 and PS4 regularly face syncing issues with trophies they have unlocked. These issues prevent trophies from being counted online, and in the case of one game, it can take over three years to fix.

Good news, players who have unlocked Axis Football 2018 trophies on the PS4 — after patiently waiting three years, you can now sync your trophies to your PSN account and have them registered online. While we're sure many players have moved on and decided to sample more of the best PS4 games in that time, the broken trophy list sync issue affects plenty of PlayStation games — even with big titles like The Callisto Protocol trophies on PS4.

Trophy sync errorTrophy sync errors driving you crazy? This might be why.

Three-year-old PS4 trophies finally sync to PSN

Regular PlayStation trophy hunters may have noticed an issue where games will launch with broken trophy lists that won't sync to your PSN account — as was the case with games like Axis Football 2018 and The Callisto Protocol. The problem, according to members of our community, is that each game has two versions of a trophy list — one that can be found in the game data itself, and another that the game's developers have to publish online via Sony.

When a PS4 or PS5 trophies won't sync, usually it means developers have missed that last step. This means you can earn trophies in a game that the PlayStation Network won't recognise because it has no trophy list to sync it with. It's not the only issue that can cause a sync error — sometimes it's an update fault on Sony's behalf, an error with your account, or sometimes the developer has issues working out the exact fix with Sony. However, it would seem that developers forgetting to publish the list is by far the most common issue.

Trophy sync errorThis was surprisingly effective, but do try not to be rude to the developers!

The solution? Pester the developers, unfortunately. That's what members from both TrueTrophies and PSN Profiles have been banding together to do. It's thanks to their reaching out to developers like Axis Games that has resulted in players finally being able to sync those Axis Football 2018 trophies after three years of waiting.

If you have any unsynced trophy lists driving you mad, let us know in the comments or check out the thread linked above. Community members have been keeping track of these faulty trophy lists for years, so make sure to give them a hand if you spy anything or know how to contact certain developers. We'd also be happy if we could see more classic PS1 games with trophies, so if you want to contact developers just to suggest they get on that, we'd be appreciative.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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