Forspoken PS5 demo lets you move things with your freaking mind today

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

You can download the Forspoken demo today to your PS5 consoles for free from the PlayStation Store. Previously leaked by PlayStation Japan, the title was announced demo during The Game Awards 2022 ceremony.

Update: The Forspoken PS5 demo has been officially confirmed and will be live on the PlayStation Store today. With the Square Enix action-adventure title due to release next year, finally PS5 players have a chance to get a feel for the game's movement and combat before picking this one up. Let us know if you check this one out in the comments below.

Original Story: The Forspoken trophies should be cropping up relatively soon as the launch date approaches ever closer. While we wait on those, PlayStation Japan has inadvertently let it slip that a Forspoken demo is imminent for the PS5. This demo will allow us to get a taste of what we can expect to see within Forspoken and how we will be able to utilise all of the different powers that are nestled within. We at TT have high hopes that this game can make it onto our best PS5 games list.

ForspokenA Forspoken demo is incoming

Forspoken demo leaks through PlayStation Japan ahead of schedule

PlayStation Japan accidentally tweeted out the information on the demo a tad bit earlier than it was meant to (thanks Gematsu), and as you could imagine the information has spread like wildfire. The demo will be announced at the Forspoken showcase that will be taking place later this week — we can also expect to see some more gameplay footage that shows off the beautiful world of Athia and the magic-infused combat.

The Forspoken showcase will take place on the 9th of December where it will unveil the demo and hopefully a date of when we will be able to download it to our PS5 consoles. This will be a great opportunity for many players to finally get a hands-on experience and see what the game world has to offer. After all, most people are familiar with the game as a bit of a meme epic thanks to the cringy dialogue. Such gems as "I'm seeing freaking dragons?" and "Oh yeah... I'm talking to a cuff!" have been unleashed on the world by the marketing team, with the result being plenty of ear aches and mockery the globe round. This demo could help entice players back into the fold.

The Forspoken demo leak!The Forspoken demo leak!

Are you guys excited about the Forspoken demo? Hoping the game impresses you after what you have witnessed so far? Or have you been excited about this game regardless of the unique marketing we have seen? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and do let us know if you think Forspoken will end up being a far superior game than most are expecting!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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