Dragon Age Dreadwolf teaser has Varric reciting Solas' story

By Sean Lawson,

BioWare has teased Dragon Age Dreadwolf through a new "in-game cinematic" that recites the tale of Solas through dwarven hero Varric's own words. The hype for this PS5 title to come out is building up with every tease.

The Dragon Age Dreadwolf trophies won't be around for quite some time, and whilst we can summarise what may be on this list thanks to the Dragon Age Inquisition trophies, BioWare has given us another little sneak peek of the upcoming title. The teaser BioWare has provided is an "in-game cinematic" that has dwarven hero Varric narrating the story of Solas — or should we say Fen'Harel — and his evil deeds as he plans to destroy the world.

Dragon Age Dreadwold shall see the return of Solas!Dragon Age Dreadwold shall see the return of Solas!

We can't wait to return to the Dragon Age series — a series so incredible it ended up on our best RPG list. The beautiful cinematic is very reminiscent of Dragon Age Inquisition's art style and gives us a very brief idea of who Solas was before he was — well, Solas. Varric describes how he created the Fade Rift that we spent the whole of Inquisition battling against, only to be stabbed in the back by this trickster. Oh, when we meet again in Dreadwolf he is in for some serious trouble with whomever our next protagonist shall be. Mark my words Solas, I am coming for you — with many, many, many sharp and shiny objects.

The short teaser doesn't provide much for players to mull over, it being a short piece intended to give us a very quick overview of who Solas was before the events of Dragon Age Inquisition — spoiler: he is not that nice of a person. While I have no issue with taking down Solas before he even has a chance to perform some magical little spell, the same can't be said for those who found themselves genuinely liking his character — or even romancing him in Inquisition.
Those of you who have been impacted by Solas and his betrayal may have a hard time seeing this once 'sweet' mage as the big baddie of the fourth game — but will you be able to take him down if it comes to it? We at TT are truly curious as to how you feel about Solas and his true motives. So, why not sound off in the comments down below and let us know all of your thoughts and feelings on the fourth instalment of this incredible RPG series?
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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