Tekken 8 footage teases return of fan-favourite PS1 character

By Sean Lawson,

Tekken 8's release, roster, and trophies are all still up in the air. Yet, a recently dropped mocap session for the upcoming fighter for PS5 may have spoiled the return of a fan-favourite PS1 dinosaur.

The Tekken 8 trophies are still nowhere to be seen — understandably — and the roster of characters is still yet to be spilt, leaving eager fighting game enthusiasts to ponder who — or what — may be joining this instalment of eccentric characters. While we know Jin and Kazuya will be on the roster, everyone else had a question mark next to their heads — until now that is. It looks as though a fan-favourite dinosaur could be making a return in Tekken 8.

Would you like to see some of Tekken's zanier combatants make a return?Would you like to see some of Tekken's zanier combatants make a return?

Tekken 8 could reintroduce the world to the legendary Alex the velociraptor

The term 'fan-favourite' might be a bit of a reach when it comes to Alex the velociraptor, but we at TrueTrophies love this strange, zany, and adorable little boxing dinosaur — and we do so unapologetically. The possible inclusion of Alex could easily see Tekken 8 enter into our best fighting games or even our best PS5 games lists with absolute ease — but we assume the gameplay is going to also be stellar.

Spotted by eagle-eyed fans over on Twitter who analysed the recently released video from NHK, a video that showcased 30 seconds of various mo-capping sessions from Tekken 8. Whilst not a lot was given away throughout this short little video, at the 11-second mark, we can spot a man with what looks to be a dinosaur tail, mimicking his arms like that of a velociraptor and making strange dinosaur-like noises — which pretty much indicates the inclusion of the dinosaur character within Tekken 8.

Tekken 8Tekken 8 could see the return of many iconic combatants!

If Alex makes a triumphant return, then the likes of Roger the boxing kangaroo — Alex's counterpart — could also worm their way into Tekken 8's characters roster. While we are at it, maybe Tekken 3's crossover character Gon — who is also a dinosaur with their very own Manga series — could make an appearance in Tekken 8? That could be a bit of a reach... a reach longer than that of Alex's poor velociraptor arms, for sure.

Twitter users also spotted what appears to be a brief glimpse of Lars Alexandersson within the video. Although it isn't a perfectly clear shot of Lars, the stance that can be seen looks pretty much identical to Lars'. Apart from that, the video provides a fun little look into the antics that go on behind the scenes when building the world of Tekken. For now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for some more reveals down the lines and an official announcement of Alex the velociraptor's inclusion.

Tekken 8We wonder who else will pop up on the roster for Tekken 8

What do you make of the mocap video? Think that this dinosaur figure could be something entirely separate from Alex? Do you think there is a chance that Gon could make a return to the series? Are there any characters you are holding out hope for to return in Tekken 8? Let us know all your thoughts down below and shout out who you main as well!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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