PS Plus Premium is a rough deal compared to PS Plus Extra this month

By Lee Brady,

PS Plus has three tiers — Essential, Extra, and Premium — all offer a wide array of new games each month, but which tier gives you the better value for money? We've compared the numbers for January 2023 to help you figure it out.

PS Plus gave us a lot of great games to play this month, regardless of which tier you've subscribed to. The PS Plus Essential games of January 2023 gave us the excellent Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, while the new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for January 2023 brought us big names like Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, by comparing the value of each PS Plus tier we can see exactly why PS Plus Premium subscribers were left disappointed again this month.

PS Plus ValuePS Plus Premium value is a little low this month.

PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium value comparison

PS Plus Premium subscribers are going to be disappointed for numerous reasons, particularly when you see the list of leaked games supposedly on their way to the service that haven't reared their heads. Yet it helps paint the picture a little clearer when you compare just how much value for money each of the PS Plus tiers is getting directly this month.

In January 2023, PS Plus Essential added $159.95 worth of new games — boosted by the fact that Star War Jedi Fallen Order and Axiom Verge 2 offered subscribers access to both the PS5 and PS4 versions of those games. For PS Plus Essential subscribers who only own a PS4, you'll only be able to access $99.97 worth of this month's games on your console. Still, a solid get for $9.99 a month — with the caveat that you'll have to keep paying for a subscription to access any of these games.

ps plus valueMost of the value from the subscription service comes from Extra titles.

PS Plus Extra subscribers saw the biggest influx of value with $450.87 of new games added in January 2023. This total includes two counts for titles like Back 4 Blood, which lists both the PS5 and PS4 versions on the subscription service. If we remove these duplicates, PS Plus Extra added a reasonable $295.91 worth of unique new games for January 2023 on PS5 and $280.91 worth for PS4.

Finally, PS Plus Premium subscribers saw the smallest amount of value with the addition of $24.97 worth of new games. These numbers have so far ignored the fact that PS Plus Extra subscribers also see the value added to PS Plus Essential, and PS Plus Premium subscribers see the value added to every other tier. Factoring that in, PS Plus Premium subscribers actually saw a combined total of $635.79 new games and PS Plus Extra subscribers saw $610.82 worth of new games in January 2023. So, to be clear, you are getting access to more games with PS Plus Premium — though not a lot more, and that's the problem.

ps plus worthRatchet and Clank trying to bring all the Premium value by themselves.

When we look at the pricing of PS Plus Premium relative to PS Plus Extra, there's a much stronger argument to sign up for Extra instead of Premium. PS Plus Premium usually costs $119.99 per year and $17.99 per month, whereas PS Plus Extra costs $99.99 per year and $14.99 per month. That means a Premium subscription will cost you an added 20% of the price of your Extra subscription. Some subscribers who get good use out of the backlog of PSP, PS2, and PS1 games with trophy support on PS Plus will likely find that added cost fairly reasonable.

That said, if we're paying 20% more for PS Plus Premium, subscribers might expect it to give us at least 20% additional value in games over PS Plus Extra each month, and this hasn't been the case in January. In fact, PS Plus Premium only added 5.5% more value to your PS Plus Extra subscription this month — far less than that extra 20% cost should, in theory, net you. If we use the duplicate-free value of PS Plus Extra, PS Plus Premium still only gave subscribers 8.44% added value in January 2023 compared to the 20% more they've paid.

ps plus valueStill reaching for a little more value this month.

This particular number helps explains why PS Plus Premium members feel frustrated with their subscription cost — because, for the most part, the value is being heaped on PS Plus Extra and yet Premium sees very little proportionate benefits for that extra 20% cost. Sony's confusing logic in bringing older Assassin's Creed and Kingdom Hearts games to Extra instead of Premium only furthers that frustration and Premium benefits like the messy PS Plus on PC service does precious little to salvage the tier's excessive expense.

We'll have to wait until next month to find out whether PS Plus Premium will really get its value's worth — until then, let us know in the comments whether you're happy with the value you've seen for your PS Plus subscription, and check out our list of retro games we'd like to see on PS Plus if Sony happens to be looking for some inspiration.
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