Gotham Knights trophies grind will keep you from the platinum

By Sean Lawson,

Gotham Knights released over a month ago, so we at TrueTrophies decided to take a little dive into the trophies to see how the platinum trophy was shaping up for PS5 players.

Gotham Knights set the world alight with its pretty mediocre reviews, with many people feeling the game lacked the same charm and finesse that the Batman Arkham series managed to achieve. Despite the supposed mediocrity of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's recently published title, Gotham Knights has garnered a loyal fanbase who are still playing a month later — and are still trying to nab up all those Gotham Knights trophies regardless of having to grind to earn them.

Gotham Knights trophies that will keep you from the platinum!Gotham Knights trophies that will keep you from the platinum!

These Gotham Knights trophies are standing between you and the platinum

The Gotham Knights trophies look pretty simple from an outside viewpoint, there are no difficulty-related trophies or online/multiplayer trophies — ones that tend to cause the most issues when people are gunning for that sweet platinum trophy. While the Gotham Knights trophies don't appear to be all that difficult, the platinum trophy 'Heir to the Cowl' only has a completion rate of 2.1% on PSN, showing there is some form of hindrance in the way — more than people just not enjoying the game.

So, what trophies could be causing issues for fans wanting to earn themself a pretty little platinum trophy? Well, it appears to be a variety of collectable-based and combat-based trophies that have a bit of a grind to them. Starting with the combat-related trophies we have 'Talonted' and 'The Man-Bat Family' both of which have a completion rate of 4.0% and 5.1% respectively.

Both trophies ask players to defeat a certain amount of specific enemy types — which sounds simple enough — but these enemies don't spawn all that frequently, with some not appearing until the later chapters of the story, reducing your chance of earning this trophy before the credits roll. You will have to spend your time completing random crime encounters and exploring Gotham in the hopes of coming across the enemies you need. It's advised to not start a New Game Plus adventure until you have earned these trophies, as you will need to pretty much beat the entire story once more before these enemies start spawning again.

Robin is gunning for those Gotham Knights trophies!Robin is gunning for those Gotham Knights trophies!

The next set of trophies that are causing players to slam the brakes on are the collectable-based trophies 'History Major,' 'Batarang Collector,' and 'Read Owl About It.' These trophies have a completion rate of 4.0%, 4.7%, and 3.5% on PSN respectively. This one isn't much of a surprise to see, collectable trophies have a nasty tendency of slowing down the completion of any game. There are four trophies in total that centre around collectables, with the trophy 'Claiming the Mural High Ground' having a far higher completion rate of 8.6% compared to the other three.

The final trophy that looks to be a slight grind and hindrance for players is the golden trophy 'He'd Be So Proud Of You' which has a completion rate of 6.8%. This trophy is awarded for reaching level 40 with any of the bat-family members — the catch being that this can only be done on a New Game Plus save file. Your level is capped at 30 on your first playthrough and you will need to work your way through a second playthrough to trigger this one. While not hard, it can be seen as repetitive and is probably one of the reasons many players have yet to earn this trophy.

Gotham Knights release dateBatgirl is on the hunt for those collectables

That brings us to the end of our little trophy deep dive. Gotham Knights might feel slightly tedious at times, especially having to beat the game twice, but it's extra good news if you like what you're playing. Mix in the fact that the game is coming across as pretty average from reviewers and players alike, it's not all that shocking that the platinum trophy hasn't been earned all that frequently so far. What did you guys make of Gotham Knights? Did you enjoy it? Think we should include it on our best PS5 games list? Or is this one platinum you are going to be avoiding? Sound off in the comments below!
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