The Callisto Protocol's confirmed 'pro-death' trophies are missing

By Sean Lawson,

The Callisto Protocol trophies are out and fans who are looking forward to this gore-riddled survival horror game can get an idea of the challenges they will face to earn the platinum trophy. One trophy appears to be missing.

Striking Distance Studios have been discussing all things The Callisto Protocol for the past few months. TT Editor Kes learned all about environmental hazards, audio that is reminiscent of ray-tracing, and how the studio knows "horror is linear." With The Callisto Protocol trophies now out in the wild, fans looking forward to this survival horror outing can see what they need to do to unlock the platinum trophy 'It's Over Jacob.' Something you may have spotted is that the previously mentioned 'pro-death' trophies are nowhere to be seen.

The Callisto Protocol is lacking some specific trophies that were previously mentioned by Striking Distance Studios!The Callisto Protocol is lacking some specific trophies that were previously mentioned by Striking Distance Studios!

The Callisto Protocol trophies are lacking some death-themed outings

Our article — The Callisto Protocol trophies are pro-death so get your checklist out — that was written by TrueTrophies Staff Writer Lee, looked at the developer's comments on trophies, specifically the trophies centred around "seeing all of the deaths" that the game has to offer. Looking through the trophy list, there are no trophies that require you to do anything of the sort, with the only trophy with a slight resemblance being 'Chew 'Em Up' that wants you to defeat ten enemies using environmental hazards.

There were even talks of trophies for dismembering enemies and attacking specific body parts, which Mark James discussed in detail saying: "There are going to be achievements that are playstyle achievements, like dismembering 100 left arms. That kind of [trophy where] you won't even know you are progressing towards it until you suddenly start to get like 50% towards it. You'll be like, 'now I'm gonna play the game just dismembering left arms.'" However, the trophy that comes closest to this description is 'Flesh Wound' that simply wants you to chop off both arms of an enemy with either a ranged or melee weapon. It could be that upgrades for specific weapons might include these tasks as mini-objectives, but it certainly isn't tied to a trophy or achievement.

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol is fast approaching!

The missing trophies have us scratching our heads at the TrueTrophies news team, it sounded like one hell of a trip having to put Jacob Lee through the grinder — literally — and seeing every grizzly, disgusting, and gory death possible. How do you guys feel about the missing trophy? Disappointed you won't get a shiny trophy for killing Jacob in as many brutal ways as possible? Why not have look and see all of the reasons why you should be excited about The Callisto Protocol. Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below!
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Written by Sean Lawson
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