Dark Pictures Anthology games ranked from worst to best

By Sean Lawson,

Season One of the Dark Pictures Anthology has come to a close with the most recent release in the series; The Devil in Me. With that, we at TrueTrophies are going to rank the games from worst to best across its PS5 and PS4 titles.

The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me is the fourth and final game for season one of the Dark Pictures Anthology series. We already know that we will be receiving Directive 8020 as the first title of the second series to the Dark Pictures franchise, so to celebrate the reveal of the next spooky outing giving off some serious Alien Isolation vibes, we are going to rank season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology from worst to best.

Season one of the Dark Pictures Anthology ranked from worst to best!Season One of the Dark Pictures Anthology ranked from worst to best!

Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes, and The Devil in Me battle it out

Titles like Until Dawn, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, and The Quarry are not viable for this list as they are not a part of The Dark Pictures Anthology. This ranking will focus on the story, horror, characters, and fun each game provides. None of the games in The Dark Pictures series is terrible, but a few titles certainly shine far brighter than others. Please be aware that there will be spoilers for the entire Dark Pictures Anthology series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little HopeThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

4th. The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope — PS5, PS4

At the bottom of the ranking, we have the second game to be released, The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope. A big issue Little Hope suffers from is an unlikable cast of characters. The group seems to butt heads in practically every interaction they have with one another and it just comes across as nasty and petty most of the time — especially Taylor and Angela. This ends up making it hard to care, or even root, for these characters to make it to the closing credits.

The lingering problem that Little Hope has is that none of the events we witness in-game are happening in reality. This undercuts any narrative stakes and makes the entire game feel pointless. The house fire Anthony watches his entire family perish in flames is real enough, but the way it links into the final twists is deeply convoluted and confusing in the wrong kind of way. The use of the 'figment of the imagination' trope is not only lacklustre and self-sabotage for the final narrative stretch; it also straight-up reduces any meaning in the story retroactively.

It's a shame as the game started off with so much promise: the witch trials were a genuinely interesting concept, the present blurring into the past was a fun narrative to follow, and the final confrontation at the house was frantic and anxiety-inducing. Sadly, all the good aspects are outshined by the negative and the closing scene pulls the rug from under any redeeming qualities the game may have had.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan ~ SuperHeroArtThe Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan

3rd. The Dark Pictures Anthology Man of Medan — PS5, PS4

The Dark Pictures Anthology Man of Medan was our first foray into the Dark Pictures universe, and honestly, it wasn't a bad first attempt. The game certainly needed a little bit of polish and fine-tuning — something we would see in later games in the series receive and excel because of. The story follows a group of friends as they go on a drunken adventure, diving into beautiful oceans and uncovering hidden treasures. This doesn't go quite to plan as the group winds up being kidnapped and taken to a ship that ends up being haunted — or so it seems.

Man of Medan once again has a cast of characters who from the offset are pretty unlikable — except for Fliss who is an absolute champ from start to end. The cast does become more bearable as you progress through the game — a redeeming quality. The downfall for Man of Medan is the fact that, just like Little Hope, the supernatural elements we witness throughout the game aren't real and are all just hallucinations that the cast of characters are witnessing due to some 'Manchurian Gold' chemical bio-weapon.

Man of Medan suffers for similar reasons to Little Hope, then: an underwhelming cast mixed with a self-sabotaging central narrative. Thankfully, unlike Little Hope, Man of Medan did have some legitimate threats realised in the sea mist with impact and gravitas alongside Fliss: a likeable and badass gal who you rooted for from start to end.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in MeThe Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

2nd. The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me — PS5, PS4

The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me is the final game for the first season of The Dark Pictures franchise and is a mighty fine way for the series to come to a close. While the game may have received middling reviews, we at TrueTrophies certainly believe that the game did a fantastic job overall and, with a little bit more polish here and there, The Devil in Me should go down as one of the better titles the series. You can check out all our thoughts in our The Devil in Me review.

Trapped in a nightmarish hotel with a deranged serial killer — who may or may not be the reincarnation of HH Holmes — you will be confronted by horrifying traps that lurk behind the claustrophobic walls of a decrepit hotel. The cast of characters is a mixed bag of likeable and unlikable, which balances out nicely by the closing credits. You will find that you actually care for most, if not all of the characters as they make their way through this perilous journey — a marked improvement on the other titles.

The Devil in Me manages to do a fabulous job of capturing the starkness and helplessness of the Saw franchise, by making you feel like the odds of survival are always against you. With the anxiety always creeping up on you and the sense of despair that the world will chuck at you with every opportunity, The Devil in Me is a fantastic horror romp that can be amplified if you play with friends. Thank the deranged spirit of HH Holmes that the threats in this one are real, too —not hallucinations, figments of the imagination, and cop-outs.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of AshesThe Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

1st. The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes — PS5, PS4

The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes is the third entry into the franchise and is by far the best game that the first season has to offer. Trapped in some nightmarish and claustrophobic caverns, our cast of soldiers must find a way to escape and defend themselves from the vampiric creatures. The creatures have an essence of the Wendigo from Until Dawn to them, which probably helped amplify the terror they produced from within whenever I would encounter them — it was probably the flashbacks to those horrid 'Don't Move' moments in the aforementioned Until Dawn.

House of Ashes managed to encapsulate everything that we wanted to see from this horror anthology series: monsters both terrifying and awesome to look at, well-built tension, well-rounded characters with a bit of development, and a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. House of Ashes seems to just nail everything —except for an easy trophy list that is. The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes trophies require a lot of work — like all of the games in the series, actually. This one feels like extra work for the platinum trophy 'Full House,' though; so congratulations if you managed that.

After two lacklustre entries into the franchise, we think House of Ashes feels like a breath of fresh air. It is a game you definitely don't want to pass up if you decided to skip previous entries — it's got scares, gore, an engaging story, choices that actually matter, and a heart-pumping fight scene just before the credits. This is an absolute must-play for horror fans.

That brings us to the end of this ranking for the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Do you agree with where the titles have fallen? Or would you place them a little bit differently from how we have? Do you think any of these titles deserve a spot on our best PS4 games list or best PS5 games list? Let us know in the comments below!
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