The entirety of The Callisto Protocol has leaked on Twitch

By Sean Lawson,

Anyone wanting to experience a blind playthrough of The Callisto Protocol may want to be careful as they peruse the internet, as multiple videos and images have begun to leak ahead of the game's release next month.

Update: The Callisto Protocol will release on December 2nd, 2022 on both PS5 and PS4 — bringing us a much needed dose of survival-horror. As we stated earlier in the week, we wanted you to be cautious of the gameplay leaks that were slowly rearing their ugly mugs ahead of the game's release. Well, things have gone from bad to worse after an entire playthrough of The Callisto Protocol appeared on Twitch.

The Callisto Protocol has leaked in its entirety!The Callisto Protocol has leaked in its entirety!

The Callisto Protocol looks to be around 15 hours in length

Spotted by eagle-eyed Redditors, the full gameplay can still be viewed on the Twitch account thaiger_gnasher_. Consider this a PSA then: be extra cautious for The Callisto Protocol spoilers now when browsing online. Judging from the leak, Callisto Protocol racks up about 15 hours in length, but this probably doesn't take into account those that will be gunning for all of The Callisto Protocol trophies so they can earn the platinum trophy 'It's over Jacob.'

What do you think of this new leak? Getting more anxious about the game being spoiled before you've even received your copy of it? Let us know in the comments down below!

Original Story: The Callisto Protocol will release on December 2nd, 2022 on both PS5 and PS4 — potentially even with 60fps for the older-generation console — yet those wanting a blind playthrough on either console will need to be extra cautious when perusing the interwebs. Gameplay footage for The Callisto Protocol has begun to appear online, detailing 13 minutes of footage from the opening of the game, and we imagine this is only the beginning of possible leaks going forward.

Callisto spoilersMr Lee appears to be in disbelief that people are leaking his wonderful horror outing early.

The first 13 minutes of The Callisto Protocol have leaked online

Spotted by eagle-eyed Redditors, footage depicting the opening moments of The Callisto Protocol was uploaded onto YouTube, but has since been taken down and reuploaded. While we can only hope this will be as far as the leaks go, we aren't too optimistic on that matter. Anyone wanting details on what can be seen within these first 13 minutes of gameplay will need to go elsewhere — we will not be discussing the leaked footage here as it would unfair to those wanting to avoid spoilers.

Fans who witnessed this leak of the upcoming survival-horror game appear to be very excited and are even praising what was revealed in the leak. Also, those planning to seek the footage out can experience these 13 minutes of gameplay through someone's recording of their own TV — just so you know it will look absolutely terrible and won't be a great representation of the game itself.

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol is ready to scare you to death!

That brings us to the end of this PSA for those wishing to dodge and weave past possible incoming spoilers for this disgustingly gory horror romp from Striking Distance Studios. The Callisto Protocol trophies are also out, but you may want to avoid looking too deep into them as spoilers are also bound to crop up within the trophy list.

There are many reasons to be excited for The Callisto Protocol, be it the "no rules" approach to horror, the terrifying environmental hazards, or the full year of support the devs will offer players. Do you think Callisto will make it onto our best PS5 games list? Are you wanting to avoid spoilers at all costs? Or are you not that bothered about witnessing key events before the game releases? Sound off in the comments down below!
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Written by Sean Lawson
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