Easy platinum trophies to pick up in the PlayStation Black Friday sale

By Lee Brady,

The Black Friday sale is live on the PS5 and PS4 PlayStation Store, making this the perfect time for trophy hunters to bag a few easy platinum trophies for cheap.

The PlayStation Black Friday sale is currently in full swing, you can check out all of the games currently on sale via our NA and EU sales lists. To help give you an added incentive when deciding which PS5 or PS4 game to purchase next, we've compiled some of the easiest and fastest platinum trophies available during the Black Friday sale below.

Black Friday salesThese are the easiest platinum trophies to grab this Black Friday.

PS5, PS4 platinum trophies to earn from the PlayStation Black Friday sale

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart difficulty rating icon 15-20 hours
With nearly 16% of all players on PSN (63% on TrueTrophies) having earned its Masters of the Multiverse platinum trophy, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart continues the proud tradition of Insomniac Games making Ratchet and Clank platinum trophies accessible and rewarding without getting frustrating.

For $29.39 USD/£34.99 GBP, Rift Apart offers a compelling, addictive adventure with the same level of creativity you would expect from any Ratchet and Clank title. The big caveat to this game is that it also comes with all that PlayStation Studios money behind it, making the game a mindblowing early frontrunner on our best PS5 games list and an excellent showcase for what players truly gain from upgrading to the PS5. Easy trophies on the side are just there to sweeten the deal.

Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins difficulty rating icon 8-10 hours
We asked a very simple question on the lead-up to Sonic Origins' release via our Sonic Origins polldoes Sonic Origins cost too much? With 90% of our community vote, the answer was an undeniable yes, but thanks to the Black Friday sale you can now pick up some of the best Sonic games for a far more reasonable $19.99 USD/£16.49 GBP.

Sonic Origins trophies are a breeze too, with 13% on PSN (nearly 50% on TT) earning the Complete Clear! platinum trophy. The toughest part will simply be beating all four games to get the All Clear! gold, but with saves (and debug mode skips if you're so inclined) you can blast through all four in no time.


Unpacking difficulty rating icon 3-4 hours
With nearly 25% of PSN players (76% on TT) earning the All Moved In platinum trophy, it's safe to say Unpacking is one of the easiest games to complete out there — not to mention one of the snackiest at only 3-4 hours long. For some, it might even be a little too short for £11.19 GBP / $13.99 USD, but honestly, you owe it to yourself to check Unpacking out.

This simple, beautiful game about redecorating rooms after moving house imparts its trophies on the player as gently as it layers its narrative, and the overall effect makes it one of the most impactful and memorable games you're likely to play on PS4 right now.

The Centennial Case A Shijima Story

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story difficulty rating icon 13-16 hours
The Centennial Case A Shijima Story offers players a full-motion mystery to solve, and like the No Stone Unturned platinum trophy suggests, players will need to scour every last hint and clue to take home the trophies in this Square Enix PS5 and PS4 game. Good thing the game is so compelling that 16% of PSN players (57% on TT) have already put the time in and have taken home the platinum trophy.

The Centennial Case only came out in May 2022 and is already knocked down to $29.99 USD/£23.99 GBP, making that an amazing Black Friday saving on such a new game. The core mystery, which involves tracking down a series of murder cases across three time periods in Japan, hopping back and forth between timelines to investigate suspects — it's the perfect thriller to cosy up and rack up some trophies in with this side of Christmas.

Let us know if there were any easy trophies on sale this Black Friday that we missed in the comments below, and for more discounts check out our story on PS Plus discounts this Black Friday!
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