Check out 18 easy PS5 trophy lists in awesome games (September 2023)

The PS5 and PS4 have some amazing games, and some of them even have easy trophy lists! Here is our guide to the easiest PlayStation platinums.

Check out 18 easy PS5 trophy lists in awesome games (September 2023)
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: Two new games have been added for you to platinum throughout September 2023. Check them out and enjoy!
To complement the easiest PS Plus platinums list, we are guiding you through the other easiest PlayStation platinums of games available on PS5 and PS4. Any games with trophies are eligible as long as they are good and not shovelware, this means games with a long but simple platinum can qualify.

Easy platinum trophies to earn in September 2023

This list has been curated to try and bring genres for everyone, whilst still providing you with fun and easy platinum trophies to try and earn along the way. While there will be different scales in trophy difficulty, everything on here will be obtainable without too much effort or planning needed.

Potion Permit

Potion Permit difficulty rating icon 20-30 hours
Jump into Potion Permit and take on the role of a chemist who must treat the many patients of Moonbury who come down with strange illnesses. While you play doctor to many of these villagers, you'll begin to strengthen bonds with them, gain their trust, and maybe even find love. However, that's not all you'll be doing as you'll have to forage for your materials to make your potions and uncover the mysteries that befell Moonbury before your arrival.

The Potion Permit trophies are incredibly easy to work through. There are no missable trophies or difficulty-related trophies to worry about and you can play the game however you want, in whatever order you want. The bulk of the trophy list will center around sourcing materials, building friendships, and crafting potions. The platinum trophy 'Moonbury Navigator' currently sits with an overall completion rate of 6.00%, making it a fun and easy venture for you to partake in.

DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos

DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos difficulty rating icon 15-20 hours
Will you play as the fearsome detective Batman, the heroic Wonder Woman, or the all-powerful Superman? Well, actually, you can play as all three at the flick of a button in DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos. Cosmic Chaos is a wonderful family-friendly gem that is well worth checking out if you have the time. It comes loaded with an easy platinum trophy and is just a lot of fun — as long as you aren't expecting a masterpiece like the Arkham Asylum games.

The DC’s Justice League Cosmic Chaos trophies don't contain any missables or difficulty-related trophies and can be earned in around 15 hours, maybe even less. The trophy list is mainly comprised of story-related trophies that will see you rescuing other members of the Justice League, taking down a variety of enemies, and saving the world from annihilation. The platinum trophy 'The Totality' currently sits with an overall completion rate of 6.30%. So go on, have a go at earning this platinum.

Xuan Yuan Sword 7

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 difficulty rating icon 15-20 hours
The Xuan Yuan Sword 7 trophies recently wiggled their way onto our embarrassing PlayStation trophies list. Now, the game has set its sights on our easiest PlayStation trophies list thanks to its simple platinum trophy 'Aspiration of Phoenix' which has an overall completion rate of 6.50% on PSN.

There are no difficulty trophies to worry about as you make your way through the game, however, there is one missable trophy that requires you to hear all campsite discussions. A certain character will leave your party at the end of the game which can make 'Seen it all' missable in your playthrough. Make sure you frequently sit at campfires and you should be all okay with this one.

The rest of the trophy list is pretty simple, slay monsters, level up, and complete various side quests in order to unlock a sweet new platinum. The game shouldn't take any longer than 20 hours to finish up and is actually a really well-crafted title that is worth checking out if you have the time.

Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero difficulty rating icon 15-20 hours
The Subnautica Below Zero trophies are easy, even easier than its predecessor, Subnautica, whose trophy list is also a breeze to swim through. However, while there are no difficulty trophies to worry about, there are a number of missable trophies you may want to keep an eye on.

The likes of 'Jukebox Hero,' 'Finding the Cure,' and 'Dressed for the Weather' can all be missed as you don't need any of these things for the main story to be completed. While you will likely make most of these things at some point in the game, there is a chance you won't ever make a jukebox, meaning you will need to start up a new game, source the materials, and then build it for the trophy.

While this could be a slight pain, if you keep an eye on the trophy list and work your way through it, you should have no issue securing this platinum trophy. Subnautica Below Zero is a lot of fun and is a game we highly recommend platinuming, it'll be well worth your time — we promise!

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 difficulty rating icon 20-25 hours
We had a fantastic experience with our Dead Island 2 first impression, and if there was one thing that stuck out to us in particular about the game, it was the fun and easy Dead Island 2 trophies. Whilst making our way through the zombie hoards, we found that trophies were popping up constantly and required very little skill to actually unlock. As it stands right now, the platinum trophy 'Who Do You Voodoo' has a completion rate of 5.80% on PSN, which is not shabby at all.

There are no difficulty-related trophies in Dead Island 2 to worry about, nor are there any missable trophies either. The only trophies that may be a slight pain to earn are the multiplayer trophies (Slayer Squad, I Am the Resurrection, and Survival Skills), though, in terms of difficulty these three trophies are actually quite lax. You'll earn the majority of the trophies by completing main story missions, finishing side quests, and picking up collectibles. You should have this platinum in the bag in around 20 or so hours and have a fantastic time earning it.

Vambrace Cold Soul

Vambrace Cold Soul difficulty rating icon 30-40 hours
Vambrace Cold Soul is not a hard game to platinum, however, it does require a slight bit more attention than some other titles on this list. With that said, there are no difficulty-related trophies or collectibles (aside from the costumes) to worry about, which is always a bit of a relief. Looking at the Vambrace Cold Soul trophies, you will spot that the platinum trophy 'Queen Of Icenaire' sits with a completion rate of 2.30% on PSN. Despite this low number, we assure you that the platinum isn't all that hard to earn.

Vambrace plays a lot like Darkest Dungeon, albeit, a lot more forgiving. The biggest challenge you'll be facing in Vambrace is collecting all of the costumes (of which there are 26). You will need multiple playthroughs in order to earn all three trophies connected to unlocking costumes and will also need to see three different endings (all of which have costumes attached to them). We recommend using a guide to grab all of the costumes as it will make your life and the platinum substantially easier than going in blind. This will also help with missable trophies (which are also connected to costumes). Aside from the fiddly aspect of costume collecting, this is a simple and easy platinum trophy well worth your time.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice difficulty rating icon 8 hours
Playable on PS5 and PS4, we simply love this voyage through Norse myth and Senua's mind. Senua voyages to the Norse underworld to find her dead partner and must fight and puzzle her way through gorgeous environments to do so. Senua, however, has episodes of psychosis that are as magnificent as they are horrifying, rendered in-game with some of the best audio designs we have ever heard. A fantastic performance by Melina Juergens really brings the game to life even with its slightly walking-sim undertones.

It helps that the Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice trophies keep things easy and breezy. Don't worry about anything except the collectibles, which come in the form of glowing pillars that recite Norse myths for you. Pull up a guide for them and just get playing — it's utterly fantastic!

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb difficulty rating icon 15 hours
The Cult of the Lamb trophies are a little more involved than some of the other trophy lists here, but ultimately they are still an easy ride through one of the best indie games of last year. You play as a little lamb looking for revenge on the gods. You build a cult of followers, build a camp for everyone before rushing into procedurally generated dungeons to kill beasts, and collect lots of treasure. This twin gameplay loop of dungeon-running and camp-building is immaculately balanced, leaving you scrabbling for more when you are away from the controller.

While playing (to a monstrously good soundtrack, may we add), you'll have to beat some of the major bosses without losing hearts, but with a little practice in the endgame, you won't even have to think about it. There is a new update for the game too which adds more variety to the combat, so consider this a great time to jump in. Honestly, Cult of the Lamb is just amazing, so go and play!

Lara Croft GoThe Lara Croft Go trophies are fun and easy to earn!

Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go difficulty rating icon 5-8 hours
The Lara Croft Go trophies are incredibly easy to mop up and can be earned in around seven or so hours for those of you who are feeling up for a puzzle adventure. The trophies are also a lot of fun to earn, making them the perfect candidate for this list and for you to have a shot at. It makes a nice change as well for some Tomb Raider trophies to make this easy list as those games aren't known for providing quick and simplistic platinums.

When it comes to the Lara Croft Go trophies there really isn't anything that you need to worry about, nothing is missable, there are no difficulty-related trophies, the game offers hints, and there are ample guides if you do find yourself stuck. The only trophy that may cause a minor headache is 'Preservation Society' which asks you to break every vase in the game — something that won't be much of an issue at all. The platinum 'A True Adventurer' sits with a completion rate of 48.3% on PSN, further proof of how ridiculously easy this platinum is to earn.

Scars Above TrophiesScars Above trophies are easy if you avoid the pesky bug!

Scars Above

Scars Above difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours
The Scars Above trophies are a fun romp through a Returnal-inspired venture, featuring an array of grotesque monsters and some body horror to sink your teeth into. We do want to make you aware of the Scars Above bugged trophies — while the platinum is still obtainable, there's an issue where scanning every type of monster may not track if you die before reaching a save point. You can find out more in the linked article.

Besides this annoyance, the trophies are simple, there are no difficulty-related ones, and the game is pretty short. A fun and simple platinum? What a great concoction for those wanting to dive into something that won't take up your time and cause you too many moments of banging your head against the wall, again just be aware of the bug that infests the 'Scientific Collection' trophy. The platinum 'What a Long, Weird Journey' sits with a completion rate of 4.2% on PSN.

Tiny Tina's WonderlandsTiny Tina's Wonderlands is a feast for the ages. But not like actual food.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands difficulty rating icon 50-60 hours
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an absolute treat for gamers to play through, made even better if you have friends around to join in on the absolutely barmy and over-the-top fun that unfolds throughout this wild adventure. Unsurprisingly, just like the Borderlands series, the game doesn't take itself seriously at all and provides players with a breathtakingly vivid action-RPG like no other — one so good we are surprised it isn't included on our best action-RPGs list.

The Tiny Tina's Wonderlands trophies are an absolute hoot to earn, providing you with an ample amount of fun and an easy platinum trophy to boot. Everything should unlock naturally as you explore the world around you, finish up side quests, and explore all the different nooks and crannies that can be found littered throughout the game. The only trophy that will pose a challenge is 'Mule Character' that will be a pain unless you use the exploit to get money incredibly quick, you'll just need a second controller to and to make use of the exploit. You'll fall in love with this game and before you know it the platinum trophy 'Bunker Mastered' will be yours! So go on, get exploring!

ghostwire tokyoGhostWire Tokyo is ready to bring the action and the scares!

GhostWire Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo difficulty rating icon 50 - 60 hours
GhostWire Tokyo is one of Bethesda’s greatest accomplishments in my personal opinion. The game perfectly implements a lot of Japanese Folklore and urban legends to bring you an incredibly robust title that is brimming with charm and charisma. The game is an action RPG that sees you using your newfound mystical powers to combat a plethora of ghostly threats that have taken over Tokyo. The game provides plenty of interesting side quests that will see you coming face-to-face with some truly horrifying foes. Kuchisake-Onna anyone?

The GhostWire Tokyo trophies are also pretty swell, providing you with a simple platinum, ‘GhostWire Tokyoite,’ to obtain. The platinum currently sits with a completion rate of 6.0% on PSN, which is higher than the likes of both Fallout 4 (1.9%) and Skyrim (1.7%) — two of Bethesda's more popular IPs. While it’s not the quickest platinum to earn, it’s certainly not a difficult one either.

You’ll be flying around the map collecting random trinkets, saving over 200,000 lost souls, feeding dogs, tracking down Yokai, and fighting many heinous monstrosities as you make your way to platinum glory. It’s a fun romp and we highly recommend you check it out.

Persona 5 Royal PS5 reviews are in!Persona 5 Royal is one incredible and simple platinum!

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal difficulty rating icon 100+ hours
With both Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden landing on the PS4 yesterday, it feels like the perfect time to point out how simple a platinum trophy Persona 5 Royal is. You now have the option to platinum this game twice if you feel inclined to do so, as you can grab the platinum on both PS4 and PS5. The trophy lists do not stack, so a full playthrough on both systems will be required if you want both platinums. While these platinum trophies are simple enough, they do require a lengthy amount of time to obtain.

The Persona 5 Royal trophies house a plethora of simple trophies to snatch up whilst you work towards the platinum trophy ‘The Phenomenal Phantom Thief.’ The PS5 version of the platinum currently sits with a completion rate of 7.6% on PSN, while the PS4 version sits at 17.3%. A fairly large completion rate all things considered and should ease any worries some of you may have about jumping into this incredible JRPG.

Kaidan is the best romance.Kaidan is the best romance. End of discussion.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition difficulty rating icon 100+ hours
Mass Effect Legendary Edition houses three of the greatest RPGs out there, all upgraded to showcase this incredible universe in all of its galactic glory. Whilst traveling around the Milky Way, pursuing a romance, stopping an invasion, and feeding your fish, you also have three platinum trophies waiting for you to snatch them up — oh and they are incredibly easy platinums too.

You’ll be able to mop up the Mass Effect trophies, Mass Effect 2 trophies, and the Mass Effect 3 trophies and their associated platinum trophy. These platinums currently sit with a PSN completion rate of 4.0%, 9.7%, and 6.6% respectively. These are relatively high, especially given that these games were recently part of the PS Plus monthly line-up — meaning many players may have picked up the game and dropped off almost immediately if it wasn’t to their liking.

It’s worth noting that there are also the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trophies that don’t come with a platinum trophy, but may annoy those of you that like to have everything on your trophy list at 100%. This list houses the harder trophies such as beating each game on insanity difficulty and so on. If this aspect doesn’t bother you, then you have three incredibly simple platinum trophies just waiting for you to earn.

AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA InitiativeAI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative is a title and a half!

Ai The Somnium Files -nirvanA Initiative

Ai The Somnium Files -nirvanA Initiative difficulty rating icon 20-30 hours
Ai The Somnium Files comes from the same twisted mind behind The Zero Escape series, Kotaro Uchikoshi, and is set in a futurist version of Tokyo where grizzly murders are taking place. Of course, it's up to you to solve the case. On top of a fantastic story that will leave you guessing up until the final moments is a fun and simple platinum trophy to earn. If you're still on the fence about forking out the cash to purchase this one, you're in luck, you can check out Ai The Somnium Files thanks to the PS Plus Trials service if you are a Premium PS Plus subscriber.

The Ai The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative trophies are a breeze to work through, with nothing being missable thanks to being able to chapter select. Anything you miss on your initial run can be quickly earned by jumping to the very moment you need to make a different decision or choose a different piece of dialogue — easy-peasy. The platinum trophy 'nirvanA Inititive' sits with a completion rate of 16.5% on PSN, proving that this is darn easy and obtainable platinum to mop up over the weekend.

Castle RenovatorCastle Renovator is a charming little game with a quick platinum trophy to earn!

Castle Renovator

Castle Renovator difficulty rating icon 15-20 hours
Castle Renovator is a relaxing game to just kick back with and go around cleaning up after some messy folk in a medieval setting. Whilst you complete various cleaning jobs, you work on growing your kingdom and amassing citizens — who you then clean up after despite being a king. The game isn’t the prettiest thing to look at, with graphics that resemble the early days of the PS3 era and some pretty janky controls here and there. Despite these shortcomings, the game still provides a strangely charming and fun little venture — and a simple little platinum trophy to boot.

Taking a closer look at the Castle Renovator trophies you will see that the platinum trophy, 'Platinum Trophy,' sits with an overall completion rate of 7.7% — a good indicator of how easy this platinum (bear in mind a low player count). The biggest pain comes from having to collect over 300 stones for the trophy 'Sometimes there just aren't enough stones III,' which takes a lengthy amount of time to obtain. Aside from that, everything will come naturally and quickly as you live your ultimate life as a cleaner king in this janky yet lovable game.

Darker Skies is a rough gem that boasts a simple platinum trophy!Darker Skies is a rough gem that boasts a simple platinum trophy!

Darker Skies

Darker Skies difficulty rating icon 10-15 hours
Darker Skies is a game set in the War of the Worlds universe and is surprisingly compelling despite its rough around the edges appearance. While there are certainly a few issues and bugs here and there, the game itself is a short and enjoyable romp that doesn't overstay its welcome in a universe that deserves more attention from the gaming world.

When it comes to the Darker Skies trophies, there are only two that you need to keep in mind as you progress through the story — everything else is either story-related or will come naturally through play. The two trophies 'Tooled Up' and 'Super Jack' can't be earned in the same playthrough due to a lack of resources being available to you. Thankfully, there is a cheeky workaround. If you don't use your points and instead save them up, towards the end of the game you can unload them all into one category (unlocking one of the trophies) and then quickly drop out of the game without saving and put all the points into the other category — boom, trophy dilemma bypassed. The platinum trophy 'Civilization Reborn' sits with an overall completion rate of 7.6% on PSN.

DDCraig is best dad!

Dream Daddy (PS4)

Dream Daddy difficulty rating icon 10-30 hours
Let's dive out of the waters of Subnautica and into the strong and loving arms of one of the many different dads that you can date in Dream Daddy. Honestly, this game is fantastic, hilarious, and just an all-around good time — regardless of if dads are your thing or not. You'll meet an abundance of dads who are looking for love — and it just so happens, so are you! You'll get to know and fall in love with all of the different characters as you progress to earn the platinum trophy 'All The Dads' — spoiler, Craig is the best.

While you will naturally earn most trophies from completing each dad's route successfully, a few trophies can be missed if you aren't careful and they do require some specific choices to be made at key points in the route. The likes of 'Panic! At The Disco,' 'Cannonball,' and 'Save Ferris' all require a bit of thought. The other tricky trophies to keep an eye on all center around the different mini-games you play with each dad, these contain the hardest trophies to earn with 'Yo Ho Ho Ho' and 'Catch of the Day' both of which you will come across in Brian's route — it's advised to make a save before each of these mini-games so that you can keep reloading until you are successful. Apart from these obstacles, Dream Daddy is an adorable and hilariously good time that is well worth adding to your platinum collection.

That brings us to the end of this list. Make sure to head on over to our best PS5 games list for more awesome games to check out, Have you snagged any of these easy platinum trophies already? Do any of these games take your fancy? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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