Every leaked PS Plus Premium PS1 and PSP game still MIA

By Lee Brady,

PS Plus Premium has leaked a number of PS1 and PSP games that have yet to appear on Sony's subscription service. These older PlayStation platforms, alongside the PS2, have been inconsistently served by PS Plus Premium thus far.

The new PS Plus Premium and Extra games for January 2023 have been announced, bringing another leaked game to PS Plus — Syphon Filter 3. Last month also finally brought Ridge Racer 2 to PS Plus, another long outstanding PS Plus Premium leak. However, there have been plenty of other PS1, PS2, and PSP games with trophy support teased for Sony's subscription service — read on to catch up on all the PS Plus Premium leaks so far.

PS Plus Premium gamesThese PS Plus Premium games sure have been missing for a while.

Where are PS Plus Premium's new PS1 and PSP games?

There are currently five leaked titles that remain MIA on PS Plus Premium — six if you count the PS2 game Shadow Hearts and its mysterious trademark filing, though we're not sure if you should. The latest addition to the list is the Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP, which appeared on the PS Store in December 2022. Check out the full list of leaked games here:

Leaked classic games for PS Plus Premium:
  • Dino Crisis (PS1)
  • Soulcalibur Broken Destiny (PSP)
  • Disgaea 1 (PSP)
  • Resistance Retribution (PSP)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II (PSP)
After three separate leaks, PSP classic Ridge Racer 2 finally joined PS Plus Premium in December 2022. It's a victory for those keeping track of the leaks, because it shows that these games are actively being considered or worked on for PS Plus Premium. The next most likely game for the service would now be Capcom's classic Dino Crisis on PS1, which has leaked twice from the PS Store itself.

PS Plus Premium gamesKratos sans Ragnarok beard.

In one of the big Ridge Racer and Dino Crisis leaks, we learned Soulcalibur Broken Destiny for PSP was on its way to PS Plus Premium. We later learned, via a Japanese PlayStation Store leak, that Disgaea 1 for the PSP was also being considered. Given that Sony itself is the source for the above four games (including Star Wars Battlefront II), we feel confident in their inevitable appearance.

Two leaked classic PlayStation games had a slightly more dubious source — the Korean Ratings Board — yet that didn't stop Syphon Filter 3 from arriving on the store this month. Its announcement signals good news for the long-outstanding Resistance Retribution — we've been overdue another fight with the Chimera, the villains of some of the best PS3 games ever made, for a long time now.

disgaeaWhere are you Prinny?

We'll continue to keep an eye on upcoming PS Plus Premium leaks, and we've also pitched our own list of retro PlayStation games we want for PS Plus if Sony's taking any recommendations. It has been a frustrating process watching this slow trickle of games emerge as Sony's PS Plus preservation plans come to fruition, but let us know in the comments if you're excited to play any of the above games.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee keeps one eye on the future (Astro Bot), one eye on the past (PS1, PS2, and PS3 games), and his secret third eye on junk he really likes (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic). A PlayStation fan for over 25 years, he loves replaying classic games via PS Plus.
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