God of War Ragnarok crowned the second-best PS5 game of all time

By Sean Lawson,

God of War Ragnarok is sailing high after receiving glistening reviews from multiple sources. The overwhelmingly positive reception has placed GoW Ragnarok as the second-highest-rated PS5 game of all time.

God of War Ragnarok is set to release on November 9th, 2022 and the reviews are rolling in, praising the game for its story, world-building, lush environments, characters, and gameplay — you can check out editor Kes' God of War Ragnarok review to get an idea of just how incredible this PS5 title is. God of War Ragnarok has become the second-highest-reviewed PS5 title of all time, taking down some true contenders for the crown.

God of War takes down some PS5 heavy hitters to take second place!God of War takes down some PS5 heavy hitters to take second place!

God Of War Ragnarok comes second to Elden Ring

According to Metacritic, God of War Ragnarok has impressed the masses of reviewers so much so, that the game has become the second-best PS5 game to date — scoring an impressive 94. If you were to compare this to the best Xbox Series X games on Metacritic, GoW Ragnarok would come in third, only beaten by two games that also appear on PS5 consoles, yet with different ratings for each platform. We would say that it is quite the triumph for the God of War series and for Santa Monica Studios which have worked through the COVID pandemic to craft this action-packed outing for Kratos and Atreus.

Funnily enough, God of War Ragnarok has matched that of its predecessor God of War (2018), which also sits with a score of 94 on Metacritic and has earned the title of fifth best PS4 game of all time. GoW was only beaten by the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, Persona 5 Royal, and The Last of Us Remastered. God of War (2018) certainly made it onto our best PS4 games list!

God of War Ragnarok reviewKratos admiring his shiny axe in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok has taken down PS5 titles like The Last of Us Part 1, Hades, Demon's Souls, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, Final Fantasy VII Remake, It Takes Two, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West. GoW Ragnarok also beat out the PS5 version of Persona 5 Royal, something GoW (2018) was unable to do on the PS4. However, Persona 5 Royal on Xbox Series X has a rating of 95, beating GoW Ragnarok by a single point.

Sadly for Kratos and Atreus, they were unable to dethrone the current raining champion and the game that has bagged the title of best PS5 game of all time — as of right now — which is FromSoftware's Elden Ring. Elden Ring currently sits with a rating of 96, beating God of War Ragnarok by two whole points. If we look at the Elden Ring review round-up we can understand why this game has ranked so highly and how God of War Ragnarok has just narrowly missed knocking it off the top spot. Elden Ring is also the number one game on the Xbox Series X list and has a rating of 96, just like the PS5 version.

PS5 Metacritic scores!PS5 Metacritic scores!

What do you think of God of War Ragnarok's current Metacritic rating? Surprised by it? Or did you expect the game to take the top spot? We are sure GoW Ragnarok will be making its way onto our best PS5 games list soon! If you have a craving to playthrough this incredible franchise make sure you check out our guide on how to utilise your PS Plus subscription to see the whole story of GoW! Sound off in the comments below with all your thoughts and feelings!
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Written by Sean Lawson
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