PS1 classic Syphon Filter 3 could be next for PS Plus with trophies

By Lee Brady,

Syphon Filter 3 looks set to be the next PS1 classic with trophy support on PS Plus after the game was rated for release in Korea.

Syphon Filter 3 has been rated for a PS5 and PS4 release in South Korea, which very likely signals that the Bend Studio title will also follow Syphon Filter and Syphon Filter 2 in joining PS Plus with PS1 trophy support. A PS Plus release would make Syphon Filter 3 the seventh PS1 game with trophies on the service.

Syphon Filter 3 PS Plus trophiesSyphon Filter 3 looks set for PS Plus trophies.

Syphon Filter 3 would complete trilogy on PS Plus Premium

Reported first by Gematsu, it has yet to be revealed whether Syphon Filter 3 will be joining November's PS Plus Premium additions, but if the Syphon Filter 2 trophy announcement set any precedence, we can expect Bend Studio to let us know ahead of time that the game will be hitting Sony's subscription service.

To date, we've enjoyed playing through the Syphon Filter series trophies — especially because, as far as PS1 trophy difficulty on PS Plus goes, both games have been an absolute breeze to platinum. The real test for players seems to be overcoming the dated action game design long enough to actually beat each title, but they offer excellent easy PS Plus platinum trophies to those who overcome the retro-jank. Let us know in the comments if you're excited to see Syphon Filter 3 hit PS Plus in the near future.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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