Here are all 46 PS VR2 launch games and their trophy lists

By Lee Brady,

PS VR2 launch day has brought us over 40 launch games, and we have all the PS VR2 trophy lists down below.

The PS VR2 reviews are in and the launch games are now live as of 22nd February, 2023. While there are plenty more upcoming PSVR 2 games to look forward to in the near future, here are all 46 PS VR2 launch games, complete with every PS VR2 trophy list, down below.

PS VR2 launch gamesHorizon Call of the Mountain is getting the most attention at launch.

Every PlayStation VR2 launch game that released today

That's 46 PS VR2 launch titles now live on PlayStation Store — easily besting Sony's generous estimate of "over 20 launch titles". Let us know which of the best PS VR games you're most excited to try out in Sony's VR launch line-up, and which games you would like to see on the platform down in the comments!
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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