Sonic Frontiers can be preloaded this week ahead of release date

By Lee Brady,

Sonic Frontiers can be preloaded this week ahead of the Sega title's PS5 and PS4 release date of November 8th, 2022. The file size of Sonic's first "open-zone" adventure on PlayStation consoles has also been revealed.

Sonic Frontiers can be preloaded at the end of this week, starting from November 6th, 2022 — two days ahead of the Sega game's launch on PS5 and PS4. Sonic fans will have to wait another week to get their cartoon-gloved hands on the free Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC, but remember if you want to play Sonic Frontiers from start to finish with the iconic SOAP shoes from Sonic Adventure 2, you'll want to also sign up for those ahead of the game's launch next week as well.

Sonic Frontiers preloadSonic gears up for his latest adventure.

Sonic Frontiers preload date and file size drop before launch

The Sonic Frontiers preload date comes via PlayStation Game Size, which true to their name, also included the file size of each PlayStation version of Big the Cat's latest adventure. The PS5 edition comes in at a chunky 24.719 GB, while the PS4 edition lands with a slightly slimmer 23.090 GB file size. If that sounds like a nightmare to your internet router, make sure to preload your digital copy of the game this Saturday to avoid hearing about what may be our best Sonic Adventure 3 yet via social media leaks.

We're hoping to get those Sonic Frontiers trophies a little later this week, so make sure to check back to know whether this one will prove more of a challenge than those Sonic Origins trophies at the very least. Let us know in the comments if you'll be firing Sonic's latest title up on launch day, and how high up the best Sonic games on PlayStation list you reckon it will land — surely higher than Sonic Forces at the very least.
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Written by Lee Brady
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