God of War games in order

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How do you play the God of War games in order? The series was released in a different order than the chronological order of the story. That's why we've put together this piece on how to play every PS3, PS Vita, PS4, and PS5 game.

The God of War series was released in a different order than the way the story plays out chronologically. So, we have put together this basic guide on how to play every God of War game in order so you can maximise your time with PlayStation hero Kratos.

God of War games in order — from PS2 to PS5God of War games in order — from PS2 to PS5

How do you play the God of War games in order?

This list is in chronological order for the story — going from Ascension to Ragnarok — but we have thrown in release dates if you want to play in release date order. While we will try and keep big plot details out and just use generic plot descriptions, there might be minor spoilers. We also have a guide on how to play these games using PS Plus, so make sure you check that out too. Furthermore, we have plenty for you on the Norse Gods in Ragnarok. This list spans PS3, PS Vita, PS4, and PS5 — though the series started on PS2.

God of War Ascension1. God of War Ascension

God of War Ascension

To see where Kratos' journey first began, then 2013's God of War Ascension should be your starting point. It was released on PS3 and was actually the seventh game in the series to be released. Due to its nature as a PS3 exclusive, it is now very tricky to get a hold of. You will need a PS3 with an Ascension disk, or digital download, or have had access to it as part of early PS Plus game giveaways.

The game starts about six months after Kratos' wife and daughter were killed and ten years before the first God of War game that had been released on PS2 eight years prior. The spartan is abducted and imprisoned by the Furies of Greek myth for breaking an oath to Ares. The game received good reviews at the time, but was noticeably less celebrated than the original trilogy of games. Rather controversially, it launched with the series' first-ever multiplayer mode (it was fine) and the God of War Ascension trophies remain doable to this day — though, you will have a hard time with it.

God of War: Chains of Olympus2. God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War Chains of Olympus

God of War Chains of Olympus is the first PSP spin-off from Ready at Dawn, released in 2008. It is also available as part of the God of War Collection on PS Vita and PS3; however, we highly recommend the PS3 version as that will give you access to the God of War Chains of Olympus trophies which, bizarrely, the Vita version doesn't support.

This tale sees us relive Kratos' years in service to the gods of Olympus after Ascension but before the first game in the original trilogy. Greek god of dreams, Morpheus, has caused eternal rests for some of the higher-ranked Olympians. Therefore Athena, goddess of wisdom, employs Kratos' help to find the god of the sun Helios in order to save Olympus from Persephone and Morpheus' plans. This game was reviewed really well at the time on PSP and its ports elsewhere are regarded highly, though they do show some strain by modern standards. Impressively, the combo-based hack-and-slash combat retains its splendour regardless of where you play.

Screen3. God of War

God of War (2005)

Studio Santa Monica's first game launched on PS2 in 2005. The hack-and-slash style of God of War (PS3) was very much of its time, as was the muscular main character and the general reverberations of anger that the game pulsed with. You can find the God of War trophies on Vita and PS3 as part of the God of War Saga and Collection, but we highly recommend the Vita version.

This original game begins with the goddess Athena giving Kratos a quest to kill Ares — the god of war who once tricked our Spartan warrior into killing his wife and child. So, Kratos begins the hunt for the mystical object Pandora's Box in order to kill the god. At the time this game received splendid reviews and holds an aggregate score of 94 on Metacritic. While there is no doubt that the PS3 and Vita collections noticeably display a few faults that come with age, it will still grab your attention, no doubt.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta4. God of War Ghost of Sparta

God of War Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the second PSP spin-off by Ready at Dawn and was published in 2010. It slots right in between God of War and God of War II chronologically, though it was technically the sixth game released in the series. If you want the God of War Ghost of Sparta trophies, you will have to head to the PS3 collection rather than the Vita version, unfortunately.

The game sets up a few really key details about Kratos' life during his time as the god of war for the Olympians. Upon looking for his mother Callisto, Kratos find that the god of death, Thanatos, has taken his long-lost brother Demios into service. The journey takes him to Atlantis and follows the same action-oriented style as the prior games. While it would score slightly less than Chains of Olympus and the original games, there is no doubt this is one of the most important chapters in Kratos' saga.

God of War Betrayal4.5. God of War Betrayal

God of War Betrayal

God of War Betrayal is a half-entry and a now-defunct side-scrolling mobile game. It was released in 2007 and was made by the Sony LA team. The third-ever God of War release actually wasn't half bad and has a relatively intriguing narrative hook after Argos tries to kill Kratos. Argos is mysteriously killed, so Kratos leads an army to chase the culprit down but the spartan enrages Zeus and the other Olympians after killing Hermes' son Ceryx. This will lead into the second game nicely thematically, even if it doesn't quite have direct narrative threads interlacing with the other games.

God of War II Image5. God of War II

God of War II

God of War II was released in 2007 as a last hurrah for the PS2 and was the second game to ever release in the series. It takes place 13 years after God of War (2005) during the final days of Kratos' official tenure as the god of war, making this the fifth game you should play in the series. If you are looking for the God of War 2 trophies, you can find them on PS3 and Vita, and we highly recommend the Vita version so you can play on the go.

Kratos is betrayed by Zeus as he endlessly kills his way across Rhodes. Saved by the titan of the earth, Gaia, Kratos is told he must seek out the three fates to change his future and begin his battle with the Olympians. Athena has a huge role to play here and her impact will multiply in importance if you have been playing the games in order — as will some of the eventual revelations leading into the third and final game of the original trilogy. The game was exceptionally well received and very much feels like an extension of the first game.

Screenshot 176. God of War III

God of War III

God of War III was released on PS3 in 2010 as a massive exclusive that would help save Sony's console along with Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. It is a direct sequel to the second game, taking place pretty much immediately after the final scenes of God of War II — though technically this is the fifth game in release order. While you can still play the PS3 game and get all of the God of War III trophies, we recommend picking up the God of War III Remastered trophies on your PS4 instead for a better performance.

Despite teaming up with him against Zeus in the previous entry, the Titans now decide Kratos is no longer worthy. So, Kratos decides that is that and embarks on a quest for the Flame of Olympus thanks to some help from the spirit of Athena. Kratos will battle gods from the pantheon as well as titans as he tramps across the underworld. The game was very well-received on PS3 initially, though the Remaster reflects its age a bit. It is often touted as the fan-favourite of the series and marks the end of the hack-and-slash action era taking place in Greek myth.

Photo Mode7. God of War (2018)

God of War (2018)

God of War (2018) makes a swap from Greek mythology to Norse mythology as it swapped out the PS3 generation for PS4. This spectacular reenvisioning of the series into an over-the-shoulder third-person action game with a heavy dose of narrative nuance came out in 2018 and no doubt saved the series and the development team after years of irrelevancy. The seventh entry chronologically is also our seventh in terms of release, though there is a comic called A Call from the Wilds that is a prequel to this entry, too. The God of War trophies are a nice bunch and are available on PS4 or PS5 consoles.

Kratos is in new lands, but has had a son with his new wife Freye who has just passed away at the start of the game. Our Spartan and his son, Atreus, must trudge through the realms of Norse myth to plant her Ashes at the top of a Jotunheim mountain. Along the way, you will face off against a mysterious stranger and try and puzzle together how Kratos ended up in this new, cold land — but every square inch of the narrative is worth its place in the best PS4 games.

god of war ragnarok release date8. God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök is coming to PS5 and PS4 and will be the with game chronologically, but the ninth released. It will pick up after the 2018 game with Kratos and Atreus and see Fimblewinter approaching. This section will be updated after the game is released on November 11th, 2022.

Yakuza series order is another in the series, so make sure to check that out. What do you think of this order? What is your favourite game in the series so far? Let us know in the comments and we will see you there!
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