Japanese PS Plus casts Avada Kedavra on Harry Potter with bonus games

By Sean Lawson,

Sony revealed that PS Plus Essential users in Japan will have access to two bonus games for PS4 and PS5 that aren't included in Europe and America. However, Japan will not receive Lego Harry Potter like the EU and US.

Sony just announced the PS Plus Essential games for November 2022 in Japan. Here in the EU and US, we will gain access to Nioh 2 Remastered, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, and Heavenly Bodies. Those on the Extra and Premium tiers can also download the games onto their PS4 and PS5 consoles. However, Japan will also have access to two bonus games on PS Plus — while simultaneously losing two other magical outings.

PS Plus Japan receives two bonus games, but loses Lego Harry PotterPS Plus Japan receives two bonus games, but loses Lego Harry Potter

PS Plus Essential for Japan loses out on the iconic Harry Potter series

With the PS Plus Essential games now announced for November 2022, we can see that Japan will gain two games that the EU and US will not have access to thanks to a post on PlayStation Blog. The bonus games coming to Japan are Crystar and Crisis Wing and these titles appear to be replacing the Lego Harry Potter series.

Crystar comes from publisher Spike Chunsoft, best know for the incredible Danganronpa series. Crystar is an action-rpg, that follows a young girl named Rei as she does battle against a variety of atrocities in Purgatory in an attempt to give her now-deceased sister a future. The Crystar trophies also look like a lot of fun with an easy platinum trophy to boot. Man are we sad we didn't get this one here in the EU as it looks like one hell of a good time. We wonder if it would have made our best RPG list?

CRYSTARLook at the adorable little puppa

The second bonus game Crisis Wing might actually sound familiar if you saw our article about Asia's bonus games on PS Plus Essential from last month. This game was given away to those in some Asian territories last month and now the game is set to come to Japan — maybe the EU and US are next to follow? Crisis Wing is a shoot 'em up where you will be manoeuvring past an onslaught of bullets as you try to make your way to the end of the game. The Crisis Wing trophies are also incredibly easy, with the platinum trophy 'Crisis Wing Hero' amassing an overall completion rating of 39.6% on PSN.

That's the bonus games for Japan done and dusted — although the loss of the Lego games is a real shame for those in Japan. We at TT wonder if Spain will receive any bonus games next month? Only time will tell. Make sure to check out our best PS Plus games list or the easiest platinums on PS Plus for some awesome games to check out! What do you guys think? Disappointed we won't also be able to download these titles outside of Japan? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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