5 horror games to play before The Callisto Protocol releases

By Sean Lawson,

We have picked out five fantastic horror games for you to get your Callisto Protocol fix as we wait for the game to release on PS5 and PS4 later this year.

The Callisto Protocol is still a ways off yet and we at the TT news team are ravenous for this game to launch and are getting increasingly excited as the days pass us by. To quell our hunger we decided to make a list of five horror games you need to play while you wait for The Callisto Protocol to release.

5 horror games to play while you wait for The Callisto Protocol5 horror games to play while you wait for The Callisto Protocol

5 horror games to play while you wait for The Callisto Protocol

We will only be looking at games that have trophies attached to them — those cult classic PS2 horror games are a no-no, This means pretty much anything from the PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and PS5 era is applicable. We have handpicked some of the games we think can provide you with the scares you deserve as well as scratch that Callisto Protocol itch while we wait for the game to launch. Also, a quick shoutout to Subnautica: even though you aren't labeled as a horror game on TrueTrophies, you are one of the scariest games we have ever played and felt you deserve a little mention. Now, on with the spookiness.

the quarryThe Quarry brings you pulse pounding terror!

The Quarry

The Quarry, Supermassive Games' follow up to Until Dawn, is a wild and freakishly good time. With a host of mostly likeable characters that you will have to help make it through this demented night — or watch them all perish, if that is more enjoyable to you. The sensations of terror and anxiety soar in this horror spectacle as your palms get increasingly sweaty as the many different monstrosities rear their ugly heads and show off their sharp and blood-drenched fangs. We hope your reaction times are good, else you can say bye-bye to some of your favourite characters.

The Quarry also received some free DLC to celebrate Halloween with — sadly this is no longer available as it was a limited-time event. We hope you managed to snatch it up and look snazzy and stylish as you earn all those The Quarry trophies, which will take you a long time to do — so you might as well look fashionable as you work towards the platinum trophy 'What Doesn't Kill You.' The platinum trophy currently sits with a completion rate of 1.1% on PSN, meaning you are in for a rough time if you want that shiny platinum trophy.

The Trigger 1Possibly one of the best video game nemesis ever?

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation provides us with one of the most terror-inducing antagonists in recent video game history. The Alien is relentless and will track your every movement, sound, and hiccup perfectly, with the AI's intelligence only increasing as you turn up the game's difficulty. You will need to be quiet, stealthy, and eagle-eyed if you want to make it off this space station alive.

The Alien Isolation trophies will give you a run for your money, as you'll have to complete a lot of incredibly difficult tasks to earn yourself the platinum trophy 'Alien: Isolation' — which currently has an overall completion rate of 1.0% on PSN. Watch out for the trophies 'Survivor,' 'Mercy or Prudence,' and 'One Shot' as they appear to be the biggest hindrances in reaching that platinum goodness. Good luck... TT, signing off.

Dead Space Remake may also be coming to PS4!I mean, it inspired The Callisto Protocol

Dead Space

How could we talk about horror games to play while we wait for The Callisto Protocol and not mention the Dead Space series? Without Dead Space, we most likely wouldn't even be seeing the likes of Callisto coming to fruition — we have a lot to be thankful for with this iconic horror series. On top of that, the game is just a terrifyingly good time and we don't that there is another game that can provide what we assume to be a similar vibe to Callisto. This a quick reminder that Striking Distance Studios has said that The Callisto Protocol isn't designed to be Dead Space 4 — so expect some differences.

With the Dead Space Remake also looking to launch in early 2023, so this feels like a win-win situation. You get some Callisto vibes, and get to experience the original Dead Space before the remake launches. Perfect. If you haven't already, now would be the perfect time to dive into the Dead Space trophies and earn the platinum trophy 'Concordance Officer.' With an overall completion rate of 4.1% on PSN, this actually looks to be a pretty reasonable platinum trophy to earn.

Outlast Whistleblower DLC Image 1This guy is the thing of literal nightmares

Outlast Trilogy

We recently pointed out that the Outlast series was in the Halloween sale on the PSN Store — sadly this has been and gone, but don't fret as the games are worth the full asking price. These games are perfect for providing you with that horror fix before Callisto finally launches. The Outlast trilogy provides scares, gore, dread, and suspense by the gallon, with you never feeling safe or secure throughout each game's runtime. The lack of being able to defend yourself also heightens these feelings.

When it comes to the Outlast trophies and the Outlast 2 trophies, you are in for an absolute nightmare if your goal is to snatch up all the platinums. For a start, Outlast doesn't even have a platinum trophy to earn, but it does have some insanely hard trophies that you'll need to grab to get a nice 100% completion rate on your trophy list. Then the Outlast 2 platinum trophy 'Omnipitant' currently has an overall completion rate of 0.1% — if you look at the trophy list you'll quickly understand why. Despite the insanely difficult trophies, this series provides the scares and is a perfect game to play as we all twiddle our thumbs and count down the days until The Callisto Protocol launches.



Visage was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is inspired by the now unobtainable P.T. Demo that was stricken from the PSN Store many years ago. Visage consists of four separate chapters that revolve around four different characters whose stories are all linked to this depressingly sinister house that each will have to explore. Get ready for spooks and scares galore as malevolent forces maliciously hound you with the sole intent of causing you to scream and hide behind the nearest pillow.

The Visage trophies also look devilishly horrifying to snap up as the platinum trophy 'Visage Master' currently only has a completion rate of 2.3% on PSN. We wonder if the game is that difficult to platinum or if it's just too terrifying to make it all the way through to the end. We'll let you be the judges of that.

That's all the horror games we have for you right now while you wait for The Callisto Protocol to come and scare the living daylights out of us all. Will you be playing any of these horror games? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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