The Witcher remake might finally bring original game to PS5

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The Witcher Remake of the original CD Projekt Red RPG from 2007 is officially happening, CDPR have confirmed. The first in The Witcher series has never been available on PlayStation consoles before, but UE5 might help it along.

The Witcher series will finally see a remake of the 2007 original game and will be built from the ground-up in Unreal Engine 5, CD Projekt has confirmed. This first RPG in the now-legendary fantasy series has never come to PlayStation, but now there looks like a chance that one of The Witcher games PlayStation missed out on might finally see the light with PS5.

The Witcher 1 remake is finally happeningThe Witcher 1 remake is finally happening

CD Projekt is full steam ahead with Unreal Engine 5 games

CD Projekt announced on its The Witcher site that The Witcher Remake is in development using Epic's next-gen Unreal Engine 5. The game's currently in development at Fool's Theory — a fellow Polish studio responsible for Seven: Enhanced Edition. If you have read The myth of the missing The Witcher Games on PlayStation — first of all, thank you — but secondly, you will know that CD Projekt RED doesn't like handling remake projects as its developers get bored and generally feel like it isn't its speciality. No platforms have been announced, but we suspect PS5 will be one of them.

Rather interestingly, this gives us the answer to one of the two secret The Witcher games from the six-game update that recently happened. The Witcher Remake was called Canis Majoris, and the CD Projekt has stated: "It’s still early and we want to ensure that the game is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, therefore, while we’re excited to share the news with you, we want to ask you for patience as it will be a while until we start talking about this project in detail."

The Witcher 1 remake is finally happeningThe Witcher Remake has one piece of artwork...

This sentiment was reiterated by Adam Badowski, Head of CD Projekt Red: “Collaborating with Fool’s Theory on the project is just as exciting, as some of the people there have been previously involved in The Witcher games. They know the source material well, they know how much gamers have been looking forward to seeing the remake happen, and they know how to make incredible and ambitious games. And although it will take some time before we’re ready to share more about and from the game, I know it’ll be worth the wait.”

While The Witcher 3 for PS5 has faced a delay, it should still come out in 2022. That's a good thing too because The Witcher 3 is on our best PS4 games and best RPGs list. We suspect, if done right, this Remake might make it onto our best PS5 games list. What do you think of the news? Let us know in the comments below!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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