A Plague Tale Requiem trophies, two months later

By Sean Lawson,

A Plague Tale Requiem has been out for over two months now and it feels like the perfect time to re-dive into the PS5 trophies and see how they compare against the game's first week of release.

Update: A Plague Tale Requiem released over two months ago and just as we stated in our original article, we are back to see how much progress PS5 players have made since the first week of A Plague Tale Requiem's release. To do this we will be looking at the A Plague Tale Requiem trophies and seeing how many players have earned the platinum, made it through the entire game, and who has snatched up the collectables. We suspect that in a year's time these numbers will have all changed astronomically as well — many of you may receive the game in your Christmas stocking.

A Plague Tale Requiem trophies, two months on!A Plague Tale Requiem trophies, two months on!

A Plague Tale Requiem trophies are fairing a lot better two months later

Starting with the trophy 'Knights,' which is awarded for making it to the end of the game and beating the final chapter, this trophy originally had an overall completion rate of 15.8% on PSN. Now, however; players have managed to boost this number up pretty spectacularly as the trophy now sits with an overall completion rate of 49.4% on PSN — an incredible increase that indicates almost half of the player base completed the game.

The Requiem collectable trophies 'Herbalist,' 'Ornithologist,' 'Explorer,' and 'Immortal Memories' all originally had completion rates on PSN of 5.2%, 4.1%, 2.7%, and 3.5% respectively. These trophies now have the following completion rates on PSN of 14.8%, 12.0%, 8.6%, and 10.3%. While these aren't humongous jumps in numbers, one must remember that collectable trophies have a tendency to be forgotten about or ignored entirely, so seeing all four of these trophies reaching the double digits, almost all, is incredibly impressive and deserves a pat on the back for all the players dedicated enough to find all these collectables littered throughout the game world.

A Plague Tale RequiemA Plague Tale Requiem trophies have seen a surge!

Requiem had a huge amount of trophies linked to upgrading equipment and levelling up your own personal skills with 'Not a Toy Anymore' (8.9%), 'Handful of Pockets'(9.1%), 'Improved Crossbow' (14.1%), 'Effective Instruments' (14.0%), 'Pocket Laboratory' (7.7%). Then three more for maxing out your skills 'Sneaky' (3.4%), 'Fighter' (6.0%), and 'Malignant' (1.8%). That's a lot of upgrading and grinding to acquire all the materials needed to make so many different advancements to your gear and skills. Yet, players stuck with it and the new completion rates show this: 20.3%, 33.7%, 19.3%, 24.2%, 19.4%, 11.0%, 18.7%, and 8.1% (in the same order as above). These look far more impressive than the collectable trophies and show that players were hellbent on becoming lethal warriors in Requiem.

The time has come to revisit the glorious platinum trophy 'Requiem,' which originally had a completion rate of 1.3% on PSN, which is understandable given that the game had only been around a week when we originally checked it out. Two months on, however; players have ground away to find all of those collectables, upgraded their gear, and wrapped up the story to increase the platinum trophy to have an overall completion rate of 6.7% on PSN — very impressive. This is only a couple of months after the game's launch and we can are curious if it increases or decreases as more people make their way through backlogs and pick up this rat-infested title.

A Plague Tale RequiemA Plague Tale Requiem trophies have impressed us at TT!

What do you guys think of these numbers? Happy to see people kept at the game after the first week of launch? Let us know in the comments down below all your thoughts and feelings!

Original Story: A Plague Tale Requiem is finally out in the world and PS5 players are finally getting to experience the multiple PlayStation-exclusive features, Amicia's crossbow, the hyped-up action, and most importantly, the A Plague Tale Requiem trophies. We at the TT news team have decided to do a deep dive into the A Plague Tale Requiem trophies to see how players are getting on and how these trophies compare to the A Plague Tale Innocence trophies.

A Plague Tale Requiem trophy deep dive!A Plague Tale Requiem trophy deep dive!

A Plague Tale Requiem's longer story may be a hindrance

Looking into the story-related trophies for Requiem we can see that, just like Innocence, there are a total of 16 chapters. The first story-related trophy of Innocence 'The de Rune Legacy' (awarded for beating the first chapter) has an overall completion rate of 68.8% on PSN. Then the trophy 'Knights' (unlocked by completing every chapter in the game) has an overall completion rate of 28.1% on PSN, showing that just under half the players who made it through chapter one also made it through the entire game.

Requiem has a very different outcome with the story-related trophies in comparison to Innocence, with the trophy 'Under a New Sun' (awarded for clearing chapter one) having a completion rate of 89.9% on PSN, much higher than Innocence. Then the gold trophy 'Knights' (awarded for completing the last chapter) has an overall completion rate of 15.8% on PSN. Showing that despite only being playable for a week, players have managed to make good progress through Requiem's story — a story that has almost doubled in length to its predecessor.

Requiem has only been released for a single week and players are still powering through the story to unlock the trophies. The first game came to PS Plus in July 2021 and that easy access breeds lower completion rates in most cases, which could explain why Innocence's first chapter has a much lower completion rate. Time will tell if Requiem surpasses Innocence's completion rate for the story and we look forward to seeing how the game gets on in a few months' time.

Don't spoil A Plague Tale Requiem, we won't like you if you do!Amicia taking aim at anyone that doesn't snatch up the platinum

Moving on from the story to the 17 trophies in each game for a variety of collectable-based tasks — because what game would be complete without collectables? Requiem has a few extra ones compared to Innocence, but for the most part, the collectables have the same vibe in each game with some of the trophy names being identical.

Requiem has 'Herbalist,' 'Ornithologist,' 'Explorer,' and 'Immortal Memories' — which have completion rates on PSN of 5.2%, 4.1%, 2.7%, and 3.5%. In Innocence, both 'Herbalist' and 'Botanist' are linked to collecting all the flowers, while 'Curiosities Hunter' and 'Curiosities Collector' are linked to finding all the curiosities, and finally you have 'Big Sister' which is awarded for finding all the gifts for the orphans. The completion rates on PSN are as follows 19.2%, 6.5%, 12.5%, 6.4%, and 6.6%. All these collectable trophies have similar completion rates with them all situated in the six and seven percent margins on PSN.

Looking at this in more detail it actually seems that the collectables have a similar difficulty for most gamers in both games. Requiem may even provide players with an easier time in snatching up all the various bits and pieces that are hidden away throughout the game world given that after a week, people are already starting to match Innocence's completion rates for collectables. We can assume this is only going to increase over the coming months.

A Plague Tale Requiem makes you feel like Lara CroftA Plague Tale Requiem and its beautiful scenery

Let us dive into the upgrade-based trophies — of which Requiem has a large amount compared to Innocence. Innocence has just two trophies to unlock 'Not a Toy Anymore' and 'Handfull of Pockets' which have a completion rate of 11.0% and 8.2% on PSN. Requiem has 'Not a Toy Anymore' for 8.9%, 'Handful of Pockets' for 9.1%, 'Improved Crossbow' for 14.1%, 'Effective Instruments' for 14.0%, 'Pocket Laboratory' for 7.7%. If you consider maxing out skills as upgrades, you have three more in the form of 'Sneaky' for 3.4%, 'Fighter' for 6.0%, and 'Malignant' for 1.8%.

If you take away the skill-based upgrades from Requiem, then once again the game appears to provide players with an easier time in regards to upgrading all of their gear. Despite the game having a significantly larger amount of items to upgrade, players seem to be able to make good progress with maxing out each piece of equipment and are actually matching — if not beating — the completion rate of Innocence's upgrade-based trophies. This suggests it is slightly easier or it makes players more aware of the upgrade paths.

A Plague Tale Requiem reviews are here!A Plague Tale Requiem offers up a lot of trophies for players to earn

Before we wrap up here, it would make sense to have a gander at the two platinum trophies that are on offer and just how many people have earned them so far. It looks as though 5.9% of PSN users have managed to earn the platinum trophy 'Innocence' in A Plague Tale Innocence. With an unsurprisingly lower number of 1.3% earning the platinum trophy 'Requiem' so far in A Plague Tale Requiem. Obviously, it is still very early days for Requiem and we anticipate that the platinum trophy will see a surge of players earning the shiny little beauty in the months after Christmas when the new game flurry dies down. Will it have a higher completion rate than Innocence?

We will update this article in the coming months, so make sure to check back and see how Requiem is getting on! What do you think of the progress people are making on Requiem? Surprised by any of the percentages so far? Do you think Requiem has an easier platinum than Innocence? Sound off in the comments down below!
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