A Plague Tale trilogy is not currently planned

By Sean Lawson,

A Plague Tale Requiem has landed on PS5 and is currently receiving an abundance of positive reviews praising its story, combat, and rat-infested horror vibes. Yet among the excitement, news of a sequel to cap a trilogy is absent.

A Plague Tale Requiem might not see a sequel despite the glowing reviews. Requiem has finally launched onto PS5 consoles and is now horrifying gamers around the world with its rat-infested action horror antics. While all this excitement is incredible to see and people are loving Amicia's crossbow, news of A Plague Tale trilogy appears to be looking unlikely, for now.

A Plague Tale RequiemA Plague Tale Requiem could be the end of the series

A Plague Tale Requiem director says "for now, it’s the end"

Sitting down with the PlayStation Blog, director Kevin Choteau discussed a variety of aspects of the newest sequel to A Plague Tale Innocence. Surprisingly, Choteau also alludes to this being the end of A Plague Tale's story, yet confirms that Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment won't forget the franchise.

"I think, for now, it’s the end. But the door is never closed, and we’ll see the player reception. We want to see their reaction before deciding anything. They are driving our production, and if they don’t like what we’ve done, we need to do something else."

A Plague Tale Requiem reviews are here!Would you like to see the return of Amicia and her crossbow?

With that all said and done, it would appear that the A Plague Tale trilogy is not off the table, but looks unlikely to be happening anytime soon — if at all. It looks as though fan reception might be the only way to influence a potential sequel to Requiem. What do you guys make of this? Hoping for a sequel in the future? Or are you happy with how the story ends as is? Let us know in the comments down below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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