Beloved PS Plus Extra bonus game in Japan refuses to come to the west

By Lee Brady,

A bonus game was added to PS Plus Extra this October and it's another Square Enix PS4 classic to boot. Unfortunately, as great as the game looks, it's only available on PS Plus in Japan and is never likely to come westward.

The bonus PS Plus Extra game for Japan is the latest PS4 entry in the iconic Densha de Go! series, a classic Taito (and now Square Enix) developed series of games that saw success in Japan in arcades and on the PS1. The PS Plus game in question, Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote-sen, tasks players with perfectly running trains across simulated Japanese railway lines. Tragically this PS Plus Extra classic from Square Enix won't be coming to the west anytime soon.

Densha de Go! PS Plus ExtraDensha de Go! can be read as "Let's go by train!" — though we prefer "Going Train Style!"

This month’s PS Plus Extra bonus game is a Square Enix Japan-only icon

The PS Plus Extra and Premium games for October 2022 that did come to the west are plenty good, and even include some massive Square Enix titles such as Dragon Quest XI S and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Unfortunately, none of these PlayStation JRPG gems can hold a candle to the mysterious allure of the Densha de Go! series — AKA Steel Battalion, but for trains.

The original arcade release of Densha de Go! utilised a unique train-themed control set-up, with dials and knobs that really only make sense in the context of driving a train. When the series eventually hit PlayStation, Taito sold alongside it a home version of those same train controls that are only a few modules off the complexity of the infamous Steel Battalion controller. Later editions of that controller would be produced officially with Sony's involvement. The series was Taito's biggest after Space Invaders, and there were five different Densha de Go! releases on the PS1 alone.

Densha de Go! PS Plus ExtraMan, who doesn't want one of these things?

Tragically, but perhaps understandably, we're not likely to ever get an English port of a game series that revolves around riding trains around Japanese train stations. Eager players could grab a copy from Japan and try earning those Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote-sen trophies — the game even has PS VR support for extra Japan train-riding immersion! Let us know if you're one of the lucky brave souls who can check it out, and if you're excited about next month of PS Plus, check out our guide for when those PS Plus Extra and Premium games are due to drop next.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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