Best FPS games on PS5 — 18 top first person shooters (April 2024)

The best FPS games on PS5 offer a wide selection of gun-toting experiences, from the open-world to the competitive. Here are our top 17 picks on PS5 and PS4.

Best FPS games on PS5 — 18 top first person shooters (April 2024)
Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Kes Eylers-Stephenson


Update: Apex Legends has been added to the list of best FPS games on PS5 for April 2024. Get involved in the battle royale action!
We have put together a list of the 18 best FPS games on PS5. We've ranked our chosen picks for the best first-person shooters from 'best' to 'pretty good.' If you can play it on PS5, it qualifies for the list (PS4 games and PS Plus titles count). So, enjoy the line-up of a variety of bombastic and immersive FPS games!

18 best FPS games, ranked

The TrueTrophies writing staff of Editor Kes and Staff Writers Lee and Sean have put their heads together to find you the best FPS games on PS5. Having played plenty of FPS games over years of gaming, we've used our experiences to shape this ranking, with a cursory glance to critical reception and community ratings as well. All of the games below are playable on PS5, with a number of entries also being available on PS4 and PS Plus Extra.

An FPS is, simply, a game in which you shoot things from the first-person perspective. That means you'll see a mixture of genre and game style, as it's perhaps one of the most immersive game genres available. These first-person shooters let you blast away your enemies online and offline, and while they don't always come with stories, we happen to favor the ones that do.

Without further ado, our best FPS games on PS5 list.


18. Immortals of Aveum

  • Here are the Immortals of Aveum trophies
  • Play for: Fun magic in an FPS
  • Avoid if: Cheesy American dialogue bothers you
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
Immortals of Aveum is a fast-paced, high-octane treat of an FPS title and one that is sadly far too slept upon by the larger PlayStation audience. Heck, if this game were to come to PS Plus as recent murmurings have suggested, then we would confidently put it on our list of underrated PS Plus games.

In Immortals of Aveum, we play as Jak, a powerful battlemage that must master his abilities to use them for good. To do this he joins an elite order of battlemages and embarks on a dangerous mission to save a world that is being corrupted by renegade magic. Of course, there will be many enemies who will try to thwart your plans of heroism. So, defend yourself with magic and blast away anyone who tries to stop you!

The trophies aren’t particularly difficult to earn. However, they are time-consuming and will require you to play the game twice over to beat it on the hardest difficulty. Thankfully, due to the recent addition of New Game Plus, you can tackle this difficulty with all your skills from your first playthrough (you can choose the hardest difficulty from the beginning, though we don't recommend it). There are also several missable trophies to keep an eye on. Currently, the platinum ‘Magnus of the Order Elite’ sits with an overall completion rate of 1.20% on PSN.


17. Robocop Rogue City

  • Here are the Robocop Rogue City trophies
  • Play for: Your deep love of RoboCop
  • Avoid if: You don't love mid-tier budgets in your FPS games
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
RoboCop Rogue City sees you stalking the streets of Detroit as you enforce the law in brutal and increasingly gruesome ways. The game is a feast for those seeking some solid FPS gameplay with a flare of PS3-era theatrics. If you're a fan of the movies, you'll also be intrigued to learn that RoboCop Rogue City is set between the films RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3.

The trophy list is incredibly simple and shouldn't cause too many headaches. You can play the game on whatever difficulty you want and you needn't worry about any missables thanks to a permanent autosave system kicking in at the start of each chapter. There are no real collectibles to worry about either and it should take roughly ten or so hours to platinum. Currently, the platinum 'To serve and protect' sits with an overall completion rate of 7.10% on PSN.


16. Bulletstorm

  • Here are the Bulletstorm trophies
  • Play for: Madness
  • Avoid if: You genuinely hate fun
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, on PS Plus Premium
Bulletstorm is an underrated classic from the PS3 era that we thought had been forgotten. Developed by People Can Fly, this meaty and bloody linear FPS is just straight-up carnage — one where the combo multiplier is king. Using creative weaponry, like a lightning leash and a four-barreled shotgun, your goal is to chain enemy kills together. The result is addictive and deeply violent as viscera gets lashed around the gaff.

The story is surprisingly full of charm and stupidity in the best way possible, and it manages to frequently make you laugh while giving you a solid sense of spectacle. You will notice the game's age thanks to a few tells like invisible barriers, but hey-ho — if you are after a blast from the past, here you go! Get collecting the Bulletstorm trophies in the Full Clip Edition on PS4 or even go nuts with the PSVR2 version if you're feeling fancy.


15. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

  • Here are the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora trophies
  • Play for: Absurd amounts of stuff to do (like Far Cry)
  • Avoid if: Ubisoft's bloated open-worlds bother you (like Far Cry)
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is Far Cry with the trappings of James Cameron's massive film franchise. I know that sentence is reductive and I know Avatar does a few things differently — flying on creatures and some of the more bow-heavy combat — but it just feels like Far Cry. (I mean, bows were pretty big in Far Cry Primal, right?) It's a big game with stunning visuals and uncluttered menus, and some of the side missions are genuinely good fun.

As far as my taste is concerned, it's perhaps a little too big in terms of scale. I'm also just tired of this Ubisoft-style of open-world formula, so I think your pick of FPS will have to come down to just how much you still enjoy this style of game. That said, if you like your Far Cry games, then here's an exciting spin on that franchise that you're bound to love as well.


14. Deathloop

  • Here are the Deathloop trophies
  • Play for: Creativity in your FPS
  • Avoid if: You don't like puzzles in your FPS
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, on PS Plus Extra
Deathloop’s greatest charm is how it evokes older FPS games without feeling old in the process. Aside from comparisons to developer Arkane Studios’ own Dishonored series, this game exhibits the creativity we used to see far more often in the genre with games like Timesplitters, Killer7, and Half-Life.

That PS2-era creativity drips from Deathloop, and while that also means a little bit of sixth-console-generation rigidity lingers in its bones, it does a damn good job of hiding it. Deathloop is, ultimately, what fans of FPS games really should want more of in the future — a solid creative concept explored thoroughly and lovingly through iron sights. Check it out on PS Plus Extra!


13. Far Cry 6

  • Here are the Far Cry 6 trophies
  • Play for: Absurd amounts of stuff to do (like Avatar)
  • Avoid if: Ubisoft's bloated open-worlds bother you (like Avatar)
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, PS Plus Extra
Far Cry 6 is really good. It's a massive open-world FPS with great shooting, a great villain, and unabashed craziness. It's also way too big and very familiar, which — if you have played another Far Cry series game before — you are probably a little bit tired of.

If it has been a while or you are new to this kind of freeform shooting paradise, you should absolutely take the trip to Yara and begin the battle. The shooting here is still great, the gameplay loop remains polished to a fine point, and the story certainly holds your attention. Off you go now!


12. Metro Exodus

  • Here are the Metro Exodus trophies
  • Play for: Trains and strange haunting environments
  • Avoid if: You struggle to overcome glitches and imperfections
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
Who said the single-player FPS was dead? (Certainly not us if you take a look at the rest of this list.) Depicting a dystopian post-nuclear fallout Russia, Exodus is the third game in the Metro series and also the best. While the two other games — 2033 and follow up Last Light — are more linear, this latest entry opens out the world a good deal more. It suitably uses a train as a base and builds an enthralling narrative around it.

This is a game that is beautiful and well-constructed, but not without some well-earned rough-edged charm. The gunplay leaves a bit to be desired with some empty-feeling weaponry, but this has been fixed somewhat by the haptics on PS5. There is also some much improved stealth; something that's very hard to nail in this genre. The Metro Exodus trophies are a solid journey, too. This is one train you shouldn't miss.


11. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

  • Here are the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands trophies
  • Play for: Cel-shaded graphics and 4-player co-op
  • Avoid if: Irritating banter and more irritating characters
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
I am aware that the Borderlands series has some stellar entries — Borderlands 2 is still a classic — yet, the newest entry into the franchise has so much charm, and with that, I couldn't pass up a chance to praise how incredible it is. Frankly, I've found myself enjoying it more than any other Borderlands game so far. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an absolute joy to play with the fantasy RPG elements a treat to navigate through.

The story is stupid yet brilliant, with a great cast of characters to explore this vibrant, charismatic, insane world with. The Tiny Tina's Wonderlands trophies are also an absolute blast to earn. Make sure to check this game out if you haven't yet, the co-op is also really fun — in fact, it's one of the best PS5 co-op games around!


10. Battlefield 2042

  • Here are the Battlefield 2042 trophies
  • Play for: Large-scale modern warfare
  • Avoid if: You don't have patience
  • Is it on PS Plus? No (it was on PS Plus Essential in 2023)
Battlefield 2042 has recovered from a shambolic and embarrassing launch. It's still not perfect, but the special Battlefield tune is finally singing after an out-of-key start. We finally have scale, teamwork, and destruction back in some capacity. Planes soar overhead and spray bullets with a scary zuuup, zuuup, zuuup sound into the concrete around you. Helicopters crash out of the sky in a firey mess.

Teammates can lay down suppressing fire at squadrons of enemies while calling out commands. Bullets blow chunks from walls and RPGs cause havoc (though still not as much as we'd like). The maps are large and chaotic and a lot of the revisions to existing launch maps have helped group players together better to create choke points.

The 'hero' system that semi-replaced the four/five class system is still garbage, let's have that right, but at least it creates unique moments of chaos. The gunplay is less light than at launch and there is finally some satisfaction in feeling the LMG crunch through bullets or the smack of a sniper. Battlefield 2042 might not fully redeem itself, but right now it remains your best choice for a large-scale shooter on PS5.


9. Rainbow Six Siege

We err'ed and we arr'ed, but Rainbow Six Siege is here on merit. This is a tactical multiplayer FPS where you must breach a building with a team of five and a few breach charges. Environments are destructible, so dear god don't stand next to any walls, hatches, barricaded doors, or windows. In fact, best just to cower in the corner.

The gunplay is a heavy-feeling experience (Call of Duty this is not) but don't let that trick you into thinking this is a slow game. Yes, it is more tempered, but moments of action are so intense and tactical that the rounds flash by.

The real joy is the game's Operators who each come equipped with different guns and gadgets. This makes teamplay and coordination essential as specific folks work best on certain tightly woven maps or for specific tasks. That makes it like a combination of chess and FPS combined — an FP-Chess, if you will.

However, the skill and learning curve demanded by this game are now so high that newcomers and returning players will struggle to find their footing. These days there are just too many operators, too many maps, and too many niche techniques to make it immediately enjoyable. However, if you can blow the wall off of this one, you are in for a treat.


8. Apex Legends

  • Here are the Apex Legends trophies
  • Play for: AAA core gameplay
  • Avoid if: You dislike hero-shooters
  • Is it on PS Plus? No, but it is free-to-play
I hope you don't mind, but I am going to start by talking about the developer of Apex Legends — Respawn. Having made both the Titanfall and the Star Wars Jedi series under EA, Respawn might be the most underrated developer on the planet. I think Apex Legends is the weakest of its three PlayStation releases, but in no way does that mean it is a weak battle royale experience.

Apex has the core gameplay loop down to a tee, with the drop-in, loot, shoot, and survive routine in full swing here. Thrown in some unique character powers that help break up the rhythm of the sub-genre compared to a round of Call of Duty Warzone, as well as some cracking shooting, and you have yourself a solid FPS. Apex Legends is free on PS5 and it's genuinely good, so have at it!


7. Destiny 2

  • Here are the Destiny 2 trophies
  • Play for: Big raids with your friends and incredibly gunplay
  • Avoid if: Massive live-service woes
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, PS Plus Extra
Destiny 2 is Bungie firing on all of its live-service cylinders in a superb FPS. Forget the other bits — first and foremost this is the best feeling shooter around. If that is what you want, you need no look any further — you are sorted, mate. Then you have this vast library of lore to get into that is pretty poorly presented, but is much better written and more interesting than pretty much anything else out there.

This is the hook that will lead you through hours-long raids with friends in search of rare loot — just make sure they are good friends because holy moly are some of these raids hard. With new expansions dropping endlessly and a forgotten-if-solid multiplayer mode, Destiny 2 should be at the very least a consideration for most players.


6. Prey

  • Here are the Prey trophies
  • Play for: Ambiance and player expression
  • Avoid if: Jank bothers you
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, PS Plus Extra
Prey is really on here so we can recommend the superb Mooncrash DLC, though both are superb. This is a great puzzle-shooter with an emphasis on RPG mechanics, level ambiance, and a deep exploration of its interactive world. Like Metro Exodus above, the shooting can let it down, but when everything else in this sci-fi romp has you so delightfully entertained, I don't think we can penalize it too harshly.

Paranoia is at the fringes of everything you do in Talos, so expect to be freaked out aplenty while working through some of the best environmental storytelling in modern video games. The Mooncrash DLC takes it up a notch... and by a notch I mean it takes a great game, extrapolates the best bits, and mixes it up into a cocktail of fresh new ideas. Boom — a top FPS game is born!


5. Titanfall 2

  • Here are the Titanfall 2 trophies
  • Play for: A dope single-player campaign and addictive online battles
  • Avoid if: Mechs aren't your thing
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
EA nearly killed Titanfall 2 by placing it next to the steamroller of Battlefield 1 in its release window, but thank goodness the game's quality prevailed. Incredible movement and shooting are matched by one of the best FPS campaigns ever. Also: mechs. What more do you want? This is a game so pristine and so engaging from the get-go that we have nothing else to say — just jump in ASAP and go on an adventure with your mech buddy.


4. Wolfenstein The New Order

  • Here are the Wolfenstein The New Order trophies
  • Play for: A mercilessly brutal story with big guns
  • Avoid if: You struggle with old-school game design
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, on PS Plus Extra
Wolfenstein The New Order is absurdly good; better than the sequel Wolfenstein II The New Colossus and all the spin-offs that followed, for sure. B.J. Blazkowicz awakens from a coma after failing to conquer a Nazi castle in WWII. He wakes to a world that sucks major Blazkowicz — the Nazis won. So begins a quest that involves fantastic shooting and some great linear-level design, wrapped up in a neat steampunk aesthetic.

Great ideas abound. From campy moon bases to serious insight into concentration camps. We can't believe how well the simplicity of the story works in this context. The violence is off the hook, but again — mincing Nazis is the perfect excuse for uber-violence and the game generally uses this to great effect. Collecting the Wolfenstein The New Order trophies will take around 20 hours — so take your time enjoying the ride. An elite single-player FPS, no doubt.


3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II (2022)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 makes it in over the 2019 reboot and the truly awful Modern Warfare III. We know — we know — everybody either has a very loud opinion about MWII or is bored by the franchise. However, we think that the Call of Duty machine purrs in this modern setting regardless of what you think of the other games.

The single-player isn't quite as good as 2019's reboot, but the level of bombast you experience is not only standing to attention, it's trying hard to grab you by the throat and throw you down a flight of long stairs. It knows you love the thrill of it, so just soak it up. Short and snappy missions make for plenty of replayability and by god, this thing is graphically astute.

Your time will mostly be spent in multiplayer and Warzone 2.0. The multiplayer has some really solid maps and the gunplay is delicious. It snaps with violence every time you fire at an enemy and the sensation of killing digital soldiers has some kind of fast food-like moreishness we can't get enough of.

Put that into an epic Warzone 2.0 map and you are onto a winner. The new location is well made with plenty of interesting locales and the new rulesets might be more complex, but they are fairer. The DMZ mode is the silent killer, though, as it puts you in an Escape from Tarkov-style extraction mode where tension is high and mini-missions fun. Call of Duty is the all-rounder of the FPS genre and this year's edition is particularly savvy.


2. Doom (2016)

  • Here are the Doom (2016) trophies
  • Play for: The best arcade FPS with a naughty metal soundtrack
  • Avoid if: Hell is too much for you
  • Is it on PS Plus? Yes, on PS Plus Extra
The 2016 Doom reboot is the most metal FPS that ever screamed onto PlayStation consoles. It is bloody, it is violent, and it is hellish. Whatever satanic rituals Id Software was doing to get this horrific ultraviolence into a video game was worth it — this single-player shooter is one of the all-time greats. It's possible that it was only exceeded by the sequel, Doom Eternal, but even then I feel the first entry stands tall as a tighter and better rounded shooter.

The shooting is majestically heavy and well-paced. Every bullet hits like a blunt guillotine. The melee finishes are gory and truly, truly horrible. The movement has an almost yogic quality — it has a measured, rhythmic, flow-state rhythm to it. Together, they create a hellish symphony that we are in love with. The Mick Gordon soundtrack is, honestly, on a new level of fantastic. With tricksy Doom trophies to conquer, we recommend you hop in with your BFG right f'in now, Doomslayer.


1. Bioshock

  • Here are the Bioshock trophies
  • Play for: The best FPS of all time
  • Avoid if: You don't like being asked to do things kindly
  • Is it on PS Plus? No
You didn't think Bioshock would go amiss on this list, did you? One of the best FPS games ever, Bioshock also just happens to be one of the best games. With some dystopic Randian objectivism built into a superb Ken Levine-written story, the underwater city of Rapture is a horrifying place to explore filled with details to make you think.

That said, don't let the immaculate story trick you into thinking this is anything less than a superb shooter. It feels so good to play and there are special abilities aplenty. Rapture's evocative and unsettling quality stands tall as one of gaming's most accomplished settings. So, would you kindly start collecting those Bioshock trophies right away — you have work to do.

If you want more incredible titles, see where many of the PS5-only games finished in our best PS5 games list for more! Well, that wraps this list up! Don't forget to leave a comment down below, we love a bit of banter.
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and Sony news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like Horizon, The Last of Us, God of War, and Death Stranding 2 using experience from years of playing PlayStation games. He also covers PS Plus and trophy news, as well as his favorite games — The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed, and some indie gems — before an evening swim.
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