Ridge Racer 2 finally coming to PS Plus Premium after constant leaks

By Lee Brady and Sean Lawson,

Sony leaked the upcoming addition of Ridge Racer 2 for the PS Plus Premium catalogue three times before the title vanished into oblivion. But, after many months of waiting, Ridge Racer 2 is finally here.

Ridge Racer 2 has finally been added to PS Plus Premium after multiple accidental leaks from Sony teased its addition to the service. There is no mention of any Ridge Racer 2 trophies being attached to this PSP classic — a sight that is becoming all too familiar with PSP titles in general. If you want to see what other Classic Games are in the PS Plus Premium catalogue, check out the new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for December 2022.

Ridge Racer 2Ridge Racer 2 finally comes to PS Plus.

What do you make of Ridge Racer 2 finally coming to PS Plus Premium? Happy to see this conceptual racing series gracing the service? Just waiting for Sony to pull it from the new game list again like they did in Italy that one time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Original Story: A PS Plus showreel uploaded to Youtube by the official Sony-backed PlayStation Access team showcased footage of Ridge Racer 2 alongside all the other new games coming to PS Plus Extra and Premium in October 2022. The PSP Ridge Racer title has leaked for PlayStation Plus Premium twice already, making this the third time we've been unofficially informed of its impending arrival.

When is Ridge Racer 2 coming to PS Plus Premium?

The PlayStation Access error was reported by VGC, and since then the video has been replaced with a version sans Ridge Racer footage. Ridge Racer 2 had previously leaked for PS Plus Premium alongside PSP title Soulcalibur Broken Destiny and Dino Crisis for the PS1 in a bizarrely erroneous PlayStation Blog post.

Ridge Racer 2 PS PlusCome on, it's in plain sight guys.

The first time Ridge Racer 2 leaked was via the PlayStation Store — Ridge Racer and Oddworld Abe's Oddysee were spotted together. Both games leaked with descriptions and art already on the PS Store's server, and Oddworld was later revealed to be a launch game for the revamped PS Plus — one that unfortunately lacked trophy support.

With PlayStation once more removing all traces of Ridge Racer 2 from its uploads, it has us asking when exactly is Ridge Racer 2 coming to PS Plus? After the latest update, the answer is December 2022. Despite three leaks of the game's existence from official PlayStation sources, we have yet to receive confirmation that this game is coming anytime soon. Perhaps it will be a bonus game for this month like we saw with the extra PS Plus Premium game Echoshift in July.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you're eager to play Ridge Racer 2 on your PS Plus, whether you've played it before, or if the game will not pique your interest at all unless it comes confirmed with PS Plus PSP trophies — which would be a first.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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