The Callisto Protocol has exploration, but knows “horror is linear”

By Sean Lawson,

The Callisto Protocol draws near and with each passing day, we learn something new about this survival horror game. The devs recently chatted with TT about how the horror experience is mainly linear despite having "beta paths."

The Callisto Protocol is setting itself up to be one gory, violent, and terrifying hell of a good time. We learnt from the devs about how "beta paths" and linear horror combine together in The Callisto Protocol. Each day that passes there seems to be a new piece of information that has trickled in about the terrifying survival horror game. Whether it's about a trophy centred around seeing all the deaths, how The Callisto Protocol is not designed to be Dead Space 4, or how the devs want us to be "constantly worried" there is always something to get us hyped up for Callisto.

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol has choices — kind of.

The Callisto Protocol devs discuss "beta paths" and "exploration aspects"

The TrueTrophies news team got to speak with Mark James from Striking Distance during Gamescom 2022, where the studio discussed a variety of topics. One of the stands of conversation saw us delve into linear horror games and how Striking Distance approached this when crafting The Callisto Protocol.

"Having that restrictive, isolating environment really feeds into horror. A prison is a restrictive environment and a corridor in a space prison is even more alone and isolated. We haven’t shown them, but there are exploration aspects of our game where you get to find some more about the prison — you get to go into people's cells and pick up audio logs from their cells. If you are down on bullets, [you] might take another beta path to go and search for bullets or search for health packs and things as well."

So there are these exploration aspects — we call them just beta paths. But you're right, the majority of the game is a linear path as designed because that to us makes the best horror. There's no turning back, there’s no other way forward — I have to go through that thing and I have to go through that scary door at the end whether I like it or not, that's the only way forward in this game."

The Callisto ProtocolThe Callisto Protocol is getting us hyped

We also learnt from MP1ST that the game should be around 12 to 14 hours on release, which to us feels like the absolute perfect playtime for a horror game. Whilst a masterpiece, we can't help but feel like Alien Isolation slightly outstayed its welcome with how long it was. Nevertheless, judging from what James said above, we can expect an absolute beast of a horror game when it lands on consoles later this year. Are you guys excited? Looking forward to seeing the trophy list? Let us know in the comments below!
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