How to unlock Sonic Adventure 2’s iconic SOAP shoes in Sonic Frontiers

By Lee Brady,

Sonic Frontiers is bringing back Sonic’s iconic Soap-branded shoes from Sonic Adventure 2, and for a limited time fans can sign up online to unlock the shoes in-game on PS5 and PS4.

Sonic Frontiers might not exactly be Sonic Adventure 3, but it can at least makes PS5 and PS4 players believe they’re playing some ultra-HD version of Sonic Adventure 2 thanks to the inclusion of that game’s iconic ‘SOAP shoes’. Eager fans can unlock the Soap shoes ahead of Sonic Frontiers’ release date by signing up for the game’s newsletter.

Sonic SOAP shoesThe iconic look returns.

Sonic Frontiers lets fans unlock Sonic’s classic Adventure-era design

To unlock Sonic Adventure 2’s SOAP shoes in Sonic Frontiers, simply sign up for the Sonic Frontiers newsletter before January 31st, 2023. You’ll need to give your e-mail address, age, and console preference so that Sega know which code to send you for the shoes — after that, simply wait until a little before Sonic Frontier’s release date and you’ll receive an e-mail with a code that lets you download the Soap shoes in-game.

Frankly, with its Big the Cat side quests and Sonic Adventure-like “open-zone” level design, Sonic Frontiers certainly wants to appease fans of the classic Dreamcast-era Sonic games. The Soap shoes did make a recent reappearance in Sonic’s previous mainline adventure, Sonic Forces, but they could only be worn by your terrifying custom character — this time, thankfully, Sonic himself will be donning his own iconic early-2000s deets.

Sonic SOAP shoesImagine owning these things in real life. How cool would you be?

In case you didn’t know, Soap (stylised as "SOAP") was a short-lived real-life brand of shoes from the early 2000s which contained a plastic concave sole, letting idiot kids everywhere briefly grind on rails in public before horribly and embarrassingly injuring themselves trying to imitate Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, the legacy lives on — make sure to check out the recent Sonic Frontiers leak and let us know if you’re getting that free download code in the comments below because I need to show my mom I’m not the only one who still cares about this.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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