PlayStation Stars: join and earn loyalty points in May 2024

What is PlayStation Stars? It's Sony's loyalty scheme which lets you earn collectibles and rewards — find out more in our PlayStation Stars guide below.

PlayStation Stars: join and earn loyalty points in May 2024
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Looking to go on a spending spree on the PS Store? Hoping to pick up the hottest new PS5 and PS4 games? Then you'll want to make sure you're signed up for PlayStation Stars first. Not only does the scheme offer loyalty points for all your digital PS Store purchases, but it also grants access to unique campaigns and collectibles that enhance your PlayStation experience in new and exciting ways! Check out our full PlayStation Stars guide below!

PS Stars guide: latest updates for Sony's loyalty scheme

There are always new PlayStation Stars campaigns available to help you earn bonus loyalty points and to claim unique PS Stars rewards. For more information on how campaigns work and what rewards you can claim via PS Stars, check out some of our FAQs below.

PlayStation StarsPlayStation Stars Wrap Up cards are now available!

The big new thing this month: PlayStation Stars trading card collectibles. It's a shame you can't trade them with your friends just yet, but these are still neat little collectibles to add to your collection in the meantime. Beyond that, we've got a new recurring reward type with the collectible lunch boxes. Grab your first in the Vintage Lineage campaign!


What is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty scheme for PlayStation users that can be accessed via the PS App on iOS and Android-compatible smartphones. You can also access PlayStation Stars via the official PlayStation website in 59 countries. Accessibility has yet to expand to PS5 and PS4, but Sony has announced PS Stars integration with consoles is currently in the works.

How do I sign up for PlayStation Stars?

You can sign up for PlayStation Stars via the PlayStation website or the PS App. Simply select the 'Join now' option on the PS Stars main page on the website, or press the PS Stars icon hovering next to your account name in the PS App. Examples of both are given in the screenshots below.

PlayStation StarsHow to join PS Stars.

Do you have to pay to join PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is free to join — you'll just need a PSN account, which is also free to create. As with all loyalty schemes, PS Stars will incentivize users to spend money in order to earn points and collectibles, but no payment is required either to join or remain subscribed to the scheme.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to join PlayStation Stars?

No, PS Plus is not required to join PlayStation Stars. However, there are frequent crossover campaigns that allow PS Plus subscribers to earn additional loyalty points for playing games in the PS Extra Game Catalog, so signing up for both schemes will net you exclusive benefits.

PlayStation StarsTrophies, the ultimate PlayStation Stars collectible.

Do trophies affect PlayStation Stars at all?

You will need to earn non-common trophies to climb the PlayStation Stars level system, which provides additional benefits for your PSN account. For more information, check out the linked article or the section on the PS Stars level system below.

Earning trophies on PS5 and PS4 can also occasionally earn you collectibles and points via PS Stars campaigns. In particular, there are the monthly "Hard Games Club" campaigns. With these campaigns, you can earn special rare collectibles for earning challenging trophies.

What are PlayStation Stars points?

PlayStation Stars points can be accrued with purchases in the PS Store or by completing PS Stars campaigns. These loyalty points can then be traded in the PS App for rewards, including PS Store credit, Destiny 2 Silver, PS5 and PS4 games, and rare collectibles.

PS StarsPoints add up.

How do I earn points on PlayStation Stars?

There are two main ways to earn points on PlayStation Stars: campaigns and eligible purchases. Certain campaigns will reward you with points for completing them, and if you already own certain games, you might be able to complete some campaigns without having to make any additional purchases.

Eligible purchases broadly refers to paid games on the PS Store — buy a game that is eligible for PS Stars points and those points will be added to your account. Points might take a little while to show on your account after your purchase, and if you encounter an issue receiving your points, make sure to contact Sony.

Your PS Plus subscription payments also count towards your PlayStation Stars points, although topping up your PSN wallet does not. You will need to actually spend funds from your wallet on eligible purchases to net more points.

PS StarsPS Stars Rewards catalog.

Do previous purchases contribute to my PlayStation Stars points?

Unfortunately, your previous purchases do not contribute to your PS Stars points. You'll only earn points on purchases made after signing up for PS Stars.

Where can I spend my PlayStation Stars points?

You can spend PlayStation Stars points in the Rewards Catalog, which is currently available via the PS App. Future updates should allow you to spend points on the PS Store directly with your PS5 or PS4 console, although this has yet to be confirmed.

What can I spend my PlayStation Stars points on?

The player can exchange points they've accrued via PlayStation Stars in the Rewards Catalog (currently only available on the PS App) for various prizes. At present, these rewards include bonus PSN credit, additional collectibles, Destiny 2 Silver, and full PS5 and PS4 game downloads (from a rotating selection of titles).

PS Stars pointsGet your points!

Will my PlayStation Stars points expire?

Yes, PlayStation Stars points expire if left unspent. The expiration date for points is calculated as the end of the month in which you earned those points plus 24 months. That means you have two years to spend your points at a minimum, but don't horde up for too long and forget to spend them.

Can I earn free games with my PlayStation Stars points?

PS Stars points can be exchanged in the Rewards Catalog for PSN credit (for use in the PS Store) or a selection of downloadable games. Since PS Stars points can be unlocked without making any spending, this means you can technically earn free games via PlayStation Stars.

However, it's worth noting you will earn greater PS Stars points from making purchases in the PS Store, so "free" might not be the best way to describe these rewards.

PS StarsPS Stars campaigns let you earn fun collectibles.

What are PlayStation Stars campaigns?

PlayStation Stars campaigns offer rewards and bonus loyalty points upon the completion of set objectives. The full list of PS Stars campaigns is visible in the "Campaigns" section of the PS App.

Campaign objectives and rewards vary greatly between each campaign, although usually these campaigns can be completed simply by booting up a particular game on your PS5 or PS4 within a set deadline. Completion of campaigns within the deadline will result in your PSN account being automatically granted whichever reward the campaign in question is offering.

While some PS Stars campaigns automatically register for users, others require the user to activate the campaign manually. To do so, look up the campaign in the PS App, then hit "activate" at the bottom of the campaign page after the list of objectives.

PS StarsSometimes you need to be quick to earn the goods.

What are PlayStation Stars collectibles?

PlayStation Stars collectibles are digital rewards that can be viewed and accessed via the PS App. The collectibles are typically 3D models and can be displayed on a digital shelf — accessible by clicking on the picture of your digital shelf in the PS App.

Collectibles are typically earned via PS Stars campaigns, although they can also be redeemed with PSN vouchers. Much like PlayStation trophies, PS Stars collectibles have no inherent value. Collectibles cannot be traded at all. While this might change at some future date, for now, collectibles are mainly for display and hobbyist purposes.

PS StarsRegular monthly collectibles are always up for grabs.

Why are some PlayStation Stars campaigns not showing up for me?

Not everyone will see the exact same PlayStation Stars campaigns on the PS App, as some campaigns are gated by special conditions. For example, a campaign to earn a Black PocketStation collectible in 2022 was only available to PS Stars members whose accounts had reached level four by a certain date.

Other campaigns require specific conditions, like ownership of a classic console was required to unlock a silver PS3 collectible. Some campaigns require a specific trophy to be unlocked on the account already. For example, a trophy was needed in order to claim the PlayStation Stars Dead Space collectible.

PS Stars PS4Some PS Stars campaigns can appear broken to certain users.

Is my PlayStation Stars campaign broken?

PlayStation Stars is by no means perfect, with many players encountering issues unlocking rewards even if they do meet the required conditions. In fact, PlayStation Stars broken campaigns have been spotted since the loyalty scheme's inception.

One particularly frustrating series of PS Stars campaigns is the "PlayStation and You" series. Often offering special rewards for having previously owned particularly PlayStation products, players have reported time and time again that these campaigns do not function perfectly and often overlook certain players who have owned the hardware in question.

For a recent example, check out the PlayStation Stars PS4 collectible which hasn't shown for some users. If you feel you can't access a campaign or haven't received a certain collectible, your best course of action is to contact PlayStation Support.

PlayStation StarsMan, colored gems. They've got us.

What are PlayStation Stars levels?

PlayStation Stars subscriptions can be divided into four tiers (and potentially a fifth, invite-only Diamond level) called "status levels". Players can rank up to level four by purchasing a certain amount of full games (i.e. not DLC or free PS Plus games) on the PS Store and by earning a certain amount of trophies (of rarity 'uncommon' or above) from playing games.

Each level comes with its own rewards, with the fourth level even including the controversial "Premier support" reward of priority customer service for your PSN account. PlayStation Stars levels last as long as the remaining calendar year and then another 13 months before decaying, in which case you'll likely need to fulfill the conditions of each level again.

See below the details of each PS Stars level and what you need to do to reach them.

LevelConditions for unlocking
Level 1Entry level. Automatically assigned upon PlayStation Stars registration.
Level 2Purchase one full game from the PlayStation Store and earn one non-common trophy.
Level 3Purchase two full games from the PlayStation Store and earn 32 non-common trophies.
Level 4Purchase four full games from the PlayStation Store and earn 128 non-common trophies.

What do I unlock at each level of PlayStation Stars?

Each level on PlayStation Stars rewards members with a different benefit. Most of these are unique collectibles, but the Level 4 option includes "priority support" which grants members superior customer service.

LevelReward for unlocking
Level 1Celebration collectible.
Level 2A different celebration collectible.
Level 3Another celebration collectible and a birthday collectible.
Level 4A fourth celebration collectible, a birthday collectible, a collectible on the anniversary of the PSN, and priority support.
To access priority support, make sure to contact PlayStation Support via the PS App with your Level 4 account.

PS StarsThere's always something new to earn.

PlayStation Stars FAQs and information

In this section of the PS Stars guide, we will offer questions that have been frequently brought up on TrueTrophies or the wider internet at large. If you have any PS Stars questions of your own, please make sure to reach out in the comments section below this article.

Can I participate in PlayStation Stars with my PS3 or PS Vita?

PlayStation Stars only fully supports Sony's PS4 and PS5 consoles — other consoles have strict limitations applied to them.

You can, technically, participate in PS Stars via PS3 and PS Vita, so long as you have a PS Plus subscription. If you make purchases in the PS Store on these consoles, you will be able to earn points on PlayStation Stars. However, trophies and purchases acquired on these platforms will not count towards campaigns or any increase in status level.

PS StarsOld hardware is out.

Can I access PlayStation Stars on my PS5 or PS4?

Unfortunately, no. While we've repeatedly noted that PS Stars needs PS5 integration at some point, Sony has only teased integration and has not made any announcements regarding when PS Stars will be available on consoles. In the meantime, you'll be limited to accessing the loyalty scheme via the PS App.

Why did this random PlayStation Stars collectible show up on my account?

Ever since the PlayStation Stars update from September 2023, you can now see how or why you earned certain PS Stars collectibles. This helps resolve one issue fans frequently regarding the mysterious arrival of certain collectibles on their PSN account.

PS StarsAn example of a PS Stars display case.

Can I earn PlayStation Stars points by buying PlayStation games on PC?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn PS Stars points from purchasing PlayStation PC games at this time.

Where can I check my friend's PlayStation Stars display case?

Simply go to the PS App and look at your friends list, and you should see that any friend who has activated PS Stars will have a colorful circle around their avatar. Select that friend's account and you should be able to view their display case and PS Stars status level.

Can I make my PlayStation Stars membership private?

Yes, although the settings for this are not in the PS App. If you go to the PlayStation website, log in, and go to your Accounts Settings, you will find the PlayStation Stars section in your Privacy settings. Here, you can prevent others from seeing either your PS Stars status level or display case on the PS App.

starsThat's everything you really need to know.

Can I cancel or opt out of PlayStation Stars?

You can cancel PlayStation Stars anytime by going to the Stars section of your PlayStation Account on the PS App, or alternatively, you can delete your account.

Can I set my PlayStation Stars campaigns to automatically activate?

While PlayStation Stars does let you quick start campaigns from the campaign list — saving you a little time when you just want to start wracking up points and collectibles — there is no option to automatically activate all PlayStation Stars campaigns. For whatever reason, Sony seems to want you clicking into the PS App, so unfortunately this is not likely to change anytime soon.

PS Stars Spider-ManThe cereal collectible was found in the Rewards catalog.

I redeemed a PlayStation Stars reward — where did it go?

PlayStation Stars rewards unlocked via a gift code can often be rather temperamental. In some cases, your reward will appear immediately in your collection or on your account. Other times, you'll need to go to the Rewards section and claim your prize there. Lastly, some prizes can be delayed even when you've entered the code. If you have any specific issues after a few days, make sure to contact PlayStation Support directly.

Do you have any additional PS Stars questions? Let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to get to them. Plus, if you're curious about earning trophies and completing PS Stars campaigns on other devices, you can also check out our PS Plus on PC guide as well.
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