Everything you need to know about PlayStation Stars

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PlayStation Stars is Sony's free-to-join loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 players, allowing trophy hunters and PS Store shoppers to earn points which can be traded for rewards.

PlayStation Stars has launched worldwide and registered members have enjoyed partaking in PlayStation Stars campaigns to earn fun collectables and points towards free games. If you're curious or confused about Sony's free-to-join loyalty scheme, read our comprehensive guide to PlayStation Stars below for help wrapping your head around it.

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starsIn case you're not familiar by now, this is the PS Stars logo.

We've compiled all the questions we've seen online regarding PlayStation Stars and distilled answers from the PlayStation Blog and the internet at large to help PS5 and PS4 players, and everyone else, get their heads around Sony's new reward scheme. We'll be updating this article regularly, so if we missed any of your big burning questions, let us know in the comments — the answer might make the list next time around.

PlayStation StarsHere's where to start.

PlayStation Stars overview and how to sign up

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty scheme for PlayStation users that can be currently accessed via the PS App on iOS and Android-compatible smartphones, or via the PlayStation website. PS Stars has launched in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and is set to expand to PS4 and PS5 at a later date, after which you will be able to check your points and showcase your PlayStation Stars collectables on your console of preference.

You can sign up on the PlayStation website by logging into your PSN account and choosing 'Join now' on the PS Stars main page, or by logging into the PS App and selecting the PS Stars icon that sits next to your account name. See the image below for an idea of what these look like.

PlayStation StarsNo cost, brah.

How much does it cost to join PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is free to join — you'll just need a PSN account, which is also free to create. You will be incentivised to spend money in order to earn points, but joining the scheme doesn't cost anything.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to join PlayStation Stars?

No, PS Plus is not required to join PlayStation Stars, so you will not need to have a paid PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, or PS Plus Premium subscription to take part or sign up. However, there are frequent crossover campaigns that allow PS Plus subscribers to earn points for playing games in the PS Plus game catalogue, so signing up for both will net you some benefits from time to time.

PlayStation StarsA typical points count. It's going well, as you can see.

How do I earn points on PlayStation Stars?

There are two main ways to earn points on PlayStation Stars: campaigns and eligible purchases.

We go into more detail on campaigns a little further down in this article, but certain campaigns will reward you with points for completing them. If you already own certain games, you might be able to complete some campaigns without having to make an additional purchase.

Eligible purchases broadly refer to paid games on the PlayStation Store — buy a game that is eligible for PlayStation Stars points on the PSN, and those points will be added to your account. Points might take a little while to enter your account after your purchase — contact Sony if you feel there has been an error.

Your PlayStation Plus subscription payments also count towards your PlayStation Stars points, although topping up your PSN wallet does not. You will need to actually spend these funds on eligible purchases to net more points.

PlayStation StarsTrophies, the ultimate PlayStation Stars collectable.

Does collecting trophies affect PlayStation Stars at all?

Yes, actually! You will need to earn non-common trophies to climb the PlayStation Stars level system — more on that in the section on the level system.

Trophies will not earn you points on PlayStation Stars — at least, unless a specific campaign with a points reward asks you to earn a specific trophy. In this case, you may technically be able to earn points by collecting trophies on PlayStation Stars, but you won't earn trophies for simply collecting them in any other case.

Do my purchases before signing up for PlayStation Stars count towards points?

Unfortunately, they do not.

PlayStation StarsThe PlayStation Stars rewards catalog.

Where can I spend my PlayStation Stars points?

You can spend PlayStation Stars points in the rewards catalog — currently only available via the PS App.

Will my PlayStation Stars points expire?

Yes, PlayStation Stars points expire if left unspent at the end of the month plus 24 months after being earned. That's two years to spend your points at a minimum, but don't horde up for too long and forget to spend them.

PS StarsHere are what campaigns look like on PlayStation Stars.

What are campaigns on PlayStation Stars?

Campaigns are essentially missions that PlayStation Stars assigns players to let them earn collectables and points. For example, the campaign "October Check-in" asks registered players to play any game in October and rewards players with a PlayStation Tech Demo T-Rex collectable for their display case. If players opened a game on either their PS5 or PS4 in that time, they would have earned this reward.

Once signed up to PlayStation Stars, so long as a campaign is active you can complete it and gain a reward. Campaigns are time-limited events and some may require you to purchase or own a game, several games, or PS Plus in order to win the reward. Campaigns are entirely optional and a sign-up to PlayStation Stars does not entail any mandatory purchases.

Campaigns do not need to be activated by the player to be completed, the account only needs to be signed up to PS Stars to qualify, and the campaign's remaining time must not have elapsed. Players will also need to be signed into the PlayStation Network when completing a campaign or any of its steps if they want it to register.

Rewards can also be cute.Rewards can also be cute.

What rewards can I get on PlayStation Stars?

The player can exchange points they've accrued via PlayStation Stars in the rewards catalog (currently only available on the PS App) for various prizes, including digital collectables and funds for your PSN wallet. Rewards can also be earned by completing campaigns — these will either be in the form of a digital collectable or points.

What are collectables on PlayStation Stars?

Digital collectables are essentially 3D renders or images that function as trophies that players can show off on their profile or to other players. PlayStation Stars users can gain collectables by exchanging points for them in the rewards catalog or by completing campaigns, after which they enter their inventory (currently only available on the PS App) and can be selected to take a spot on their display case.

The display case can be accessed on the PS App (it will be coming to consoles at a later date) and gives you a number of spots with which to place your favourite collectables.

Missing PlayStation Stars CollectablesLet's talk special PlayStation Stars campaigns.

Why are some PlayStation Stars campaigns not showing up for me?

Not everyone will see the exact same PlayStation Stars campaigns on the PS App — some are gated by special conditions. For example, a campaign to earn a Black PocketStation collectable was only available to PS Stars members whose accounts were at level four (more on that below). Other campaigns have required a specific PS3 trophy, or a registered Elden Ring trophy list on your PSN account to say you definitely booted up a certain game on your PS4 or PS5 at least once.

Note that these are just conditions to have the campaign appear in your campaign list — you'll still have to activate the campaign and complete the objective to claim its reward.

I should be seeing a PlayStation Stars campaign and still don't — what's wrong?

PlayStation Stars is still young and by no means perfect. Players are reporting a number of campaigns gated by special conditions still aren't appearing, even if they do meet those conditions. If you are having a problem with this and are missing PlayStation Stars collectables as a result, your best course of action is to contact PlayStation Support.

PS StarsWhere those points should really be going.

Can I earn free games with my PlayStation Stars points?

When you consider that to earn more points you'll likely need to make purchases, then perhaps 'free' isn't exactly the right word. However, you can trade points against both PS Store credit and a small selection of full games, so in that sense, you could be netting yourself a bonus game from all your spending, and that would technically be 'free.'

PlayStation Stars offers a small selection of games at the moment, letting you earn Sekiro Shadows Die Twice trophies, Hades trophies, and Cult of the Lamb trophies presently, and hopefully will continue to offer a selection of titles for the exchange of points.

What is the PlayStation Stars level system and how do I climb it?

PlayStation Stars comes with four levels (and potentially a fifth, invite-only Diamond level) called status levels. Players can rank up to level four by purchasing a certain amount of full games (i.e. not DLC, free PS Plus games, etc.) and earning a certain amount of trophies (of rarity 'uncommon' or above) from playing games.

Each level comes with its own rewards, with the fourth level even including the controversial "Premier support" reward of priority customer service for your PSN account, should you require it — you can access this support feature via the PS App. PlayStation Stars levels as long as the remaining calendar year then 13 months before decaying, in which case you'll likely need to fulfil the conditions of each level again.

See below the details of each level and what you need to do to reach them.

LevelConditions for unlocking
Level 1Entry level. Automatically assigned upon PlayStation Stars registration.
Level 2Purchase one full game from the PlayStation Store and earn one non-common trophy.
Level 3Purchase two full games from the PlayStation Store and earn 32 non-common trophies.
Level 4Purchase four full games from PlayStation Store and earn 128 non-common trophies.
PlayStation StarsMan, coloured gems. They've got us.

What do I unlock at each level of PlayStation Stars?

Each level on PlayStation Stars rewards members with a different benefit. Most of these are unique collectables, but the Level 4 option includes "priority support" which grants members superior customer service.

LevelReward for unlocking
Level 1Celebration collectable.
Level 2A different celebration collectable.
Level 3Another celebration collectable and a birthday collectable.
Level 4A fourth celebration collectable, a birthday collectable, a collectable on the anniversary of the PSN, and priority support.
The dreaded waitlist.The dreaded waitlist.

What is the PlayStation Stars waitlist?

If you've just signed up for the scheme but have been informed you're on the PlayStation Stars waitlist, unfortunately, you've just had bad luck. In an effort to not have its servers flooded by all the new joiners, Sony is selecting random new PlayStation Stars members to join a waitlist which may keep them from taking advantage of the service for up to two months. If you're on the list, you can't earn points or take part in campaigns until you're off the list.

How do I get off the PlayStation Stars waitlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way off the PlayStation Stars waitlist other than to wait the two months out.

Can I participate in PlayStation Stars with any PlayStation console?

PlayStation Stars only fully supports Sony's PS4 and PS5 consoles — other consoles have strict limitations applied to them.

You can, technically, participate in PlayStation Stars via PS3 and PS Vita, so long as you have a PS Plus subscription also. If you make purchases in the PS Store on these consoles, you will be able to earn points on PlayStation Stars — however, trophies earned on these platforms will not count towards campaigns, and your status level will not progress from these full game purchases.

PlayStation StarsVisual representation of the waitlist, AKA "PS Purgatory".

Can I earn PlayStation Stars points by buying PlayStation games on PC?

At present, no, but seeing as Marvel's Spider-Man Remasters on PC has added PSN support, perhaps someday it will be a possibility.

Where can I check my friend's PlayStation Stars display case?

Simply go to the PS App and look at your friends list, and you should see that any friend who has activated PS Stars will have a colourful circle around their personal avatar. Select that friend's account and you should be able to view their display case and PS Stars status level.

Can I make my PlayStation Stars membership private?

Absolutely — although the settings for this are not in the PS App, despite that being the only place so far where people can view your PlayStation Stars details publically. If you go to the PlayStation website, log in, and go to your Accounts Settings, in your Privacy Settings you will find a new PlayStation Stars section. Here, you can prevent others from seeing either your PS Stars status level or display case on the PS App.

Can I cancel or opt-out of PlayStation Stars?

You can cancel PlayStation Stars anytime by going to the Stars section of your PlayStation Account on the PS App, or alternatively, you can delete your account.

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional PS Stars questions and if they're pressing enough, we'll get to them! Also, check out our PS Plus guide if you're struggling to get your head around the various tiers, and if you're curious about playing PlayStation on other devices, check out our PS Plus on PC guide as well.
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