PlayStation Stars is putting some US players on the naughty list

By Lee Brady,

PlayStation Stars has launched in North and South America through Sony's PS App and PS Store website — though not everyone will be allowed to sign up and start collecting points right away.

PlayStation Stars is putting a number of members in the US and Americas onto a waiting list, with Sony stating it could take up to two months for some members to access the service. PlayStation users have been added to the waitlist randomly on sign-up, according to Sony, meaning US players might not get access to PlayStation Stars until Christmas — or not too far shy of Christmas, at any rate.

starsYou've been naughty, PlayStation Stars.

PlayStation Stars gates access for some PS5 and PS4 users until December

The PlayStation website clarifies a little why some players are being added to a Christmas naughty list waiting on PlayStation Stars: "By evaluating feedback, continuing to improve the experience, iterating quickly, and continuously adding new members on a rolling basis, we will be able to ensure our members have an optimized experience with PlayStation Stars. If you were randomly put on the waitlist, you will be given access to PlayStation Stars within or about two months from signing up."

We had encountered no such trouble signing up in Japan to help piece together our first look at PlayStation Stars, but it seems Sony anticipates a larger response across the considerably more online whole of North and South America. By the sounds of it, though, it seems as though Sony will let players join gradually over time, rather than wait out a full two months and only leave the naughty list once Christmas rolls around.

starsThat's a mighty big asterisk.

Between the waitlist and the gating of priority customer service behind the higher end of PlayStation Stars' level system, Sony's reward system is sure to lose a few supporters before it even gets properly going. What's worse is that a number of the current campaigns, which are used to earn points and collectables, are set to end within the next two months, meaning some members might miss out on a few early picks. Let us know if you've had any problems getting onto PlayStation Stars in the comments below.
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