Every game from PlayStation's alleged leaked PS5 plans explained

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

A document has leaked with Sony's alleged 2022 and beyond game lineup for PS5 and PC, including both PlayStation Studios teams and second-party developers. If true, live-service games and co-op experiences will be the norm.

PlayStation's upcoming games lineup for 2022 and beyond has seemingly been leaked in a document showing upcoming PS5 games, developers, and support studios. The supposed lineup reveals the future of some PlayStation Studios as well as being a part of the source for the news of a Horizon Zero Down remake.

PlayStation leaked document shows the upcoming games lineupPlayStation leaked document shows the upcoming games lineup

All leaked upcoming PS5 and PC games

The document with Sony's plans is doing the rounds on ResetEra having previously been posted onto 4Chan. While reputable outlets have claimed to have seen it prior to it being publically available, no one has yet verified any of the information. That means that all the games in the following table are unconfirmed and alleged by an unnamed source and thus must be taken with a pinch of salt. The original table also included games that had already been released — like Horizon Forbidden West and Destruction All Stars — or already announced like Rise of the Ronin (developed in tandem with PlayStation Studios) and Horizon Call of the Mountain. We have omitted those.

Support TeamStudioGameType of GamePlatform
Guerrilla GamesHorizon Online Game GaaS, Multiplayer PS5/PC
XDEVFirespriteHeartbreakSurvival HorrorPS5/PC
XDEVSumo DigitalCarbonOpen World, MultiplayerPS5
XDEVLucid GamesRedstarVehicle Combat, MultiplayerPS5
XDEVKojima ProductionsOceanOpen WorldPS5
XDEVBallistic MoonBatesSurvival HorrorPS5/PC
London StudioCamdenGaaSPS5/PC
horizon call of the mountainHorizon Call of the Mountain

If we start with Guerrilla Games: the Horizon multiplayer game had been rumoured previously with sources outside of this document, though the news of a Zero Dawn remake is new. Firespite's survival horror game also isn't new as we have long known that the team has been working on new projects, including a dark narrative adventure.

The Lucid Games title, a vehicle combat game, was reportedly a Twisted Metal reboot that got pulled from the team after the disappointing performance of Destruction AllStars. Allegedly it was given to Firesprite Games who would later hire a Motorstorm director, seemingly backing up this bit of news. These are apparently being overseen by PlayStation support team XDEV.

London Studio appears to have its eyes on a live-service game, long speculated to be the return of PlayStation Home for PS VR2. The Ballistic Moon team had its new exclusive PS5 game outed as Project Bates a little while ago, suggesting it would be a narrative-focused game.

Aloy oversees development on a new Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5Aloy oversees development on a new Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5

Thus far, no massive reveals and a pretty boring leak that could be based on the rumour mill — hence our scepticism that this is real. However, the most notable bit of news is that Sumo Digital seems to have a game called Carbon in the works. Nothing is known of this project, but it is slated to be for PS5 and heavily multiplayer, which would fit into Sony's live service plans. The team previously worked on Sackboy A Big Adventure, so it is within the Sony wheelhouse of trusted third-party developers even if it is now owned by Tencent.

Finally, we have good old Kojima Productions apparently tasked with the rumoured Death Stranding 2 under the codename Ocean. While the legendary developer also apparently has a horror game called Overdose in development and something in the works with Xbox, this is another game that could probably be surmised by following the rumour mill.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy WarfaceHorizon Forbidden West's Aloy wants some mates please

With an unknown source, a lot of games already rumoured, and publically available names attached to every project, this could conceivably be cooked up by anyone with deep PlayStation knowledge. Hell, Rise of the Ronin, as listed in the original document, doesn't even have a genre attached though one would think that would be the first thing mentioned in any pitch. The announcement trailer didn't reveal that detail either... suspicious. Sumo's project has given us pause for thought, given we haven't seen much about that hanging around the internet. If it is true, we suspect a few fans will be a little shocked at just how uninteresting the lineup is, with very few single-player games being made by these first-party teams.

Podcaster Colin Moriarty has previously noted on the Sacred Symbols podcast that he has ideas about what is coming up in the PlayStation library, so we will keep you updated if anything is said. What do you think of this news? Could any of these games be the best PS5 games in a few years? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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