PuyoPuyo Tetris Coming to Playstation 4

By Matrarch,
While Tetris is certainly a title you all know, some of you may not be familiar with the puzzle franchise, PuyoPuyo. In PuyoPuyo the pieces that drop are called 'Puyos', and you must shift them to make combinations based on color so that they match and, thus, disappear.

In Puyopuyo Tetris Trophies, the two franchises are combined, and the game brings along with it 1-4 player local play and 2-4 player online play. The release of PuyoPuyo Tetris on Playstation 4 also brings along with it all of the DLC that was previously released for the title during its earlier iteration on the PS3 and PS Vita.

Puyo Screen 1

Puyo Screen 2

Puyo Screen 3

Puyo Screen 4

Puyo Screen 5

Puyo Screen 6

Puyo Screen 7

Puyo Screen 8

Puyo Screen 9

PuyoPuyo Tetris is scheduled for release on December 4th for ¥5480. While there is no mention of a release outside of Japan, the game is being released on-disc, so the lack of region-locking means it should be playable anywhere.