Seven exclusive ways A Plague Tale Requiem harnesses the power of PS5

By Sean Lawson,

A Plague Tale Requiem's release date draws near and to keep all of us PS5 players hyped for this rat-infested horror game, PlayStation has given us a look at some awesome features we can utilise on our consoles.

A Plague Tale Requiem lands on PS5 consoles on October 18th 2022. To celebrate its arrival, Sony and Asobo Studio have teamed up to reveal a plethora of interesting insights into how the PS5 will help give players an immersive experience like no other when A Plague Tale Requiem launches.

A Plague Tale Requiem will swarm you with ratsA Plague Tale Requiem will swarm you with rats

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Posted onto PlayStation Blog, a variety of different developers from Asobo Studio detailed the many different technological advantages they've had to work with while crafting the sequel to A Plague Tale Innocence. One of those advantages is the sheer amount of rats that can be shown on screen at a given time — 300,000 if you want to be exact. Well, isn't that absolute nightmare fuel?

Nicolas Bécavin, the lead engine programmer had this to say in terms of the rat-extravaganza: "Rats are a key feature of A Plague Tale, and for this second game we wanted to push new-gen possibilities to the max to bring the rats-induced horror and trauma to a next level. The number of rats on-screen has been multiplied by 60, growing from 5,000 to 300,000!"

It’s a good number to convey the vision of the apocalypse which keeps increasingly oppressing our heroes. We’ve also changed the aspect of their movement, so that they look like a giant wave, much like a tsunami crashing down on you."

A Plague Tale Requiem and its rats will haunt our nightmaresA Plague Tale Requiem and its rats will haunt our nightmares

Bécavin gushes over the PS5 capabilities and how they have provided the team with new possibilities that the PS4 was unable to provide them previously. Discussing how they have been able to make new maps and levels design they weren't able to before all thanks to the PS5 and its incredible load times.

"The potential it offers is incredible! Take the load time for instance: it is reduced in a way that makes new map and level design possible. With an increased memory on top, we get better draw distance which means you’ll be able to see way farther. Horizons will literally expand! The result is a much more open environment than introduced in the first game."

Bécavin rounds up by discussing lighting, 3D space, and visual details. In regards to lighting, Bécavin talks about how the PS5's GPU has allowed the quality of lighting to be "drastically improved and players will experience a new level of details thanks to the "atmosphere enriched with beams," which also enhances the scenery when in foggy areas. Players will also be introduced to a far more vivid atmosphere than its predecessor, with terrains, clothing, objects, and various other aspects being far more detailed in this PS5 title — this is all quite techy as Bécavin chats about polygons and mesh. Lastly, Bécavin beams over the 3D audio and how players will be able to tell where a character is talking from — be that above, from behind, and so on — granting players a new level of immersion.

A Plague Tale RequiemA Plague Tale Requiem promises to be a bloody fest

Next, Cyril Doillon — the lead programmer — jumps into the fray and gives us some juicy details on the Dualsense controller and the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Letting us know that Asobo Studio has brought a new level of realism and immersion by bringing a plethora of new features to Plague Tale thanks to the "brilliant technology" of the Dualsense.

"Requiem will introduce real physical response and gameplay improvements tied to it. The sensory feedback provided will create realistic sensations in the use of weapons and tools. If a weapon requires more pressure, for instance, adaptive triggers will adjust the sensation of effort given to the player. Concerning the sling, if you hold the button too long, you’ll lose precision. Adaptive triggers will give the impression that shooting becomes harder, which also works for the player as a marker to measure the right time to shoot."

This next-gen vibration technology allowing us to tie a physical reaction to the player’s input is quite incredible for us developers. We can create direct effects on the player’s fingers to simulate a real tool. Haptic feedback is used to simulate the effect of every step while sprinting, producing little jolts for the player to feel the sprint’s rhythm, giving the impression to be right by the side of the characters and share their sensations."

A Plague Tale RequiemA Plague Tale Requiem

Discussing haptics-enhanced audio, Doillon lets us in on a terrifying revelation — we will feel the rats coming for us. The prospect that "swarms of rats can be subtly felt through the pad" is something we could have done without knowing! Those monstrosities already plague our nightmares — now we will know exactly when our impending doom will catch us. However, we can't deny how excited we are to be able to feel and sense all these different movements around us, this will be a new range of sensory we are not used to.

Finally, Doillon rounds off by discussing the Dualsense speaker, saying: "Another innovation brought by the DualSense is its built-in speaker. We use it to play the sound of weapons when no headset is used, giving audio feedback to the player when using the sling and the crossbow. It delivers a far more dynamic experience, with the possibility to hear an arrow or a stone in the air."

Wow, there is a lot for us to experience when A Plague Tale Requiem drops this October. It's great to see Asobo Studio making use of all this new tech that the PS5 offers, allowing them to enrich our gameplay experiences and provide an immersive atmosphere that will surely fill us with joy and pure fear. Those damn rats! What do you guys make of all this? Excited to see what A Plague Tale brings when it lands on PS5? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings down below!
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