God of War PC devs take the lead on new Sony AAA live-service game

By Lee Brady,

The devs behind God of War's stellar PC port are working with Sony to develop one of its flagship AAA live-service games, and has started expanding its team to meet the demands and scale of the project.

Jetpack Interactive have now landed themselves a deal to develop one of Sony's ten live-service games after helping lead the charge with its newfound PlayStation exclusives PC success and having proving themselves with the task of porting the beloved God of War 2018 to PC. Given the quality evidently on display in Jetpack Interactive's past project, expectations are high for this new PlayStation AAA live-action game.

PortsA bright future ahead.

Jetpack Interactive hiring in preparation for new AAA PlayStation game

First spotted in the wild by Push Square, Jetpack Interactive have started openly shopping around for new developers on LinkedIn with experience working Unreal Engine 4 and 5, experience shipping games across multiplatform releases, and other key requirements involving real-time gameplay, multiplayer components, high-end graphical rendering and more.

It's all very exciting stuff, and apparently Jetpack has also worked hand-in-hand with Santa Monica Studios on their upcoming God of War Ragnarok, so it appears the company have been right on the cutting edge as of late as Sony preps them for taking on its first big solo project. With Destiny 2 developers Bungie acting as Sony's live-service quality control, we're sure Jetpack Interactive will be able to design something truly exceptional for PS5 and, by the sounds of, potentially other platforms too.

PortsJetpack's call for devs on LinkedIn.

With Sony potentially weighing up integration of trophies with its PlayStation PC titles, new PS1 games coming to PS Plus on PC, and with Sackboy and Returnal on the horizon for the platform, it seems Sony's push into PC is just getting started. With Jetpack Interactive already versed in that work, it makes perfect sense why Sony wants these devs around for the long haul — let us know in the comments if you're excited to see what these guys bring to the table too.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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