New Sony patent could make QTEs easier for PlayStation players

By Sean Lawson,

A recently discovered patent from Sony may improve PlayStation players' experiences when it comes to QTEs on PS5 and PS4.

Sony is looking into some quality of life improvements for PlayStation owners a recently discovered patent suggests. With Sony hoping to provide PS5 and PS4 players with smoother QTEs (Quick Time Events) and help aid anyone who struggles with response times to in-game situations such as enemy attacks or inflicting damage on enemies.

Sony patent to aid players who struggle with QTEsSony patent to aid players who struggle with QTEs

Sony patent may aid PS5 and PS4 players who struggle to respond to in-game situations

The patent — changing response window for interactive content using user's reaction time — was published under World Intellectual Property Organization (thanks Gamesual) and showcases a variety of possibilities to help aid PlayStation users who find their enjoyment diminished due to lower response times. Anyone who doesn't need help with QTEs need not worry as the patent seems to suggest the advancement will use technology to monitor if you need aid responding to situations. So, if your response times are good, you shouldn't see any changes in gameplay mechanics.

The patent reads: "Player decisions have to be determined by the game console via player input (usually pressing a button) [...] some players may have more difficulty than others manipulating game controllers, diminishing their enjoyment of the game."

Sensors including eye tracking sensors, accelerometers and other motion sensors, and muscle sensors identify the timing gap between an object appearing on the screen, the user shifting his attention to the object, and the user taking action in response to the object. If the user's reaction time falls outside of an expected window but the intent was correct, the game adjusts its outcome to preserve the intended experience."

The above images provide a clearer idea — we hope — of what to expect if this patent comes to fruition. If anyone is still confused by what they are looking at, the patent did come with a brief description of what the images outline — which we have also provided above.

The patent goes into great detail about what all the images mean and how this feature can go on to improve many players' experience, whilst also maintaining the fidelity of the developer's vision. This is done by altering when damage is received, expanding an enemy hitbox, or slowing down QTE moments.

Judging from the patent, players who wish to utilise this mechanic — if this becomes a reality — will most likely need the camera that you can purchase separately for both PS5 and PS4. The camera will monitor eye movement as well as other various bodily movements to determine if you in fact do need some assistance with certain aspects of the game you are playing. It certainly is an interesting prospect and something that looks to be totally optional if you so choose it to be. What do you make of this? Hoping it comes to reality? How do you feel about QTEs? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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