The Callisto Protocol trophies are pro-death so get your checklist out

By Lee Brady,

The Callisto Protocol trophies will ask PS5 and PS4 players to kill main character Jacob Lee in every way possible. We're worried one such trophy could ruin the game if Striking Distance Studios haven't included a checklist.

The Callisto Protocol developer Striking Distance Studios has revealed that one particular trophy in the game will be "hard work" for PS5 and PS4 players to unlock due to the sheer variety of character deaths required to unlock it. We had learned previously that the game's trophy list was going to put the player through their paces, but The Callisto Protocol's 'pro-death' trophy sounds like hell without an in-game checklist.

callistoThis better be worth it!

The Callisto Protocol’s pro-death trophy better come with a checklist

We learned about the 'pro-death' trophy coming to The Callisto Protocol via IGN in an interview with Striking Distance Studios CTO Mark James. The trophy will unlock after "seeing all of the deaths," which also includes all the brutal variations on each type of death. For example, there are different animations for when Jacob Lee walks straight into one of The Callisto Protocol's many environmental hazards, and when he accidentally backs up into one.

On the face of it, this sounds like a lot of fun, and an excellent way to spend a long, dumb second run of the game as you hurl Jacob Lee into every kind of blade and mutated scythe arm going. However, IGN's story recalls something James said to us when we had the opportunity to talk to him at Gamescom 2022: "There are going to be achievements that are playstyle achievements, like dismembering 100 left arms. That kind of [trophy where] you won't even know you are progressing towards it until you suddenly start to get like 50% towards it. You'll be like, 'now I'm gonna play the game just dismembering left arms'."

callistoDeath awaits, Jacob.

Inadvertently, this new revelation from James has us retroactively sweating because it sounds as if The Callisto Protocol might not let you keep track of the many varieties of death in-game via some kind of checklist — a detail that could absolutely turn earning this 'pro-death' trophy from a good time into a bit of a chore. When a trophy requires the accomplishing of some wide array of feats, if it doesn't come with at least some kind of checklist that hints at what's left to do like the treasure list in the Uncharted series or the skill points list in Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time, it can very quickly turn a fun game-altering set of rules into a second job interpreting the intentions of unintentionally cruel game designers.

It's very possible the developer was referring to a checklist that isn't revealed to the player until halfway through the game and would keep the accompanying trophy hidden so that players might save their death-centric playthrough for a second-go-round. Perhaps we're being a little generous in our interpretation though — in which case, here's hoping that if the game doesn't launch with a checklist, the year-long support coming alongside The Callisto Protocol's DLC will bring this quality-of-trophy-hunter-life change.

callisto"No... Please!"

We're very excited to see the hair-raising violence one might expect from a Dead Space 4 is all here, and we're already bracing our stomachs against the sounds of bone-crunching we expect will be delivered over the PS5's 3D audio — we just also hope we don't have to manually keep track of all the horrifying deaths with a spreadsheet while we play. Let us know in the comments whether this will make any difference to your trophy hunting methods below when the game launches, or whether you're still holding out on this game hitting PS Plus before you give it a whirl.
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