Best PS5 games — 25 top PS5 games available right now (December 2023)

Come and see the best PS5 games list with 24 of Sony's finest games just as Christmas 2023 rolls around. We've got Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and God of War, ranked!

Best PS5 games — 25 top PS5 games available right now (December 2023)
Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Kes Eylers-Stephenson


Update: For the December 2023 update to our best PS5 games list, we've ranked Alan Wake II to the list! This is your definitive guide to the top PS5 games as Christmas rolls around, so check it out below.
The best PS5 games list of 25 titles is full of our favorite AAA, middle-tier, and indie games on the console. From games made by Sony's PlayStation Studios and outside the family, the TrueTrophies team has put together a list that has a little bit of everything, but all are a PS5 favorite in some way or another.

Best PS5 Games

Here is our methodology for making the best PS5 games list. Editor Kes and Staff Writers Lee and Sean all put together a list of their favorite ten games. They narrowed this down to several that they felt offered a variety of experiences: not just the same old games that fill the same old niches. So, now there are a variety of titles in the best PS5 games list — from open-world action adventures to Soulsbournes to roguelikes.

Every game simply has to be playable on PS5, but we've prioritized games that make the best use of Sony's hardware. We've also ranked our list for fun, but please note these are all our opinions as a news team. So, make sure that you get in the comments section with your thoughts below and get involved in the healthy discussion around the amazing games on this list.

Without any further preamble, here are the best PS5 games right now.


25. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Our community voted for this adventurous spaceship ride through those Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trophies chatting with pals and playing with team-based combat mechanics. The Marvel fatigue might be setting in for many, but somehow Eidos Montreal killed it with this surprise package back in 2021. The writing is on point, the world designs are fantastic and absorbing, and the simple joy of a good action-adventure is nothing to sniff at.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is just pure fun. It makes for a great weekend voyage as it isn't too long, and it's also a relatively easy platinum. Is it the most technical game on the list? No. Is it the most innovative? No. But oh boy it is filled with personality and nails the action-adventure genre structure perfectly. We highly recommend picking it up on the cheap or through PS Plus Extra and giving our community's love for it, they would recommend you do too!


24. Astro's Playroom

The Astro's Playroom trophies were a free bonus bundled in with the PS5, sure, but true gamers know that cost isn't indicative of lesser quality. That's why Astro quickly became a massive victor of our community ratings, with fans of the game outright demanding our little robot friend make the cut.

PlayStation Studios' newly formed Team Asobi made a mascot platformer for the new age with Astro's Playroom. With all the basics nailed, it's the little touches like having every tap of Astro's little robot foot register on the DualSense or having every mecha frog suit spring felt via the triggers, that make the biggest waves. This is a game that loves old PlayStation more than most, paying tribute to even the most secluded crevices of Sony's past gaming franchises and peripherals.

It makes for a game that you love to play but loves you and your PlayStation fandom right back. That creates a feedback loop that we can't get enough of, and with the game getting packed into the PS5 itself, you have no excuse not to play with those little astrobots.


23. GhostWire Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo is an absolute feast to dive into and is so well crafted and put together without a glitch insight, we might add. So, it is a surprise to remember this is a Bethesda IP. Developer Tango Gameworks has done a brilliant job of bringing a variety of Japanese folklore and mythology into an incredible open-world action-adventure game.

Although GhostWire doesn't quite fit into the horror genre, don't be fooled; this game is utterly terrifying and filled with a plethora of nightmarish enemies that will scare the living daylights out of you. Kuchisake anyone? How about the Lamentation? Horrific. The game creates constant tension and dread whenever these enemies decide to rear their ugly heads, usually at the worst time imaginable. In GhostWire you take control of Akito Izuki who has the spirit of KK inside of him and he now possesses a variety of awesome magical abilities that he must utilize to save Tokyo and his sister.

The GhostWire Tokyo trophies are also a welcome sight, boasting a fun yet not too taxing platinum trophy. While the collectible trophies may seem daunting and are the hardest part of the game, these trinkets are super helpful in informing you of where everything is on your map. Spirits can be found simply thanks to some gear that increases your search radius and the same can be said for KK's investigation notes. So, go on, give GhostWire Tokyo a go, and experience an incredible game with an OST Bethesda needs to release.


22. Demon’s Souls

Here is a tricky one for the TrueTrophies team. What a graphical showcase! What a perfect and term-defining remaster by Bluepoint! What wonderful gameplay and creature design! But oh, how difficult the choice is between this and Elden Ring... so, let's not choose!

No one who played it can stop talking about it and as such, we can't ignore it. This is a game that defined the launch of the PS5 with a stunning graphical, technical, and control scheme overhaul and brought the bones of a genre-defining game back into the new age with aplomb.

The Demon's Souls trophies aren't the terrible jaunt you would imagine, though that might only be for those that are used to the difficulty levels of a FromSoftware game. Utterly fantastic, then, and one of the best PlayStation Plus games, to boot.


21. Stray

Here at TT we love Stray and we gushed over the game in our Stray review. We just love that adorable little feline. Stray follows the story of a cute cat who finds himself lost in a dark and dystopian world, overrun with horrifying nightmares that want to devour him up as an afternoon snack.

Thankfully, the world isn't only populated by these monstrosities. Tucked away amongst the decaying city walls you will find small communities of robots that are trying to make the best of the dire situation that surrounds them. Now, it's up to you and your little robot drone best friend, to save not only yourself but everyone trapped in this nightmare.

The Stray trophies are also an absolute blast to try and claw up. While there are a few tricky trophies, you will have fun rising to the challenge and there is something quite satisfying about finally beating that awful Zurk chase from the start of the game. Go on, use your nine lives in a PS Plus favorite!


20. Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a pick from the heart. Its best and worst qualities are the same: it feels like a PS2-era platformer. That gives it a charm that I think is unrivaled on this list and is exemplified by gorgeous art and cinematics, as well as surprisingly tricky combat.

However, it doesn't always feel good to play with the gameplay animations sometimes feeling like they were ripped straight from the stock engine templates. The fact that it overcomes this flaw is fascinating and something I obsessed over in my Kena Bridge of Spirits review, ultimately saying that "Kena, the Rot, and the forests will live long in the memory and will keep spirits satiated!"

With updates coming thick and fast to resolve issues, it looks like a lot of the problems with the Kena Bridge of Spirits trophies have been sorted, too. So, we highly advise that you trek through the forests in this indie and get a taste of its charm and whimsy while trying to keep the tears from flowing at its morose but engaging story.


19. Sifu

Sifu is an incredible experience that fulfills the brief of making you feel like an absolute badass as you batter, kick, swing, slash, and demolish your way through a plethora of enemies in this action-adventure game. You take on the role of a martial artist who, as a child, witnesses their father's death at the hands of a murderous group. Now, grown, you are ready to seek revenge on those who have wronged you and avenge your father.

The game has a very unique mechanic, whenever you meet an unfortunate end, a talisman will resurrect you from the dead... for a price: your life. Every time you die, your character will age up, gaining new abilities to take down those pesky foes who are causing you trouble. With each age up, you will lose a portion of your health bar and if you grow too old, you will receive a permanent game over and have to start from the very beginning.

The Sifu trophies are a nice little challenge as well, nothing too strenuous, but they will require a little bit of work and a couple of playthroughs to get everything that you need to accomplish to earn the platinum trophy. We think you'll have an incredible time snatching up the various trophies and taking down your many foes.


18. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Just before Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time came out on the PS3, Insomniac Games announced that to keep pushing the series’ ever-increasing visual fidelity, it would no longer publish Ratchet and Clank games in 60fps and instead opt for the far-more stable 30fps. Long-time fans of the series were, admittedly, baffled — wasn’t the whole point of Ratchet & Clank to offer high-octane explosive action?

Many critics found themselves silenced when Ratchet & Clank’s PS4 reboot brought the characters into stunning, Pixar-looking life. Still, a small chorus of fans continued to question whether good graphics were substantial enough a reason to rob the series of its former identity. Thanks to the PS5, this is a philosophical debate no longer worth having. Collecting the Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart trophies will merge both camps' desires into a game that is equal parts jaw-droppingly gorgeous and lusciously fast.

The action is busy and frantic, the platforming is tighter than ever, and both core gameplay components see a massive increase in challenge and versatility thanks to the addition of a dash move, making it feel like Furi in the arenas and Celeste in the open air. For the first time in a long time, Ratchet & Clank feels utterly big again, and you can thank the PS5 for that.


17. Deathloop

Delightfully attainable Deathloop trophies aside, what makes Arkane Studios' 2021 FPS hit one of the best PS5 games is how it blends the creativity of the PS2 era with the technical prowess of the new PS5 era. Deathloop is utterly drenched in cool idea juice, blending the zippy action of Arkane's Dishonored series with the weird scenarios of classic shooters like Timesplitters 2 or XIII, and it works tremendously well.

In merging PlayStation generations old and new, Deathloop proudly proclaims the PS5 era belongs to fun video game design once more. With the dry stability of the PS4 era behind us, games can once more shed the burden of broad appeal and offer us unique concepts and tones without shame. It's a moving statement, though one that wouldn't hold all that much weight had Deathloop's experimental multiplayer and twisty story not also stuck the landing.


16. Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy had to defy expectations to make it to this list — how can a game based on such a massive and globally beloved IP like the Wizarding World possibly meet or exceed expectations? Well, Portkey Games and Avalanche Software managed it with Hogwarts Legacy without the luck of Felix Felicis; this is a game that had to work hard to come out this good.

Starting as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts, your custom character will get sorted into a house and begin unraveling a tangled plot that's all about ancient magic. It's a story with the classic Potter-style mystery at its core, and while it doesn't always make sense, the ambiance, personality, and British whimsy pull it all together spectacularly.

Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed on PS4Hogwarts Legacy is being played by everyone

Indeed, it's the world of Hogwarts Castle, the grounds, and beyond that will make you want to begin collecting every one of those Hogwarts Legacy trophies. It's gorgeous and well-designed, with the absolute oddity of the castle and villages' architecture offering Hogwarts Legacy's map a unique flavor to other open-world games.

Thematically, you have the music to carry you through the game: this is one of the best scores in gaming. The gameplay itself is sold, with movement and magical combat feeling and looking glorious. Exploring caves and finding out more about the world is a delight, though the collectible and open-world MacGuffin hunting fluff is here without any mercy. You will be collecting stuff non-stop and sometimes it can be boring. Everything else in this glorious game makes up for it though — Hogwarts Legacy is a sensational addition to the PS5 catalog.


15. Yakuza Like a Dragon

Early on while playing this JRPG, you'll realize that Yakuza Like a Dragon is a very soft reboot for the Yakuza series. Players take on the role of Ichiban Kasuga, our new protagonist who comes fresh out of an 18-year prison sentence. However, when he is betrayed by his beloved Yakuza boss, Ichiban must take a different path and form new allies, build his empire, and seek revenge against those who have wronged him.

It's quite the over-the-top adventure that we know you will love. Like a Dragon switches up the combat that we have come to know and enjoy, providing us with a much more JRPG-focused combat system compared to the action-adventure brawler we have come to adore from the series.

The Yakuza Like a Dragon trophies themselves are going to put you through the wringer and are going to take some dedication if you want to snatch the platinum trophy. The trophy that is wreaking havoc here is the gold trophy 'Victory of the Millennium,' which asks players to beat the final level of the game where everyone seems to be on steroids and can obliterate you in mere milliseconds. So yeah, it's a bit of a challenge. Have you got what it takes to beat it?


14. Dead Space

Grabbing Dead Space trophies brings out the best in the classic horror game starring an engineer named Isaac onboard the OSS Ishimura. The mining ship is in disaster mode after creepy long-limbed creatures called Necromorphs invade after something called The Marker is discovered. It's up to Isaac to use his laser tool to resolve the situation, survive, and keep his mental state in check.

This remake takes the 2008 game and adds a glorious graphical overhaul that ups the ante of the desolate spaceship environment, it'll be your task not to lose your mind. It is satisfying to play, but that creep factor is not only intact but now so overwhelming that it helps elevate your experience. With that comes some story tweaks and side quests, as well as additional voice acting. While the additional dialogue has been the most criticized part of the PS5 game, the rest makes this one of the best horror games on PS5 outside of Resident Evil in recent years. We cannot recommend this highly enough.


13. Diablo IV

With players now slashing through the Diablo IV trophies, it's clear that the ARPG is well up to bring the tried and tested dungeon-crawling formula to a new generation. It'll still get its claws in you and have you playing well into the night, popping progressively bigger numbers out of a horrifying array of foes. You'll obsess over how you outfit your character and max out all the skills of your class, and you'll do so all while basking in a clean and easy-to-read art style that remains legible even in the chaos of a co-op session with friends.

There's less innovation than one might expect after the long wait after Diablo III, but that is no bad thing. This is a lesson in game design perfection. From the way every class feels to the potential diversity you could have within your field, Diablo IV improves and hones the series formula to a fine point before hooking you in and never letting you go. Get your thumbs ready because Diablo IV, if you let it into your life, won't ever let you experience the other best PS5 games on this list.


12. Alan Wake 2

Very few times will we lie at your feet, dear reader, and beg you to do something. Right now we are, though. We're begging for you to take on the Alan Wake II trophies. The single-player action-adventure has horror aplenty, but don't let that scare you away from what is one of the most innovative PS5 games yet. It is full of fantastic writing to help hook you into a thrilling detective story. The game doesn't resort to bombarding you with enemies for cheap thrills or scares. Instead, it uses atmosphere to great effect, and its level design will fully engage you.

With one main narrative split between FBI Agent Saga Anderson and title character Alan Wake, the game offers you two different styles of play that fit the character you're in control of. With Remedy tying this back to a new universe with Alan Wake and Control, we think you'll want to have a good think about leaping into a great game with plenty more to come from the developer in the future. See you in the forest, detective!


11. Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has entered stage left, whipped out a killer combo of fighting game finesse, and got its opponents gasping for air after a street art-styled finish. That is all to say Capcom's fighting series is back and it has utterly banged at launch. From its range of characters to its stylish fighting style, from the huge selection of new modes to the more established and clean online code. This is a hallmark fighting game. New additions like the Drive Gauge help make it more technically satisfying than ever, too.

Add in some genuinely reasonable Street Fighter 6 trophies and you can't do much better than this. You'll be exploring the story, engaging in the Battle Hub, watching other players fight to victory, and of course, learning the ropes with Ryu, Luke, and co with a grand smile plastered on your face. So, jump into one of the two best PS5 fighting games so far; though, we haven't forgotten about Guilty Gear -Strive- just yet!


10. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West needs every superlative you can throw at it to emphasize just how perfect its version of the traditional open-world design is. It is gorgeous, gripping, and has gameplay that soars above pretty much everything else on the market. While it sometimes struggles to escape the bonds that have made open worlds a bit samey in the last five years, that doesn't make it any less impressive (just read my Horizon Forbidden West review to know how much so!).

The most important aspect of Horizon Forbidden West is that this is already a PS5 showstopper. It's out on PS4, sure, but Horizon just isn't the same there. The density of foliage, the detail on Aloy's face, the draw distances, and the details... it will stun, shock, and frequently leave you gasping at Guerrilla Games' technical brilliance. The story is often very good, though does occasionally struggle to realize its full dystopian sci-fi potential. In addition, the Horizon Forbidden West trophies are a joyride through the game and you will have no trouble with them at all. This is a go-to PS5 game, so please voyage towards it!


9. Final Fantasy XVI

You can tell a lot about the shape of a PlayStation console generation by its obligatory mainline Final Fantasy games. The PS1 brought a flashy revolution (FFVII-through-IX) and was followed up by the effortless consistency of the PS2 (FFX-through-XII). Then came the PS3 era with an excessive, divisive, but quietly respected gamble on the FFXIII trilogy and MMO success of FFXIV. Finally, the PS4 era came with the polarizing powerhouses of FFXV and FFVII Remake.

So, with the arrival of FFXVI and those Final Fantasy XVI trophies, what can we say about the PS5 at this point? Well, with its extravagant production and daring (yet accomplished) shift to full-action combat, FFXVI feels not only like a return to form for the series but also potentially the first step in an exciting new direction. So, at this point, it seems like the PS5 might have the potential to echo the triumphs of the PS2 era.

Though as we noted in our Final Fantasy XVI review, the game’s biggest fault is perhaps playing things a little too safe at times, something you could also say about most of the best PS5 games so far. So who knows, maybe the PS5 era will always be the generation that could have been the new PS2, but didn’t quite match up. Regardless, Final Fantasy XVI has a daring streak in it that we think makes it one of our favorite PS5 games.


8. Gran Turismo 7

More than any other game on this list, Gran Turismo 7 has problems. The economy, even after fixes, is still horrible. Some of the matchmaking is terrible. The ruleset for competitive racing can feel poorly implemented. The endless rolling starts in a single-player are an odd inclusion. However, it is one of the best racing games for PS5 for a reason.

Our Gran Turismo 7 review holds the keys. "This is the definitive sim-racer, and I can offer no higher praise about Polyphony Digital's game than the fact that 'the real driving simulator' will make you fall in love with racing." On the track, we don't know that you are going to get a better experience. It's like every possible component of racing is factored in. The texture and temperature of the track surface reduce or increase wheel traction, altering how you position your car to the millimeter in an apex while trying to ensure you reduce or increase the length of your gearshifts to get the maximum possible exit speed.

It's glorious and nothing, we feel, comes close — though it is unlikely that you will be getting near close to those Gran Turismo 7 trophies which takes an age to platinum. This is an exceptional racer despite its problems and a remarkable feat of engineering.


7. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a game that future historians will look to when trying to place exactly where the PS5 was in 2023. It was 2023, they’ll say, where the PS5 and the AAA video game industry at large found themselves caught in transition. Live-service games were dying out by the dozen, and the preceding year’s biggest games, Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, had been resoundingly single-player. As the industry tried to figure out what to do with any of that, that’s when Resident Evil 4 arrived as a foundation for things to come.

The brilliance of Resident Evil 4 is the effortless adaptation of its source material into the trends and expectations of today’s AAA games. It marries the old challenge, charm, and brutality dormant in games like Elden Ring (especially when talking about those savage Resident Evil 4 trophies) with the tastefully exuberant cinematic action of God of War Ragnarok.

Questions of whether the game manages to surpass the execution of its groundbreaking namesake, or whether it will hold up in the eyes of gamers even five years from now, won’t matter. Resident Evil 4 will be the cornerstone of the PS5 era, signaling that from here until the next sea change, all AAA games will hold somewhere within them the same philosophy of old-fashioned game design wrought glossy-new.


6. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 (and, by extension, the accompanying Cyberpunk 2077 trophies) won't ever be excused for its appalling launch, but when the RPG from CD Projekt Red makes leaps and bounds of progress with updates and expansions to turns the game into a spectacular first-person RPG, you have to acknowledge it. Picking up high scores in the TrueTrophies community ratings, Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5 is the kind of dystopia you get lost in without thinking about it. Night City lives and breathes, and as the lead character V slowly becomes more tangled up in it, you reveal more of the beast; from the corpos at the top of the chain to the rags on the underground level.

While mistakes are made with some of the more linear storytelling, you can add a flavor to your choices that helps you invest in the game fully. Some of the story missions are big and elaborate, with some wonderful side characters that you will fall in love with (literally). There is some dark stuff going on here that genuinely makes you reflect on technological advancement and humanity in a nigh-on Blade Runner-style bit of sci-fi expertise. The core combat loop is a bit dodgy, but as you progress it begins to make much more sense. Likewise, some of the traditional open-world activities fall a bit short, but that doesn't halt enjoyment.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now spectacular and the Phantom Libery expansion and 2.0 update made massive changes for the better on top of a nigh-on perfected game. We think the community knows that this is the right time to begin recommending Cyberpunk 2077 skeptics the RPG again. It is one of the best PS5 games (don't touch it on PS4) so be ready to dive into the seedy underbelly of Night City.


5. Returnal

Looking for the most criminally underplayed PS5 game? Here it is! Returnal is an absolute arcade zinger by best-in-class old-school studio Housemarque. This game oozes quality and deserves to be at the top of your need-to-play list thanks to its perfect melding of arcade and modern gaming sensibilities.

You play as Serene, a spacefarer trapped on the planet of Atropos by a nefarious time loop. This gives the developers a chance to build the rogue-lite genre into an enthralling narrative. You die over and over, resetting every time and playing through the levels again, slowly building in mastery alongside the masterful narrative.

It also allows the team to make sure that all those years of making perfect arcade gameplay in Dead Nation, Matterfall, Super Stardust, and Resogun get put to good use in bursts of pristine bullet-hell action as you try and conquer five stages of chaos in a perfect run. It looks gorgeous with creatures spewing out chaotic, lethal balls of death, but don't let that fool you: this game is hard.

The Returnal trophies will have you by the neck, too, especially if you leap into it via PlayStation Plus Extra without realizing just how hard it is. This superb game is only on PS5 and all the better for it, it's a stunning showcase and a brilliant game!


4. Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Having blasted through those Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trophies, I can tell you one thing for certain: this game is easily my favorite PS5 game so far. That's not just because it meets my genuinely quite-high expectations of being at least as good as the original Marvel's Spider-Man, but because it also delivers a technical experience that I feel simply could not have been achieved on the PS4.

All that, and the game delivered a satisfying and addictive platinum trophy hunt that simply washes over you as you relax on the couch. I prayed back in August 2023 for Insomniac Games to make Marvel's Spider-Man 2's platinum trophy as streamlined and as perfect as the first game's, and they seemingly answered my prayers. You'll do one playthrough on whatever difficulty you like and a bunch of enjoyable challenges throughout. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is one you have to play.


3. Baldur's Gate 3

In our Baldur's Gate 3 first impressions article, we praised the game to the moon and back. The game combines so many fantastic RPG elements and mechanics that we love that it's quite hard to put into words just how next-level Baldur's Gate 3 is. There is no doubt in our minds, or those who have played the game that it is one of the best PS5 games ever created. It's phenomenal.

The impeccable narrative and addictive combat that sees you slaughtering your foes with a slew of impressive attacks and spells makes collecting those Baldur's Gate 3 trophies all the more fun. You'll be putting hundreds of hours into the game to earn the platinum 'Pride of Baldur's Gate.' You will also need to overcome a variety of missable trophies, difficulty-related trophies, and trophies that require multiple playthroughs. However, you will enjoy every second of earning this platinum!


2. Elden Ring

As video games continue to become increasingly mainstream, we have started to witness ever more violent and disorienting levels of hype. When we think of the attention and buzz endured by a game like Cyberpunk 2077, and how it needed to simultaneously pull a No Man’s Sky, tease DLC, and receive a Netflix adaptation to lure a fraction of its players back towards its media-frenzied remains, it makes one wonder: is it even possible in the modern era for a game to live up to the hype?

It’s this context that makes it all the more gratifying to say that collecting Elden Ring trophies reveals a game that does live up to said hype. It’s the biggest Dark Souls, distilling and hacking off all the fat and lard that hangs from every modern Ubisoft and PlayStation Studios-manufactured open-world blockbuster. It’s huge but never boring, generous but never cloying, hard but never unfair. All this, and with the artfulness of being able to say it’s not trying to be, nor is, for everyone. FromSoftware’s opus gives hope for the modern AAA video game and to play it with lightning-fast loading is more than enough reason to own a PS5.


1. God of War Ragnarok

If you own a PS5, then you should be trying to earn those God of War Ragnarok trophies. It's that simple. This is an astonishing game that we love dearly, with a story that batters an embarrassingly large percentage of the other games on our best-of lists.

In our God of War Ragnarok review we said that "From the emotionally resonant and gripping yarn that reflects on mature themes, to some of the best combat in video gaming — this is an action-adventure that will define the closing sentences of PS5's opening chapter. Kratos and Atreus' new adventure across the Norse realms is one of PlayStation's best."

No matter how much shirt-pulling the PS4 tries to do on the PS5 version of the game to pull Ragnarok back from its 10/10 potential, there is no doubt that the level that this game is at is well above extraordinary. The story resonates even well after I wrote the review, with Kratos, Atreus, Mimir, and company filling the screen with their presences and Santa Monica cultivating some of the most satisfying combat ever put together. Fantastic stuff if you love action adventure and an essential addition to your collection.

Those were our best PS5 games so far! What did you think? Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favorite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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