Sly Cooper gets adorable merch to celebrate series' 20th anniversary

By Lee Brady,

The Sly Cooper series has turned 20 years old and, to mark the occasion, Sucker Punch Studios has released a bunch of official Sly Cooper merch including a beautiful poster, an adorable plushie, and a stylish t-shirt.

After releasing the entire Sly Cooper series on PS Plus, PlayStation Studio Sucker Punch has now revealed a series of brand-new official Sly Cooper merch, including a stunning poster designed by the original Sly Cooper trilogy art director Dev Madan. The original game studio also released an interview reflecting fondly on Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus now that the PS2 game has turned 20 years old.

SlyAdorable little sleuth.

The first Sly Cooper game was released 20 years ago on the PS2

Sucker Punch announced the new merch in an interview posted on the PlayStation Blog, in which key members of staff like Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Flemming, original designers Rob McDaniel and Nate Fox, and Sly 3 programmer Adrian Bentley, all share their favourite moments from having worked on the series.

The blog post contains a reminder that the entire series is available to stream on PS Plus Premium after joining the list of new games for September 2022. It also had a rundown of all the new merch — aside from Madan's beautiful, easter-egg-filled poster, there's also a t-shirt featuring the silhouettes of Sly, Murray, Bentley, and Carmelita; plus, an adorable 20th-anniversary plushie with magnetised hands for all that cane-holding action.

slyThe new t-shirt, plus some of the new poster!

Sucker Punch have ruled out any potential work on a new Sly Cooper or inFamous game for PS5, which is a shame, but at least we can put in the time by checking out Sanzaru Games' excellent fourth entry in the series, Thieves in Time, on PS Plus. Meanwhile, join us in the comments below as we look forward to whatever Sucker Punch has in store next — it might not be a new Sly Cooper game, but at least we're excited to see the devs build on Ghost of Tsushima's Legends mode with a fully-fledged multiplayer game supposedly in the works.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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