Running On Magic PlayStation trophies now live

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Running On Magic trophy list.

There are 16 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Running on Magic

Name Description
What are you still doing here? Unlock all trophies. icon
Taking to one's heels Finish Level-1. icon
Like a chicken with its head off Finish Level-2. icon
Down the well Finish Level-3. icon
No brakes and uphill Finish Level-4. icon
The one thing you cannot run away from Finish Level-5. icon
Last stop Have you accepted your destiny or run away from it? icon
Not dead yet? Die for the first time. icon
Hoarder 500 pickups are not enough. icon
Inside my little bubble Run for 2 minutes straight without a hit. icon
Swift as a shadow, short as any dream Complete a level without getting hit. icon
The floor is lava Don't touch the floor for 7 seconds. icon
Goodbye, Blob Make a rocky enemy fall down the edge. icon
Up in the clouds Float 100 times. icon
Afraid to die Finish a level with only one life hit left. icon
Ozymandias Watch the statue vanish. icon
Running On Magic is developed by Gusarapo Games and published by Meteorbyte Studios, and is scheduled to be released on September 29th, 2022.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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