Potion Permit PlayStation trophy list has arrived

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Potion Permit trophy list.

There are 38 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Potion Permit (PS4) Trophies

Name Description
Moonbury Navigator Unlock all other trophies icon
Welcome to Moonbury Start a new game icon
Great Doctor Successfully cure 10 patients icon
Good Samaritan Successfully cure 50 patients icon
Being forgetful... Failed to cure patient for the first time icon
Being a donut... Failed to cure 10 patients icon
Acrobatic Adventurer Roll for 1,000 times icon
K.O.! Passed out for the first time icon
The First Step Brew your first potion icon
Rookie Chemist Brew potions 15 times icon
Intermediate Chemist Brew potions 50 times icon
Expert Chemist Brew potions 150 times icon
Amateur Chef Cook food 5 times icon
Line Cook Cook food 15 times icon
Sous Chef Cook food 50 times icon
Friendly Reach Friendship Lv.1 with 5 villagers icon
Sociable Reach Friendship Lv.2 with 10 villagers icon
Heart of Gold Reach Friendship Lv.3 with a villager icon
Dog Whisperer Reach Friendship Lv.1 with your dog icon
Spark of Love Date an NPC for the first time icon
Decorative Mind Collect 10 pieces of furniture icon
Fishing Guru Collect 10 type of fish in Moonbury icon
The Capitalist Collect 10,000 coins icon
Lumber Specialist Collect 3,000 wood icon
Stone Specialist Collect 10,000 stone icon
Community Helper Clear 25 quests from the Community Board icon
Community Advisor Clear 75 quests from the Community Board icon
Plantation Exterminator Forage 1,000 plants icon
Rock Exterminator Forage 1,000 stone icon
Tree Exterminator Forage 1,000 tree icon
Animal Exterminator Defeat 1,000 enemies icon
Ablutomaniac Have a bath in Willow Waters Bathhouse 10 times icon
Animal Lover Pet your dog 50 times icon
Catch of the Day Go fishing 50 times icon
Moonbury Traveller Use fast travel 20 times icon
Production Sorter Work part-time in the Police Department 15 times icon
Grape Supplier Work part-time in the Church 15 times icon
Mail Carrier Work part-time in the Post Office 15 times icon
Potion Permit is developed by MassHive Media and published by PQube, and is releasing today.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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