God of War Ragnarok file sizes are promising to be godly

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The God of War Ragnarok file size might have been outed, but for a little bit of behind-the-scenes blockages from Sony. Santa Monica Studios' latest PlayStation exclusive's rumoured size, though; is godly.

The God of War Ragnarok file size is said to be massive on PS5 and PS4, though not quite as big as the likes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. However, due to some behind-the-scenes changes with Sony's database of games, the information isn't as complete as it once was.

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How big is the new God of War?

The PlayStation exclusive God of War Ragnarok is said to be 90.6GB on PS4, though it should be less on PS5 thanks to the SSD. This would be a marked increase from God of War (2018) which stood at 44.4GB at launch. So, quite where the extra 46.2GB in Ragnarok comes from is a bit of a mystery, but we would imagine Santa Monica has plenty more assets crammed into the sequel — at least if the new God of War Ragnarok trailer from the most recent State of Play is anything to go by.

The information comes courtesy of the reliable PlayStation Size, who notes a few interesting asides about this particular God of War situation. The first note is: "Sony patched my download size finder way in March 2022, so I can't confirm the size." However, the store updated with the Ragnarok information yesterday, giving the 90.6GB figure. The second note entails three reasons why this information could be misleading. First, it is the 'PKG' file size isn't always correct as it isn't necessarily the game size but the package as uploaded as a whole to the store. The second is that the game might come without a day one update. Finally, it's possible language files might increase or decrease the file sizes region by region.

PlayStation File Size is on the case... nearlyPlayStation File Size is on the case... nearly

Well, that certainly seems pretty massive, but we will have to wait and see how it turns out. Just to be clear, despite the caveats, this information is accurate to what was uploaded onto the PS Store databases. God of War was on our best PS4 games list, so to say we are excited about Ragnarok would be an understatement. Would 90.6GB be too much for your poor, cranky, PS4? Let us know in the comments!
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