Marvel and EA’s Iron Man game still shrouded in rumours and mystery

By Sean Lawson,

Speculation has been circulating for months about an alleged Iron Man game in the works over at EA. An announcement from Marvel has certified that the game is in development, though a lack of details means rumours still abound.

This new Marvel and EA IP could also involve Ironheart and Tony Stark's alcoholism. That is what an unknown source told the TrueTrophies news team, anyhow. Obviously, take fistfuls of salt here, as the source never responded to our follow-up emails asking for further evidence of their claims. However, with the recent announcement from EA Motive, it would appear that there could certainly be some truth behind this leaker's claims and this Iron Man game.

A new Iron Man game is officially in the works!A new Iron Man game is officially in the works!

Marvel and EA Motive have officially announced a new singleplayer Iron Man game

Taking to social media, Marvel Entertainment published a post that unveiled the new Iron Man game and gave a very brief description of what players can expect when the game lands on consoles in the distant future. The post confirmed that the game was still in early development, so it is most likely still a long way off before we will receive a release date announcement.

Along with the Instagram post, Marvel said: "Experience an original Iron Man story set in its own universe with Marvel Games and EA Motive’s all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure title, now in early development."

Are you excited about a new Marvel Iron Man game?Are you excited about a new Marvel Iron Man game?

No consoles have been announced as of yet, but we do anticipate that newer console generations like the PS5 will receive this Iron Man game when it finally rolls out. For now, it seems all we can do is continue to speculate about what the game's content could be. Would you guys like the rumours we have heard to be true? Would you like Ironheart and Tony Stark's alcoholism to take centre stage in this game? Let us know in the comments below!
Sean Lawson
Written by Sean Lawson
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