PS Plus rolls out much-requested PS1 emulation feature this week

By Lee Brady,

PS Plus has rolled out a new PS1 emulation feature with the release of Syphon Filter 2 — the option to switch PS1 region formats. The much-requested feature allows players to choose between the PAL and NTSC versions of a PS1 game.

PS Plus' new region switching function has made its first appearance with Syphon Filter 2, after Sony announced EU and Asia PS Plus subscribers would be able to access the superior US emulation standard for the "majority" of PS1 titles back in June. The feature has yet to be implemented across previously released PS1 games on the service, like Ape Escape and Wild Arms, but at last PS Plus is finally letting PS1 players choose between NTSC and PAL regions.

ps plusAh, the good old-new days.

New region switching feature implemented into PS Plus Premium

The new PS Plus Premium region-swapping feature, noticed first by VGC and players hungry for Syphon Filter 2 trophies, can be accessed by entering the settings menu of applicable PS1 games and going to the change region option. Players can then choose between the superior 60hz NTSC refresh rate, or the inferior 50hz PAL refresh rate.

For those wondering why anyone would want to play the PAL version of a game, some of the trophy-supporting PS1 games on PS Plus do present regional differences — for example, players who have enjoyed hunting for those PS1 Ape Escape trophies might not even have realised that the game has regionalised dialogue and voice acting. Spike and Specter battle and exchange words in British accents in the English-speaking PAL version, and have American accents in the US NTSC region — not to mention all the other characters have different names, like Jake (UK name: Buzz) and Natalie (UK name: Katie).

ps plusGabe, help, the Plus has escaped!

Most players checked out top PS1 classics like Tekken 2 and Resident Evil Director's Cut will certainly prefer to run their games at the intended 60hz, so it's a relief that Sony is finally bringing this feature to PS Plus. Players will still be waiting for other features like PSP trophies on PS Plus, but region switching is certainly a good step in the right direction for Sony's subscription service. Let us know in the comments if you're pleased to see this function roll out, or if you're disappointed it's not available across all PS1 games yet.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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