Sony reportedly set to release new modular PS5 model next year

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The PS5 is apparently going to be undergoing a significant change that will leave the disk drive as a modular component. The revision is slated for release late next year, with Sony keen to phase out older models soon.

Sony is reportedly going to release a new semi-modular PS5 model in late 2023 that will separate the disk drive from the rest of the console. We have seen lighter models previously, but perhaps nothing quite as dramatic as this rumoured PS5 change.

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PS5 set to be removing the disk drive

Sony has been revamping its PS5 console iteratively for a little while, but if a report from reliable leaker Tom Henderson's new website Insider Gaming is to be believed, the new D Chassis PS5 will be coming with significant changes in around September 2023. While most aspects of this version will be recognisable on the outside much like the launch PS5 chassis A to the revised B and C models have been, chassis D will allegedly be removing the disk drive entirely in favour of a more modular system.

Instead, disk models of the console will apparently be providing a detached disk drive that you will be able to plug in via USB-C using an additional port on the rear of the console. Apparently, it will be available separately from the console bundle in case it breaks or if you go diskless but rethink the all-digital life later. Henderson's sources have suggested that the new PS5 aesthetic won't be harmed by the addition of another box and will simply help reduce the weight and size of the console.

PlayStation 5The PlayStation 5 in its original form

Digital sales are rapidly becoming the dominant form of game sales, so it makes sense that Sony would shift its console manufacturing priorities to making the disk a modular attachment. Though physical game players might be disappointed to see the drive becoming secondary, the addition of a modular portable drive makes a lot of sense to us at TT especially given that you can replace it easily without needing to replace the whole unit. More importantly to most, if this helps Sony manufacture more PS5s then, ultimately, most players will see this as a huge win after major stock issues plagued the console from launch.

That being said, we know there is a passionate selection of physical gamers who will see this as confirmation that physical is on the way out. So, what do you think of the news? Let us know in the comments down below!
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