Sony's new detachable drive PS5 won’t make major changes to graphics

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson and Lee Brady,

Sony is reportedly working on a new PS5 model with a detachable disk drive and it's already in the hands of testers. The new console model won't make a massive change to the PS5's internal hardware or how it handles graphics.

New reports on Sony's detachable drive PS5 suggest the upcoming model won't be making any other major hardware revisions. This will come as good news to fans who have only just got their hands on Sony's latest console and started to enjoy some of the best PS5 games available, as it means there won't be any major changes coming to the PS5 graphics card in the new console model.

new PS5 graphicsThe new PS5 model seems to be coming along well.

New modular PS5 model in testing, will not change PS5 graphics

The news comes via Tom Henderson and Insider Gaming, whose sources confirm that the model is currently in the hands of Sony's developers and features no major hardware revisions besides the detachable disk drive function. This means PlayStation fans shouldn't expect the new console model to make any significant changes to the console's design or capabilities.

Known as the "D Chassis PS5," Sony's updated console model is reportedly set to launch around September 2023 and should allow customers to purchase a digital games-only PS5 at a lower price. Sony will then reportedly offer the detachable disk drive as a separate purchase, which customers can then connect to the console via USB-C cable in order to play physical PS5 games and Blu-Ray discs — although according to Insider Gaming, this disk drive won't be compatible with older PS5 models.

PS5 imageArtist's impression of the new modular PS5 model.

Information is subject to change as the new modular PS5 model continues to undergo testing at Sony — if there are any major updates, we'll update the story. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts on this console model are, and for more PlayStation hardware news, check out the list of PS VR2 launch games accompanying the launch of the PS5 VR device.
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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