Elden Ring has FromSoft ‘too busy’ for Bloodborne, but not this modder

By Sean Lawson,

Despite PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne being a smash hit, it appears that FromSoftware is a little bit too preoccupied with Elden Ring to focus its attention on the gothic horror action RPG. But, not according to this modder.

Update: The recent Jeff Grubb guest appearance on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast has drawn fire from a well-known Bloodborne modder. The modder fired back at Grubb who referred to the Bloodborne code as 'spaghetti' and 'messy.'

Tweets from Lance McDonald.Tweets from Lance McDonald.

Modder Lance McDonald claims FromSoftware's Bloodborne code isn't 'spaghetti'

Lance McDonald took to Twitter to report his feelings and opinions on the recent angle of Bloodborne having a complicated code. McDonald tweeted out his dismay and confusion through multiple tweets (which can be read above) and argued against this notion of a Bloodborne remaster being far off in the distance.

McDonald also pointed out that a 60fps patch for the PS4 version of Bloodborne was nothing more than two lines of code that needed a rejig. Which does bring to light that maybe the Bloodborne code isn't as messed up as we were first led to believe. Obviously, we assume remastered/remaking a PS5 version of Bloodborne would take more than just a few lines of code to achieve, but this new insight certainly gives us a lot more hope than we had before.

Bloodborne!Bloodborne might be back on the table!

Grubb was asked on Twitter if his original statement was centred around speculation, to which Grubb did respond with a single-word answer — "yes." Therefore, this notion that unravelling the Bloodborne code is a complicated mess that no other dev would be able to handle, is seemingly totally off base. With that in mind, there could still be truth behind Grubb's words and this in no way signifies that Bloodborne will be coming to PS5 anytime soon. However, this does make us feel ever so slightly more optimistic about the prospect.

With that all said and done, what do you make of this new development? Do you think Grubb is correct here? Or do you side more with McDonald? Let us know in the comments below!

Original Story: Fans are still waiting for new Bloodborne content years after the initial release of the game. Sure, we got the incredible DLC The Old Hunters, which introduced us to some fan favourite bosses like Lady Maria and Orphan of Kos — but everyone still wants more. Rumours have circulated for quite some time now about the prospect of a Bloodborne remaster for newer consoles like PS5 and the possibility of a sequel. Sadly, a recent podcast may have put a nail in the Bloodborne coffin for the foreseeable future.

Bloodborne is allegedly on hold for the foreseeable future!Bloodborne is allegedly on hold for the foreseeable future!

Jeff Grubb says nothing is happening with Bloodborne right now

Jeff Grubb recently guest starred on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast and gave us a nice little insight into what is happening with Bloodborne and where FromSoftware is at. Unfortunately, the information is quite discouraging as it appears FromSoftware is far too busy with Elden Ring and can't dedicate its time to this gothic horror masterpiece.

Talking to Luke Lohr, Grubb said: "FromSoftware is very busy with Elden Ring and while Sony could hire someone to come in and work on [Bloodborne], my understanding is that FromSoftware built [Bloodborne] in such a way that you couldn't just hire a team and go in there and do the work for them. You would have to work in conjunction with FromSoftware, FromSoftware would have to be there with keys in hand to unlock the doors to the part of the code that is a little bit messed up and guide the other team through it, and FromSoftware is just too busy for that

"Elden Ring was a big project and now it's the biggest game ever, building up support and updating it is keeping them busy. [Elden Ring is the] number one priority and they are going to keep working on that, Bloodborne can wait."

Grubb does go on to say that Bloodborne isn't off the table entirely and that in the future we may get more Bloodborne content. For now, it seems we will just have to keep replaying Bloodborne on the PS4. This situation feels very reminiscent of the Rockstar and the Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV cancelled remasters. Rockstar is allegedly too busy on GTA 6 — which recently leaked online — and can't dedicate its time to creating updated versions of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV.

If anyone still hasn't snatched up all of those Bloodborne trophies, now seems like the perfect time to try and earn that platinum trophy aptly named 'Bloodborne.' Are you disappointed with this new development? Are you a big fan of Bloodborne? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!
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Written by Sean Lawson
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